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Innovation and Success of W.L. Gore

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W.L. Gore has to come to terms with the difficulty in the technical and sociopolitical environments of the international marketplaces they currently service. W.L. Gore will need to adapt for the legal and cultural differences that exist as these marketplaces develop. A recommendation would be for Gore to set up geographical regions and departments which specialize in a way that will aid in necessary interactions where each government, legal system, and financial, accounting and environmental statutes will be adequately handled for every country or region W.

L. Gore currently operates while completing business transactions in.

An Ambidextrous approach or to structure units and departments outside and differently from existing lattice structures would improve and streamline aid when considering the relations of the environmental, political, legal, social and financial requirements of each region or country W.L. Gore operates or conducts business in. Process control as well as adaptation to the infrastructure required by some foreign governments. Data requirements are becoming more complex in the 21st century and must also be considered for data reporting necessary for regulatory bodies.

One of W.L. Gore’s key success factors is how W.L. Gore has such a varied offering of service lines and diverse blend and channel products offered. Associates, policies, and procedures will need to face obstacles and challenges in areas where coordination driving business requirements and activities are necessary to sustain W.L Gore. W.L. Gore’s virtual teams are segmented by performance goals, work-type subsets, time zones, languages, geography, cultures, etc.

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It will be a monumental task to organize, structure, integrate and streamline collaboration to get all of these segments working together in a cohesive manner.

Beyond streamlining and optimization of these segments another challenge presents

itself in knowledge transfer. To further drive this transfer employees must be open to learning from their experiences both domestically and internationally. Mimetic forces should be used internally and treat each site as individuals as well as regional or combined subgroups within W.L. Gore. Primarily W.L. Gore’s associates can learn, develop and grow from not only domestic but international counterparts as well as other out-sourced domestic supplier sites either inside or outside their clustered areas for best practices to copy. Secondarily, diversity of cultural work styles and application of methodologies gives every employee and excellent opportunity to develop and learn new capabilities, process work flows and even develop new ideas or approaches.

Global or virtual teams that are created will be of individuals that have multiple technical skills, will house many nationalities that have certain actions where both an immediate and deep effects both locally and internationally. More so force exerted by these actions would be identical be a digital or traditional, or the work is conducted electronically or in person. Cultures, mannerisms, and languages have the ability to disrupt the efficiency and effectiveness. Open communication facilitated by symbols, stories and heroes emphasizing patience and open communication and sharing knowledge should heavily be utilized to ensure these teams function properly. Chosen members inside of these teams not only should have high emotional intelligence but also but culturally astute and holistic as a person. Utilizing symbols in the mythos will aid in W.L. Gore optimally coordinating digital, global virtual teams.

W.L. Gore’s associates are required to share both tacit and explicit knowledge through multiple channels. Through these channels a subset of leaders must consume the data and make connections that may not otherwise be apparent. Associates leveraging virtual teams to contribute to this data analysis through multiple subject matter experts will reinforce the existing culture focusing on innovation and information sharing. By focusing on the technical core as the focal point of innovation W.L. Gore implementing a continued focus on utilizing an approach well designed for the existing organic lattice structure. This will also help development new production techniques to help supplement expand and drive organic growth through the transnational footprint. Further these skunkworks of Subject matter experts will help identify areas of spectacular return. By making these meetings or teams functions with a scheduled reoccurrence increases legitimacy and structure will be introduced into some of these cross functional teams. This will also enable and encourage required relationship building skills necessary for associates to do well within the existing lattice framework of the organization.

Pillars of the organization’s design and the basis of culture for W.L. Gore focuses on long-term goals, their related promises, and drives the collaborative effort among individuals and small teams. This is based not only on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs but also Theory Y which both point towards empowering individuals, then letting them manage themselves to deliver results and will continue to do so in their enlightened best interest. The decentralized lattice structure will serve W.L. Gore into the future. W.L. Gore’s organizational design and culture that has been developed and fostered will work very well for W.L. Gore’s Global Organization, as it competes at the Global level. This should translate very well into a use case of development of virtual teams because of how each site will depend on each other moving forward. As long as open information sharing in the teams, W.L. should be very successful with their Global, Digital, virtual and traditional teams.

For W.L. Gore to continue into the 21st century and beyond, as with all business it becomes grow or die. With a focus on a culture of on innovation and knowledge sharing as W.L. Gore there will be a substantial amount of growth through product and service innovation. Beyond that optimization of processes and business services as well as data as a service should continue not despite but due to existing structure and cultural design. Further product lines will continue to evolve and markets will continue to open. As these markets continue to open W.L. Gore must have the ability to be ready to act upon strategic technologies, opportunities and key distribution centers.

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