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Running Head: Assessment of a Family 1

Using Gordon’s 11 Functional Health Patterns in the Assessment of a Family Se La Vie
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V Family-Centered Health Promotion 28 August 2013

Assessment of a Family 2
Health promotion continues to be at the center of healthcare today. Through the use of Gordon’s 11 functional health patterns, a foundation is formed in the gathering of information by the assessing of an individual and family in order to identify lifestyle behaviors and patterns. Through the use of these lifestyle behaviors and patterns, healthcare professionals are able to come up with various diagnoses and interventions for potential and actual problems that may interfere with one’s health and wellbeing.

This paper will outline three questions for each pattern that was used to assess a specific family and help to interpret the findings through the use of Gordon’s 11 functional health patterns. The family interviewed consists of a husband and wife whom both served in the United States Armed Forces, and their three children.

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A summary of the findings for each health pattern will be discussed. Also, a wellness and family diagnoses will be developed and presented.

When asked questions in relation to the pattern of health perception and health management, the family stated that someone who really cared about their health would take the necessary steps in order to make sure that their body was well maintained. The family admitted that though they knew the steps in order to determine their current health status, it had been a couple of years since anyone in the family had had a full physical.

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Further comments emphasized that their lifestyles and behavior was in line to the point of not causing them any further damage which including no drinking of any type or even smoking. The husband stated that he used to smoke and
drink but quit six years ago. The wife made mention of drinking but had also quit the habit. Assessment of a Family 3

The husband is a stay-at-home dad and the mom works. The children (ages 16 and six) attend different schools at different times of the day, while their two year old stays at home. Due to work and school schedules, breakfast and lunch are not eaten at the same time. This makes it impossible to ensure that everyone is getting the necessary types of foods from all the various food groups. Due to this inconsistency, everyone is forced to eat whatever it is that may be fast and convenient in relation to the time and space available because of various schedules. No one in the family is overweight but the husband and wife expressed that they would like to lose a couple of pounds. Various weight loss regimens have been tried but to no avail due to certain ailments both suffered by the husband and wife.

In the pattern of elimination, it was expressed that using the bathroom was a normal function for everyone in the family except for the wife. She states that there have been times in which she was unable to use the bathroom and sometimes requires the help of an over-the-counter medication. The only other time in which there have been problems is due to some illness that may affect the children causing them issues in their pattern of elimination. The family also stated that their diet may sometimes cause them issues in this department. The husband is lactose intolerant which the intake of any type of dairy product. He still decides to neglect this issue and still consumes various dairy products. Due to this neglect, the husband has been forced to deal with an illness (hemorrhoids) which has caused his many discomforts in the past.

The pattern of activity and exercise revealed that the family did not have a hobby in which they consistently participated in. Time and schedule determined what type of activity the Assessment of a Family 4 family was able to participate in. The husband stated that he loved to work out and also had a membership at a gym. He works out at least four times a week and ensures that some type of
cardiovascular exercise is a part of his regime. The wife stated that she had a membership to a gym also but was unable to attend no more than three days a week. The wife currently suffers from a disease called fibromyalgia which causes pain to radiate throughout her body. This causes her much discomfort and most of the time, rules out any attempt of physical activity that would cause an increase in heart rate.

Due to both husband and wife serving in the Armed Forces, pains in their bodies have become part of their everyday life. They are both receiving treatment for their ailments but need several prescribed medications in order to either function or have a normal day of life. Their pain causes them to limit certain everyday activities and tailor what it is they can and can’t do. Their ailments range from issues with their backs, knees, and ankles, to that of migraine headaches. Recently, the wife of the house was diagnosed with arthritis in both her knees and also in her lower back. This has placed a limitation on various activities in which they are able to perform with their children. As of recent, the wife has had severe pain to the point of being unable to get out of bed and having to visit the ER (emergency room) on various occasions. Their cognitive-perceptual pattern is one that is in constant acknowledgment with nothing being able to rid of the issue being faced by both husband and wife.

The pattern of sleep and rest is one of an issue to both husband and wife. The husband was developed numerous times to combat zones and now suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He rarely gets enough sleep through the night and is easily startled by various Assessment of a Family 5 sounds/noises. The only way he can actually sleep is by taking certain prescribed medication. On the other hand, the wife has the same issue but does not get enough rest due to having pains in her body. She also has to take prescribed medications in order to be able to relax and even get some sleep. There are days when pain subsides and both husband and wife are able to get some sleep, while on other days, they try their best to either go to sleep early or try to take catnaps in between times.

Everyone in this family seems to be happy with whom they are. They are a very proud family who believe that God has made them just the way he wanted them to be. When asked “if you had a chance to do everything again would they change anything?” the reply was that they would not change a thing. Their faith and trust in God shows that they were supposed to go through everything that has been experienced in life for it made them be able to come together as a couple and also appreciate each other. They see their current place in life as one of a place of growth. Though they say some parts of life have really been rough, the husband and wife believe everything led to each other to produce what the world views of them today. Husband, wife and even children are all pleased with who they are. They made mention to the fact that if they were to change, it would be because it was something God wanted them to do in order to please him and no one else.

Most friends of the family originate from the church which the family attends. Though they do not always hang out with their friends, they do try to attend events or get-togethers with friends in order to break up the monotony within their relationship. The couple sees each other as their own best friend and spends most of their time together with each other. The father sees Assessment of a Family 6 himself as someone who does his best to provide for the family even though he stays at home. He does his best to ensure that everyone’s personal needs are taken care of and if unable to be taken care of, there is some type of alternative solution to the issue. Mom is the most ingenuitive in the family. She loves decorating, and coming up with various ideas to design or make things look better. The 16 year old daughter is relied on to look after her six and two year old siblings. This allows for mom and dad to get back to their role as a couple and be able to go out on dates and enjoy each other’s company.

As stated earlier, the couple has three children. Husband and wife both feel sex is a very important part of their life. Though the couple they have these feelings of intercourse, intercourse had to be put aside due to the fact of the wife being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Even though this
disease is causing an issue, sex is never ignored. There were some issues in the past in which intimacy was an issue due to the wife being in a former abusive relationship. Over the course of years, this issue has been worked out and the family can actually attest that their intimacy is better than ever.

On pattern of coping and stress tolerance, the couple believes that stress is necessary part of life. Though they feel no one should ever be stressed out, stress allows a person to push further and provides a drive to accomplish various tasks. There are other times when some people may feel overwhelmed and cannot handle the pressures of life. During times like these, the husband states that a good support system is necessary which allows people to vent their frustration and also gain good advice in return. Times like these show the usefulness of a good church. The husband states that their belief and values allows them to stay in line and be able to Assessment of a Family 7 handle any type of obstacle in which they may ever face. They do their best never to go against their values and beliefs for they feel it keeps them in line in order to live a life acceptable to God. In everything they do in life, the couple feels that God should always come first, your spouse second, your children third, and then everything else should follow.

Wellness Diagnosis
Wellness Diagnosis
Readiness for Enhanced Comfort Level
Wellness Diagnosis
Readiness for Enhanced Cognition
Wellness Diagnosis
Readiness for Enhanced Sleep

Gordon’s 11 Functional Health Patterns Questions
• Pattern of Health Perception and Health Management: 1. What do you think a well managed health consists of? 2. Do you drink or smoke (If so, would you like to quit?) 3. When was the last time you had a physical to determine your current health status? • Nutritional – Metabolic Pattern: 1. Of what food groups does the family mainly choose? 2. Is anyone in the family overweight? 3. Has the family ever tried dieting in order to lose unwanted/unnecessary weight? • Pattern of Elimination: 1. How many times do you use the bathroom in a day? 2. Does anyone in the family have any excretory problems/issues? 3. Does the food you eat affect your excretory pattern? • Pattern of Activity and Exercise: 1. What are your favorite hobbies? 2. Do you exercise regularly (how many times a week)? 3. Do you participate in any outdoor activities that cause an increase in heart rate? • Cognitive – Perceptual Pattern: 1. Are you currently in any pain? 2. Do you experience any pain while performing everyday activities? 3. Have you been diagnosed with any ailments and/or illness?

Pattern of Sleep and Rest: 1. How many hours of sleep do you get in a day? 2. Would like to get more sleep than you usually have? 3. Are there any other methods you use in trying to relax? • Pattern of Self Perception and Self Concept: 1. Is there anything you want to improve about yourself? 2. Are you pleased with your current place in life? 3. If you could do things all over again, what would you change/leave the same? • Role – Relationship Pattern: 1. Do you have friends outside your personal relationship? 2. What is your current role in the family? 3. Do you wish you had more or less responsibilities? • Sexuality – Reproductive Pattern: 1. Do you have children (if not do you want children)? 2. Is sex part of your relationship? 3. Where there any traumatic times in life that may be hindering your current sex life? • Pattern of Coping and Stress Tolerance: 1. Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the things of life? 2. When things become overwhelming, what do you do to gain back control? 3. Do things have to be stressful in order for you to function? • Pattern of Values and Beliefs: 1. Does your values and beliefs govern how you make decisions? 2. Are there ever instances where you go against your values and/or beliefs? 4. What are your spiritual beliefs?

Updated: Apr 12, 2021
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