Effect of Early Relationship Intro : Term Paper

As of 2013 teenagers became more interested in getting involved in entering early romantic relationships and as time passes romantic relationships played an important role in the life of an adolescent. According to Mathew E. Kopfler “Dating is shown to affect students both favourably and adversely, but the present seems to be affected by a person’s future plans”. He also pointed out that “Entering romantic relationships amongst the youth can affect their educational values, goals and attitudes”. Many more researches backed up the theory of Mr.

Kopfler but some also say that there are more negative effects than the positive ones.

By the groups experience in the school many of us tend to hear some comments like “my grades went down because my time and all my effort was given to the one I love” or “my grades are high because I’m single” many teenagers today blames romantic relationship for their failures when it comes to academic grades. And this is why our group wanted to expand and create a research paper on the positive effects of romantic relationship amongst the students of Saint Louis School Center.

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We want to prove that entering romantic relationships in high school can be advantageous.

We also wanted to make a research on romantic relationships to expand the knowledge and point of views of people in accordance with the effect it has on students whether it is on their academic performance or their attitude and interaction towards other people. Therefore to prove our research we provided 50 copies of questionnaires to be answered by two students (one girl and one boy) per section from 7th grade to 4th years.

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On the date February 6, 2013 Lunch break we started to float our questionnaires starting from the 3rd year level then going down to the 2nd and 1st year level and ending with the 4th year level. After collecting all the floated questionnaires we started to gather data using books, magazines and newspapers from the library.

At home we used the internet to gather data from other researches that was created in the past that would help us come up with our conclusion. We are therefore conducting this research to prove that romantic relationship brings positive effects on the academic performance of a student instead for being the cause for the failing grades of students. Also in this research we are aiming to state main reasons why students enter romantic relationships at an early age and how it affects their adolescence. Our research is only limited within the facilities of Saint Louis School Center and the results provided from the questionnaires are based on the attitudes and opinions of the students in SLSC from 7th grade to 4th year level.

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Effect of Early Relationship Intro : Term Paper

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