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An Introduction To An Informative Essay About Globalization In China Should Include

Globalization is a process which is a universally integrated social and cultural environment where science and technology will be shared and free trade will prevail among nation. According to Watoo (2015) argues that Globalization is one of the most articulated, and experienced phenomenon which has resulted from the increasing interdependence and interpenetration of nations, communications, and flow of ideas across the borders, is one of the conspicuous dimensions of the current world. Many aspects and factors that causes globalization, it encompasses a range of economy, educational, and political.

It is enabling financial and investment markets to operate internationally, largely as a result of deregulation and improved communication.
Gholami (2005) defines that globalization as a process of integration local characteristics into global flows which are mostly done by means of new communication and information technologies. Globalization has the impact for human being in the world including Muslim society. In the economic, educational, and political development of each others throughout the Islamic world has not achieved.

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In the political field, there are many Muslims still who experience oppression and pressure, even some of them still live under the pressure of government education, living under the shadow of terror and threats. In the economic aspect, although rich in resources, the Muslim world’s economic power has been marginalized and hardly has any economic leverage worth the name (Lai, 1997, p. 84). Globalization on education also affects the pattern of teaching and learning specially Islamic education. Islamic education plays a very important role in preparing the generations to face an era full of challenges.

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Islamic education must be able to carry out the process of provisions of knowledge, planting the value of, attitude and character formation, the development of talent, the ability and skill, fostering the potensial aqal, physical and spiritual that is optimal, balanced and correspond with the demands of the times. Now globalization processes add to this challenge in that result in an increasing demand for competitive people, while at the same time legitimizing multi-religious and multi-cultural demands on education, since more and more people adhere to Islam-itself a globalizing force (Daun & Walford, 2004).
Thus, Muslim nations are among those communities which are faced with critical challenge in term that how to adjust with new global flows, modernity, and their consequences for the development of Muslim society. In addition, the purpose of this essay are to discuss about globalization and some strategies to increase the development of Muslim society in economy, political, and educational aspect.

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