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Gordon Brown

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Essay, Pages 4 (864 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (864 words)

If put in a few words, supporters of Gordon Brown during his presidency describe him as intelligent, genuine, clever, honest, and committed. On rankings based on surveys conducted on the people of Great Britain, Gordon Brown was ranked as the 5th most popular labor politician, and the 4th most famous today. As such, considering the number of labor party members, Gordon Brown is definitely on the better end of the spectrum. He started his education early, as he was able to enter university at the young age of 16.

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After having graduated with a bachelor’s degree, he worked as an editor and journalist, while he studied for his post-graduate degree. He was then elected as a member of the parliament (MP) in 1983. Using his influence, he worked with Tony Blair, who then became the Prime Minister in 1997. Tony Blair assigned Gordon Brown to be the chancellor of the exchequer, during what was called the longest period of economic growth, all of which was under his supervision.

In 2007, he ran for the presidency, with the endorsement of Tony Blair, who was about to end his term. As such, without any opposition, he assumed the seat of the Prime Minister during this year. During his term as a prime minister, he faced a lot of issues, from global financial crises to military operations in Iraq and the middle east as a whole.

Simply put, the words of Gordon Brown pointed out the urgency of the need for a global connection to give solution to a multitude of problems back then.

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He started his talk with the citation of a few heart-wrenching examples of how communication affected the unraveling of pivot points in our past, which was depicted through photographs taken during these events, which caused controversy around the world. From Birhan, who went from minutes to death, to being a global influence who initiated the Live Aid concerts, to Kim, who was photographed with her back scorched by napalm from American bombs, which then consequently awakened the American people, who then became critical of their government’s actions. What Gordon Brown said next was what made me think and realize how our frail minds and hearts are easily moved by what we see. Basically, Gordon’s words were that these photos “unlock what we cannot see”. Imagine, if the photo of Birhan close to death were not spread across the world, would Live Aid, whose mission was to raise funds for Africa, ever come to fruition? Would the American people protest the implementation of extreme military force against the Vietnamese, be they soldier or civilian? All these were made possible by a relatively low-level global connection back then in the form of newspapers when the internet was either non-existent or not open for public consumption.

As such, the importance of communication was made apparent by Gordon Brown through his speech. This communication serves as the bridge towards the formation of an informal global society comprised of people across the globe, who agree on a consensus regarding solutions to different issues either on an isolated or global scale. Throughout history, rallies and demonstrations have proved that people in the millions, even without the presence of military power, are capable of toppling even the highest of political figures such as kings, dictators, and presidents. Today, social media allows us to connect and relate to hundreds of millions of people around the world, bear witness to their struggles, and voice out support. As such, we have already constructed a truly global society upon which national leaders must consider before meting out decisions and laws. With that said, this global society will then be responsible for spreading awareness for “global issues that require global solutions”. I agree that there exist issues that require the cooperation of multiple, if not all, nations around the world. The epitome of such stares us right in the face of climate change.

All in all, Gordon Brown worked hard to be able to win his seat as a previous prime minister of the UK. It was well-deserved, as he did not lack in education in any way. He also had the accomplishments and the merits during his previous posts to add on his resume as a prime minister. During his term, he also had committed a lot in improving not only Great Britain but also the entire world. During his ted talk, he said a lot regarding the importance of having unity among people from around the world. This is done through communication. Concrete examples were given upon which pictures were shown on the slides. These pictures served a purpose to communicate and tell a story of the experiences of the people. These pictures moved millions of people into action. Gordon related this to the problems of today, and how they could be solved if we were able to connect with everyone around the world and reach a consensus regarding solutions towards these problems.


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