The Significance of Good Manners in Contemporary Society

The subject of my presentation is Having good manners is important to everyone especially in today’s society. It should not matter whether a person is at home, work, or just hanging out with friends; manners are always important in all that a person does. Your manners are important all of the time. It is possible to manners in the way a person walks, talks.

Good Manners

Good Manners have a deep Affect on our minds. As bad manners produce bad results in society, good manners produce good results.

Good manners are unconsciously acquired in our childhood, but they can also be cultivated later on. Every human being should be treated with due respect and dignity. The animal instinct in us makes us rough and vulgar, but a cultured and civilized man is gentle and polite. By good manners we understand the way in which a person should behave in society. One is expected to show respect one's elders. Good manners are necessary for everyone, in every walk of life.

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It is good manners to thank anybooy who does anything for you. When a waiter brings you a glass of water, you may thank him.

"Friends and good manners will carry you where money won't go." Good manners are vital for success in life. Nobody likes a rude person, but good manners endear a man to other. A shopkeeper who behaves rudely with his customers can never flourish in his trade, but one who behaves politely and pleasantly with others attracts a large number of customers.

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Patients always rush to a doctor who is sympathetic towards them. A leader cannot have a large follower unless he is polite to others. In fact good manners have a magnetic influence over the people. Good manner are not, however, born with us. They have to be cultivated with great care. Childhood is the best period to cultivate good manners and so both parents and teachers have a great role to play.

Bad Manners

The Height of Bad Manners is Way too Much. To begin with, Bad Manners is defined by lack of polite or well-bred social behavior resulting by ignorance, this may be true, but I don´t think so, this is because nowadays people are adopting this reprehensive conducts no just by ignorance, but for doing whatever they want, in this bad manner conducts we can see: not respecting adults, farting in front of anybody, not saluting, people that don´t respect the third age privileges in public places/transport.

In the world we can see many of this awful behavior but each day we can see it more in our community its becoming part of our daily life to be disrespectful with others and don´t minding about if the other person would feel bad about it. As your parents probably told you not so many years ago this “Bad Manners Acts” where severally punished with very strict sanction but now we can see a teenager threatening and old man so they give him the spot in the bus.

Examples of the Importance of Good Manners

Now I would like to tell you the examples of the importance of good manners. First, Thank you letters are important. Whether someone has sent a gift or entertained you at their home, it is important to acknowledge their effort and thoughtfulness. They have done something special for you and a handwritten note or letter shows that you are prepared to respond and take the time to value what they have done and thank them for it.

Writing a thank you letter is an important skill to learn. Constructing an effective letter, with good grammar and an important message is a valuable skill to have, and one that is rarely taught in these days of rapid texting and instant messaging. Next, saying 'please' and 'thank you' to the people we deal with when we want or need something is basic good manners.

And 'excuse me' if we sneeze or cough, covering our mouth with a tissue. Holding the door open for someone else, offering an elderly person or a pregnant lady a seat are good manners but they are also demonstrating respect, empathy and consideration for the other person. A simple gesture like that can improve the mood and quality of someones' day. But it is important to be respectful back and return the compliment with a simple thank you or a smile.

Good manners are a two-way exchange. Even if we do not respect the person sometimes good manners are about respecting their position or status and what that represents. We may respect the fact that someone is a manager or a school teacher or highly educated and when they are in that role we moderate our behavior towards them and give them respect out of deference for their position.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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