Government Essay Topics

Presidential vs. Parliamentary Government

Every nation, ever since the dawn of civilization, has always had some form of government. It is of necessity rather than need, as a nation without one will always result to anarchy. Today, two of the most popular and well-known forms of government are the presidential form of government and the parliamentary form of government…. View Article

Presidential and Parliamentary Systems of Government

Introduction and Main Distinguishing Features of Both Systems: A presidential system of government is one in which there is a head of government, i.e. the executive branch, who is separate from the legislature and is not accountable to it. Generally, the legislature does not hold power to dismiss the executive. This system can be traced… View Article

Factors Influencing the Use of Presidential Veto

The democratic system of government relies mainly upon the proper functioning and the harmonious relationship between its three main branches: The Executive Department which has the power to execute the law; b) the Legislative Branch which has the power to propose, enact, amend and repeal the law; c) the Judiciary which has the power to… View Article

The State of Michigan: An Overview

The state of Michigan located on the eastern north-central vicinity of the United States is considered as the 3rd largest state of the Mississippi River and conceivably one of the largest and most populated states in the country.  Bordered along the North and the East of Ontario, Canada; the state consists vast islands with a… View Article

Arizona Prop 200

     As with any other impositions of the law elevated to the national government, there will always be a certain degree of advantages and disadvantages. In a specific aspect, implementing the Arizona Prop 200 will definitely change the economic processes of the US financial system.      The Arizona Prop 200 is an initiative which allows… View Article

Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act of 2007

Abstract The object of the Federal Death Penalty Act of 2007 (S. 447) is to abolish a wide-range of capitol offenses falling under the Immigration and Nationality Act. This act also commutes the sentences of current and future federal death penalty felons from the death penalty, to life in prison, without the possibility of parole…. View Article

Locked in the Cabinet

Democracy is a form of government where people have a right enabling them to have a say in everything that affects their lives. However, our government is not a direct democracy, and as such, individuals are not empowered or able to have a say in the inner-workings of their government. Their beliefs are not heard… View Article

Running Head: Public Administration

Federal agencies in government plays vital role in managing all the strategies of the agency. Each agency has his duties which are supposed to be carried out which helps in governing the roles of agency. In federal state one major agency is the department of health and human services (HHS). This department has quite a… View Article

Anti Mining

I. Exordium (opening) “Where you stand on this issue is determined by the question: do you love this country? If you do, you’ll fight for it..” “Mining is a search-and-destroy mission.” II. Salutation: Member of the Board of Judges, my worthy opponents, ladies and gentlemen, Good afternoon. III. Definition: According to Meriam-Webster’s Dictionary, mining is… View Article

Law, Ethics & Corp. Governance

1. Describe what steps you would take to address the following scenario involving skills, competence, and abilities: The employee seems to be unable to learn the computer applications that are basic to her job responsibilities, but, consistently “tells” her boss that she is “a good worker and a genius” and that he does not “appreciate… View Article

E-governance and E-democracy in South Korea: Civil Participation

What everyone is hailing as a new phenomenon is the coming to the fore of e-government and e-democracy. The phenomenon is new and had been around only for ten years. It started at around the beginning of the 1990s following in the wake of the advent of the Internet (UOC 2002). There had been various… View Article

What Citizenship Means to Me

“You are a citizen, and citizenship carries responsibilities”, a simple yet striking statement from Paul Coltier. Citizenship depicts the rights of a person to belong in a certain country, thus this call for a responsible living. But as young citizens in this country, how far do we know the meaning of the said term? As… View Article

House of Representatives

The US federal legislature is bicameral, therefore it consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives, and in theory they should both be of equal power. However, in reality it is the Senate which is considered to hold the most power, although there are arguments to in favour of them having equal rights. In… View Article

Factors Influencing Employee Performance

1. Introduction 1.1 Background of the study There are many challenges which hinder the delivery of public service reforms in Africa (Lienert, 2003). The factors include those relating to human resources like manpower deficiencies and lack of psychological dispositions and shortage of financial and material resources necessary for effective delivery of services. The problems of… View Article

President Noynoy Aquino’s Sona

It’s not easy to make a change, but it’s god that we take even a single step to achieve change. The mainstream of Aquino’s Sona is about the utak wang-wang of the government officials not just in streets but also in government and our economy. He is persistent to end the culture of wang-wang, or… View Article

Government Spying

Austin Bryan Period-1 In some instances, governments believe that it is okay to spy on their citizens in order to preserve their freedom. I personally find this concept to be absurd. Living in a country that’s history is founded upon freedom of its citizens, and escaping oppression of tyrant governments, leaves me very skeptical… View Article

High School and Different Political Changes

In chapter 9 of Assault on Paradise Kottak discusses the different political changes that Arembepe went through as well as how it affected the villager’s everyday life, and how it could possibly change the way Arembepeiros live in the future and effect their future generations. Throughout the chapter Kottak discusses many things, but he hits… View Article

Decentralization and Development

Most developing country’s governments and multilateral institutions are increasingly concerned by the slow progress being made towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals and have identified new ways of strengthening the development focus of their policies and programmes. For this reason, decentralisation is receiving increasing international attention as a potential tool in the acceleration of development…. View Article

Law and Freedom

The concept of freedom has been a highly debated topic since the creation of the constitution in the 1700’s. Freedom can be defined in many different ways. In each definition, one commonality is apparent. Everyone is seeking freedom although has it ever actually been obtained? Is it possible to reach a state of being completely… View Article

Capitalism versus Socialism

Budget deficit is just one of the many factors that negatively affect the provision of most of the government projects in the society. Without the sufficient amount of government funds, building of infrastructures and other public goods would be delayed or underprovided. As we can remember, there are some goods and services that can only… View Article

Lokpal Bill

The present paper is aimed to undermine and explore the viability of Lokpal Bill which is to act as armour against the most detested and evil practice, namely corruption. This reverent bill coined in 1963 by L. M. Singhvi for grievance redressal mechanism was first introduced in 1968 and passed the fourth Lok Sabha in… View Article

Organizational Theory

Why do large corporations tend to have larger ratios of clerical and administrative support staff? Why are they typically more formalized than small organizations? The clerical ratio increases because of the greater communication and reporting requirements needed as organizations grow larger. The professional staff ratio can increase due to the greater need for specialized skills… View Article

The Big Society Project

The aim of the ‘Big Society’ project is to empower volunteers, charities and communities to provide services traditionally provided by the state (Sanghera 2011). The reason that the ‘Big Society’ is of academic interest is because this project could help to retain services which may otherwise be lost in this economic climate, also it is… View Article

US Government

The three different systems of government have varying advantages and disadvantages. Unitary governments are often described as centralized governments. It is a government in which all powers are held by a single, central agency. Most governments in the world are unitary. A Federal government is one in which the powers are divided between a central… View Article

Governmental and Non Profit

1. Certain core services are provided by most general purpose governments – those related to the protection of life and property, public works, parks and recreation facilities, and cultural and social services. Governments must also incur costs for general administrative support of its service departments. Core governmental services, together with general administrative support, comprise the… View Article

Unknown Citizen

“Social Security Number? Birthdate? Nine digit telephone number starting with area code? ” In many ways, we are simply numbers to modern society, not individuals with feelings and emotions and dreams. As the world around us evolves so does technology. With the fast paced advancements occurring in technology it seems that the humanity of the… View Article

Psychological Manipulation and Physical Control in 1984

Through the years many governments have tried to control their people through many different ways. However, none of those civilizations came even close to the amount of control that the government displayed in George Orwell’s 1984 had over its’ people. The government of 1984 addressed the task of controlling the people through two main techniques…. View Article

Discrimination in Housing in 1950’s

“Minorities experienced racism in suburbia in the 1950’s. ”(Kruse) Through the postwar, government started developing on highways, housing, and others so on. FHA (Federal Housing Administration) started to build big, nice houses in outside of the city area. Which is now called “Suburbia”. The main idea of suburbia was having bigger house without lots of… View Article

Comparing Caste Systems

Compare the caste system to other systems of social inequality devised by early and classical civilizations, including slavery. • A Patriarchy is a society in which the role of men is placed above the role of women. -The post classical era had many patriarchal societies, because of the changes of the roles of men and… View Article