Government Essay Topics

Governments advance

As man advances in his everyday life, the governments advance in warfare technology too1. New sophisticated weaponry changed warfare tactics and warfare became a vastly advanced art. The crude techniques were quickly replaced with refined ones. The increase in damage and death commensurate with the increase in technology leading to very high death counts, and… View Article

Egyptian government

Though the New York Times also covers the international health view in reporting that the World Health Organization has gone on record stating that the slaughtering of the nation’s pigs has “no scientific basis” and that the United Nations describes the government executed slaughter as being a “real mistake”. The periodical touches lightly on the… View Article

The study circle and Non-Government organizations

Oscar Olsson, in order to address the needs of his country, visited America and soon discovered the educational method of Study Circle. Although Olsson was not attributed for the creation of this educational method, he was the one who further develop and improved the program using his own ideas and theories. The result was the… View Article

The Public Policy Exception

Introduction             In 1958, the United Nations promulgated the Convention for the Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards,[1] the document which has become the foundation of international arbitration.   The intent of the drafters was to establish a mechanism by which parties could achieve the prompt, inexpensive, and efficient enforcement of arbitral awards throughout the world. … View Article

Responsibility of forming a government

Different regions are led by rulers of varying caliber. Each ruler ship style has advantages and disadvantages of their own. Governments for example are considered to be a bad style of ruler ship because of the many evils that its people are forced to face. The society may be so united and cheerful but a… View Article

American Government

Introduction There are different ways to which issues in the society can be expressed in relation to emotions, thoughts and artistry. In various eras, movies have been used to tackle issues on religions, philosophies, and even the thoughts and emotions of the writers and directors during the time it is being filmed. For example, the… View Article

Good human development indicators and globalization in Kerala

Introduction Thesis: Globalization has caused more problems than advantages to the state of Kerala Much has been written about globalization and its effects on our world. In fact, no corner of the modern world, except in some extreme cases, has escaped the good and bad effects of globalization. On the brighter side globalization involves an… View Article

I Believe

Traveling to “land of opportunities” for future studies is a dream of many people as standards and quality of education is the best in the world. I am one of those lucky people who wished to study in America and finally landed in United States for this purpose. But it was not an easy task… View Article

The Good Government, the Good Citizen

Henry David Thoreau writes a provocative essay entitled Civil Disobedience. He discusses his desire for limited government and active civic minds within the essay. Being a proponent of transcendentalism, Thoreau focuses on the importance of active thinking in accordance with social engagement and activism. In addition, he draws personal experiences and perspectives to corroborate his… View Article

Second Treatise

John Locke was an outstanding English philosopher and representative of British empiricism. His development of the theory of social contract has a significant influence on liberalism, specifically on the writings of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and other Founding Fathers of the United States (2, 2005). The philosopher believed that all citizens had the inalienable right… View Article

United Way and the unethical act and how they managed it

Introduction Today, many countries are experiencing poverty that resulted in emergence of many charity institutions that help unfortunate people. From the Merriam-Webster dictionary, charity institution is an organization that provides help, relief for the poor, and alms giving. This is an unconditional giving of foods, money, and service. All are capable of giving. This is… View Article

The Procurement Process

I belong to a government organization. The organization is composed of eight (8) divisions. Apparently, these divisions need materials and/or supplies to get work done. The process of procurement starts with a meeting among their respective divisions and draft what we term as Annual Procurement Plan (APP). The APP is based on the Annual Work… View Article

The Principles Of Government

Introduction:             One will be hard-pressed to imagine living life without having one form of government or another.  Even in the early civilizations, there was always the existence of some form of authority to lead the masses or a certain group of individuals.  The Egyptians had their Pharaohs, the Romans had their Caesars and Senates,… View Article

The Republic Of Panama

Thesis statement. Some economists believe that the Republic of Panama could become the next world business center but others are skeptical about it. Panama is a country in Central America that borders both the Caribbean and the Northern Pacific Ocean between Colombo and Costa Rica .The geographical coordinates of panama are 900 N and 8000… View Article

The Strategic Role of HR in a State Government

In a growing number of organizations human resources are now viewed as a source of competitive advantage (Human Links, 2007). For human resource to be competitive, it entails competencies that are “obtained through highly developed employee skills, distinctive organizational cultures, management processes and systems” (Human Links, 2007). The presence of these distinctive competencies marks most… View Article

The State Of North Carolina

Introduction North Carolina is found in the South eastern part of the country. It has one hundred counties, and was formerly known as the Carolina during the time when the US was still a British colony. The state has been associated with a number of positive aspects in the past. For instance, the first human… View Article

The three Branches of Government in the state of Georgia

Introduction The State of Georgia is one of the South Atlantic States of the United States, and was once known to be one of  the most remote and  most sparsely settled of the original 13 English colonies. The state of Georgia occupies parts of six physiographic provinces: the Atlantic Coastal Plains (Sea Island section), the Gulf Coastal Plain (also… View Article

The State and Local Government of Illinois

Illinois is a state in the northern central of U.S., a center of Midwest, which entered the Union on December 3, 1818 making it the 21st state of the US (Illinois Encarta). Illinois’ economy has increased or developed, until now Illinois is the most dynamic and prolific in terms of its industrial and agricultural characteristics…. View Article

The Stamp Act Crisis

The Stamp Act was a law passed by the Government of England and imposed upon the American colonists without their consent.  The colonists were not happy about having laws imposed upon them without them having any say in the matter.  They had already been given some laws which they had accepted and decided they had… View Article

The U.S. Mixed Economy and the Economic Role of Government

In all economies scarcity (TOC1) is a real problem. This means compared to our unlimited wants the production factors (TOC 1) are scarce. As a result of this as a society we need to economize the use of resources in an efficient manner. Any Economic system has to address the fundamental questions of what to… View Article

Parliamentary Ombudsman

The Ombudsman deals with issues that had resulted in questions in Parliament. The Ombudsman is the custodian of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information. Schedule 2 of the Parliamentary Commissioner Act 1967, requires of certain institutions to assist the Ombudsman in disclosing information on request. However there are fifteen exemptions that regulate… View Article

The Wagner Act

Prior to the enactment of the Wagner Act, the United States already had several labors. The Railway Labor Act, which was passed in 1926, required employers to enter into collective bargaining agreements with unions. It also prohibited discrimination on the part of the company against the unions. The RLA however, only applied to railroads and… View Article

The Senate of the United States

The national government of the United States of America is divided into three branches: the executive, legislative and judiciary.  The legislative branch is further divided into two, the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Indeed, the Senate is a law-making body, but what is its role and function in the political system of the United… View Article

The three major roles of the United States Congress

The congress is the legislation department of the United States Government.  It it is bicameral and is comprised of two chambers, the senate and the house of representatives (English, 2003). The first Article of the constitution sculpts the vital roles of Congress.  The primary role of the United States Congress as the legislative branch of… View Article

Residential Housing

KB Home, one of the major housing companies in the market made a statement telling the public that they do not see housing sector to stabilize by this year. Number of housing companies has been acquiring great losses by the end of 2005 as disposable income of consumers’ declines as the consequence of lowering down… View Article

The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis on October 14, 1962, marked one of the highpoints of the Kennedy administration.  The scandal caused widespread panic and indignation to the American people due to the surrounding environmental factors brought about by the cold war.  It revolved around the building of Russian bases on Cuban soil and the staging of… View Article

Executive Branch

The executive branch is the most powerful branch of government. The executive branch makes the president commander in chief. It also gives the president the role of economic leader. And he/she can also make executive orders that have the force of law. These are just some of the many roles that make the executive branch… View Article

Honest government

Government is made up of individuals of all personality types and of all character types. As with any profession, department or organization, some individuals are more honest than others. It would be impossible with the broad and encompassing area that government consists of to expect “honest government. ” In addition, what each person perceives as… View Article

Tiananmen Square Massacre

Introduction The Tiananmen Square Massacre is the indiscriminate killing carried out by the Chinese Law Enforcing Agency on the behest of the Chinese Government. The massacre was carried upon the peaceful protestors, mostly students, protesting against the Communist regime of China as they demanded democracy. The incident took place on the 4th of June 1989…. View Article

Three Major Roles of the US Congress

The US political system has three co-equal branches of government provided with specific and separate powers by the US Constitution.  The three branches of government are the Legislative, the Executive and the Judiciary.  The Legislative powers are vested upon Congress in Article I of the Constitution.  Congress aside from lawmaking has three other major roles… View Article