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The purpose of having this case analysis is to allow me to consolidate what I have learnt in class the past weeks and apply the knowledge into this written analysis of a real-world case. The Gore and Associates explores the role of organisational management and culture within a very innovative firm which is responsible for some very famous and innovative products, the Gore-Tex product but still, not much people know about this organisation. This report will slowly go through each of the findings from the case and the explanations to it.

Cyclic Innovation Model

According to the cyclic innovation model, in short CIM are four forces interrelate and influence each other in a process that is a cyclical. The four main forces are scientific research, technological research, product creation and market transitions creating a cross disciplinary view of change process (Berkhout & Rietdijk 2010). A very different approach compares to the traditional model, CIM is built on linear chain innovation concept making a full circle.

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According to Dougherty, Deborah, and Edward H. Bowman (1995), some major benefits gotten by companies benefited by adopting CIM includes great investments and scalability, reduced market time, and improvements in knowledge and expertise.

Natural and life sciences cycle

In this stage, most innovations are applications of an existing technology. For the case of Gore-Tex, PTFE or ePTFE is created by new science, although this was back in 1960's. It is what made them so special in that era.

Integrated engineering cycle

This stage of innovation is where technical takes place.

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Over the past 50 years, Gore has been putting PTFE into use in many different applications, and is still currently finding new ways to apply their technology in. For example, by using the stretchiness of the PTFE to create many tiny holes that lead to making breathable membranes. Even other firms might see it as a mistake a throw it away. From this, we learned that curiosity indeed might lead to new product ideas.

Differentiated services cycle

During this cycle, the technology will adapt to meet a customer need. In Gores case, Gore simply provides the fabric in different quantities to different manufacturers, who then innovate forming their own product. The most important is the negotiation on licensing and the use of Gore-Tex brand. Some brand currently still uses their fabric in their finished products but cannot due to the time limits on the patent. However, when the patent expires, they no longer have to purchase the fabric from Gore. It is clear that patenting and licensing is a key part in a successful business model for a company.

Social and behavioural sciences cycle

Innovation cycle becomes limited and outdated as Gore goes on to sell from business to business. However, it is not the end. With educational effort, they can explain their products clearly to their end users, which would mean that they could work with their partners to develop more merchandise and literature.


In this case, W.L Gore Associates a team may have been involved, which also means that they might have an outstanding champion for the project.

Heavily technology oriented

With all the good things by orienting heavily on technologies, it also brings great danger to Gore Associates. There are a few dangers Gore associates might face by being heavily technology oriented. The first is lack of proper listening skills to customer views. The second one is missing minor opportunities that may exists, and that might just involve some small chances. The third is marketing mix strategies such as distribution, promotions, prices and others needs to be made, and they only require little or no technology at all to make. The forth danger would be creating products that might cost an organisation to lose money if it is not selling, and the product being created might be too complicated for the targeted audience. The fifth danger of being too technology oriented would be risk being too heavily focused on technology which technology is much more expensive and at times, quite an amount of time would be invested into the technology that it will cause other innovation process to halt progression. Lastly, not all countries have the required technology to run things smoothly.

Updated: Dec 23, 2020
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