Global Challenges for Business, Management and Leadership

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Researchers have come up with various definitions of the word management in the business settings one of the management theorist is Fredrick Taylor who was born in the year 1856 and died in the year 1915. Taylor is reported to be the founder of the so called scientific management and at that time he was also a management consultant. In the field of management we find that Taylor defined management as an academic discipline that can be well formulated through partnership and give the best results.

He believed that this partnership can only be achieved through ensuring of qualified and trained management personnel and a self motivated workforce. (Foster and Harris, 2005) Taylor was able to bring in various principles of scientific management which was mainly based on the organization and decision making theories. In his theory he stated that various organisations fail to reach their set objectives as a result of poor management processes and also poor delegation methods.

As a result of this he therefore came up with four principles that could enable the organization to achieve their objectives and these principles are; organization should implement various scientific study of positions of the workforce, the firms should be able to implement selecting, training, teaching and developing its workforce, thirdly the management team in organisations should carry out clear delegation of authority and supervision of the employees to enhance a better productivity.

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Lastly Taylor states that the organisations should ensure the duties are divided equally among the managers and the employees. (Frederick, 1911) The other management theorist is Henri Fayol who was born in the 1841 and died in the year 1925.

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Fayol is regarded as one of the founders of the existing management fundamentals which is also regarded as Fayolism. Fayol stated that management can only be defined as the procedure of getting things done by means of and through human resource personnel by directing and inspiring their hard work towards achieving universal goals.

Human resource in any organization is the most important asset since without them the management cannot attain the achieved goals since they are the one coordinating the activities of any particular organization. He therefore goes a head and gives as the four function of management which are those of planning, organizing, leading and controlling and such all four functions requires that the secretary should have skills and knowledge on how to carry out such management functions in an organization in this case middle school organization.

Planning is considered to be the primary function of management and actually encompasses establishing what should be carried out in future. Planning entails setting of objectives, processes, regulations and other tasks required for attainment of organization’s mission statement. Usually the best strategies are selected from various identified strategies and therefore will require forecasting the future and how best to attain the results that will ensure the success of the organization.

Therefore skills of planning function must be utilized for example gathering and sorting information and ensuring how such information should be disseminated to other employees as well as planning what the senior managers will be required to do and notifying them on any changes. Such skills on how to plan effectively will be of great importance to the organization in order to avoid conflicts and thus attainment of goals. The other function of management is that of organizing which involves arranging and allocating tasks in the workplace in order to attain the set organization’s objectives.

In essence, organization function is responsible for how tasks will be divided and achieved efficiently and effectively. Usually the supervisors of all organizations are responsible for identifying tasks and subdividing work groups in to separate sections in an organization. The other function of management is that of leading which involves directing human resource of an organization in the right path in order to achieve the set goals efficiently and effectively. Traditionally this function involves directing, educating and overseeing the employees within an organization.

The other function is that of controlling which entails ensuring that the real performance achieved is matched with the intended results and also ensuring that corrective measures are undertaken if there are deviations from the set goals. This function goes hand in hand with planning such that if poor planning was done then the set goals will not be achieved and therefore will necessitate controlling function to efficiently redesign the plan in order to achieve congruent goals. We can therefore conclude that, management functions apply in every organization in order to attain desired goals.

The managers therefore should be equipped with skills that will ensure that the above functions are coordinated well and with ease thus accomplishing the set goals efficiently and effectively. The management functions are considered to be continuous processes such that the effective accomplishment of one function will lead to attaining other functions smoothly within an organization. It is therefore necessary for all organizations to continuously provide training programs in order to sharpen the skills of there employees so that they can effectively perform the management functions with less difficulties

2. 0 findings 2. 1 Aviva and Climate Change Aviva is one of the biggest insurance firms in the world and currently it has branches in twenty eight nations all over the world which are fully operational. Aviva’s strategy is to offer affluence and peace of mind to all and particularly to its clients in a special manner. For instance, Aviva does this by getting involved in different community projects ranging from charity ideas to sponsorship deals. As part of its social responsibility, Aviva practices several activities that supports all group of people i. e. its investors, employees and its customers.

With respect to climatical conditions, Aviva has formulated environmental policies that specifically points out on various environmental risks as well as how to manage such risks in order to meet the current business challenges brought about by the uncertain environmental changes. Achieving such goal however, has not been easy for Aviva; for instance, the group is associated with various weaknesses such as its incapability to sustain its obligation to ease emissions of carbon dioxide that in the end have led to financial constraints of Aviva’s carbon nonaligned obligation.

Further, Aviva has frequently failed to be informed on the current changing prices as well as resource allocation in connection with the existing climate risk; this poses danger to business operations because of the uncertain change in climate conditions. Further research reveals that Aviva in some of its branches has failed to act in accordance with the set environmental rules and regulations set by the local policy makers.

This implies that the group in such branches is endangering the businesses of its clients since its customers may not be aware of the climate risks that they are faced with in their ordinary course of their business ventures. In order for Aviva to propel in its operations it should therefore incorporate environmental deliberations with the overall managerial activities in order to boost decision making process that will enhance the success of its clients. The group should further always comply with any local authorities on issues of climate change and it should review its own policies annually in order to meet the set global standards.

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