Gopaljee and Amul Milk Products

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1. How can Gopaljee supply and distribution model be reached other service lines in their Indian and South Asian context?

On the basis of Indian and South Asian context, micro level operations are done mainly in the agri and agro based industries. They focus generally on farming and based on the details provided in the case, we came to understand about that Gopaljee utilizes an extremely small scale supply and circulation design. The fundamental product that they use is milk. So the base of their supply and distribution model begins with farmers.

From the figure revealed above, Gopaljee gathers their needed amount of milk and takes those to their plant for processing. After the internal operations of processing and packaging they directly take their last item to the retailer stores. Finally the customers get the surface product produced by Gopaljee from the seller stores. It is very important to understand that they have not used any intermediary while transferring the raw material from farmers to their plants.

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As we are describing Indian and South Asian context, business lines where this supply and circulation design can be utilized will be generally in agri and agro based items. They can use the very same supply and circulation model for the following milk associated products: Fresh Milk, Flavored Milk, Butter Oil, Ghee, Milk Candy, UHT Fresh Milk, Cheese and Yoghurt industries. Industries which use the byproducts of farming can also use the very same design.

2. Which socioeconomic functions of South Asian societies can be recognized as the structure for constructing sustainable supply chain?

The socioeconomic features of South Asian societies that can be recognized as the structures for constructing sustainable supply chains are family unity and micro level operations.

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Household unity ends up being an extremely important socioeconomic feature in South Asian context. According to the situation given on the case, the culture generally impacts. The tradition shows extended household, where everyone in the household is provided equivalent importance. They believe about the cumulative well-being of the family and the neighborhood.

They support their family and thus when they work together, their productivity increases. Thus increase in productivity helps to keep flow in supply chain. Farmers become capable of giving more liters of milk to the plants, thus continuing a continuous flow of raw materials. Micro level operations are mainly common in this South Asian context. Mostly the small scale producers, agri and agro-based industries are mainly put forward and farming turned out to be important according to the socioeconomic features.

By using this micro level view they created link within the farmers and the industry, thus creating a small scale supply chain method. 3. How can the existing distribution channels in the South Asian region be transformed to maximize the value delivered to the customer? * The existing distribution channels in the South Asian region can be transformed in the following ways to maximize the value delivered to the customer:

  • By decreasing lead time. This means reacting to orders within least possible time.
  •  By ensuring quick response. It means the response time customers will tolerate.
  •  By increasing required service level. So it can handle unusual surges in demand.
  •  By tailoring existing supply chain to best meet the needs of each product’s demand. It is required for the supply chain to balance efficiency & responsiveness given its portfolio of products and customer segments.
  • By increasing buffer inventory in case of unusual surges in demand.
  • By continuous supplier evaluation & selection.
  • By making the procurement process even more efficient that can be made. Customers are the heart of today’s marketing environment.

So sensing and predicting customer need and wants, and responding in proper way to maximize customer value is one of the most important tasks that an organization has to perform. The above mentioned points therefore can help the company to upgrade their existing distribution channel to maximize the value delivered to the customers of South Asian regions. 4. How can such indigenous develop SCM models integrate with and expand into global supply chains? We know, successful supply chains manage flows of product; information and funds to provide high level of products availability to the customer.

From this point of view:

We can see Gopaljee only operate this business in South Asian context and there is no middle man used for distributing the product. But if they want to expand their business globally then its needed to have middleman in their supply chain. It will help them to make the distribution way easier and if more workers are included as middleman then they will help to increase manpower who will help other workers to concentrate on their own work. It will ultimately help the flow of production.

Moreover, to make the company function globally availability of information should be provided to the customers, so that they have an easy access. Maintaining a company website will help a long way to provide information to the customer around the world and also take their demand and feedback about the product and company expectation will be possible through online.
Beside all these the availability of high level of quality product should be ensured. Setting up more retail shops at different points where the demand is high, increasing the production volume, maintaining timely delivery must be maintained.

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