Management And Leadership, Professionalism And Ethics, And Conflict Management in The Movie The Internship

The movie starts off in America where Nick Campbell and Billy McMahon were making a business deal when they were informed that the business they worked for (a wristwatch company) is outdated due to the rapid change of technology. As a result of the business depleting, they were forced to find new jobs with their limited range of skills. Billy had assured both him and Nick an interview with Google for internships which in turn could possibly lead to a job, which involved the need to be a college student, due to this requirement they had both enrolled into an online institution (University Of Phoenix).

After a successful online interview with Google they had both travelled to California to take part in the internship program, which had lasted a full summer semester of individual tasks later leading to being put into groups to solve day to day problems. Each group had five members, Nick and Billy’s group consisted of Stuart, Yo-Yo, Neha, which were all the people left over after the groups had been chosen by said interns.

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Upon the duration of the internship selection process, nick and Billy had found a rival, by the name of Graham, as he had been polite when assuming they were the heads of the internship program due to the fact that they were older than all other interns. The group had started off on a rough patch as the group members had disliked both Billy and Nick due to their lack of knowledge.

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This was shown during the first task where the group members had lied to get them out of the way, however as tasks had carried on the group had started to involve the full team, this was shown when the interns were asked to develop an app, they in hand won the challenge due to Nick and Billy. The group had then dealt with great loss when instructions were not followed by Billy, Billy then ended up leaving the internship and Google as he felt he was of no use but the remaining team Stuart, Yo-Yo, Neha continued to take on the last task which involved sales which was in fact Billy and Nicks best assets to the group, they had gone to the local pizza place and made a sales pitch to expand the pizzas family business internationally, but the owner had declined due to the lack of sales experience by the three members, as they left excepting defeat, Nick and Billy had arrived to save the deal. After a new pitch they had closed the deal but at Google they were ready to announce the winners of the program. Upon the announcement, the team had made a grand entrance with pizza and a deal for Mr. Chetty, After looking at the deal they had told the group that their deal was not going to be taken in to account due to the fact that they were late however it was then stated by the head of internships program Mr. Chetty that they would indeed take this into account. The group went on to win the internship program, securing their new jobs at Google.

Management and Leadership

Management and leadership is the act of giving guidance to a new mission and vision statement for the business. Management helps to control and direct those in the group to not fall off track and keep the values under consideration over the period. The movie had scenes portraying both good and bad management and leadership traits, the good traits: This was shown in one of the first opening act when Nick and Billy were making a business deal to sell watches; they have to at first make sure that they are aware of what they need to do- know the aim, mission and vision but most importantly always keep them in mind, in order to achieve the best results. Unfortunately they were both fired from this job, they were seen as outcasts in the Google internship program due to how old they were, being middle age competing against college students, and also seen as irreverent to the program by their intelligence by doing more of the “old school” techniques. Nick and Billy –despite of all the technological difficulties they were great when it came to leading, working to their best potential and the act of serving -this was most needed to avoid work overload within their team. According to Harold Koontz management is defined as, “an art of getting things done through and with the people in formally organized groups. It is an art of creating an environment in which people can perform and individuals and can co-operate towards attainment of group goals. “ this quote is applicable when they handled their second task of coming up with a new app, after a lot of frustration thy decided to go out for a couple drinks to avoid getting put under stress and also to get to know one another, that morning as a team they had come up with an app that gives you mathematical questions to answer before you accidentally drunk text someone, in this task they had worked as a team for the first time and had won the competition with the most app downloads. The bad traits of management and leadership is clearly shown in the second task where they had to play Quidditch (more especially in the first half of the game) when Nick and his team had gone blind sighted into the game, they did not have a plan of action, nor a goal, nor any motivation to win as they had already lost the first task and were extremely disappointed when their team had even lied to them to get them out of the way as they were seen to be to no use to the team.

Professionalism and Ethics

Professionalism involves the behavioral standards of the employees and employers. Ethics involves the act of something legally acceptable but morally questioning. Professionalism and ethics can go both ways, some of the good traits was how they handled the second half of Quidditch, the first half of the game was full of miscommunication and no teamwork. After a pep talk into believing in themselves they had an a strategic plan on what they were going to do, keeping the aim in mind throughout everything and giving positions to people to avoid any confusion. Even though they had lost the game in the end they had kept their pride together, did not play dirty like the apposing team had done.

On the other hand, the interview that Billy had gotten from him and nick to become considered to take part of the Google summer internship program was not professional at all; starting off the requirements was to be a college student, Billy and Nick were most defiantly not, so they had taken the opportunity to enrolled themselves into an online college to which they had lied about attending straight to the interviewers face. The second part was the overall interview, it was a complete mess and far from professional, they had done it in a public library where they had no peace being disturbed by little children, they had lied once again saying that they were kids helping kids program (called attitude adjustment.) As far as the actual interview goes they were screaming into the webcam, seemed like they had no idea how the technology worked. When the team was given their first task to debug a code Billy and Nick were to no help with the solution, while the team was busy working on mathematical equations Billy and Nick took the task with a different approach which was to break the password within the word “you’re saying a lot of words really fast that mean nothing” said by Neha, in the rest of the teams frustration they had decided to lie to them both just to get them off the campus and out of the way, Something that is always frowned upon in the business world is sexual relationships with former workers, upon the arrival of the interns at Google Nick had already had his eye on Dana, a workaholic at Google, while he was constantly making sure to ‘bump’ into her and keep trying his luck to ask her out on a date, which after several times she agreed. It is unethical behavior to get into a relationship with a co-worker as the possibility of you loosing focus in the workplace is high, you’d rather spend your time in the other side of the building “fetching sticky notes” than actually doing your work, not to mention imagine trying to work in the negative atmosphere if the breakup is nasty, rather keep your business life and your personal life separate.

Another bad example of ethics found in the movie was when Nick had quit his job at the bed and mattress place after being fired from his former job which dealt with sales for wristwatches. Nick had quit his job when Billy had come in to tell him that they had gotten an interview for an internship program at Google that could potentially lead to a job, Nick had told his boss that he is leaving on the spot, took his uniform off and left the store without saying another single word. This is extremely unprofessional if you have a look at the labor relations act of 66 of 1995 under the subheading, subheading substantive and procedural fairness you will see it states that it is preferred to give at least 2 weeks’ notice upon leaving a job, Nick gave more like 2 seconds notice. This is only an example of ethics as it is legally acceptable but morally questionable.

Conflict Management

Conflict management involves the act of lowering negative conflict and misunderstandings whilst enhancing the functional and positive aspects of the business and management levels.

One of the greatest factors of conflict is stress, in the movie the main solution to avoid conflict is humor and to make light of the situation, for example in the interview scene it was pretty stressful for them –as it would be more anyone applying to something that could lead to a job, as they are trying to figure out the extra ordinary questions from the Googlers. The question asked what they would do if they were to be shrunken into the size of a nickel, dropped into a blender and what their approach would be to find a way out, trying to chance the topic they had worked their way into seeing themselves saying other people’s lives and that they should be able to just jump out of the blender using physics. Based on the answer of “physics” some answers of previous people were asked by the HR boss of Google, Mr. Bock who asked, “How many cows is in Canada?” a former Google worker replied saying enough cows to supply Canada with milk and cheese.

Conflict can happen inside and outside the business with co-workers an example of conflict that happened outside of the work place is when they had an gone to the local strip club to ‘relax’ a fight had then broken out later that night with Stuart and his former dance teacher when a guy had come in and interrupted, things had gotten physical when Nick and Billy decided to join, the guards had eventually broken them all up and were kicked out of the strip club. The team had been disappointed for what happened that might, conflict started to arise and what they all had done there was also seen to be unprofessional as the public eye has the power to post about it and the business will be held accountable for their actions not to mention that the public relations department will have to work extra hard to come to reasonable teams again with the public.

Another one of the major reasons for why conflict would occur within a business is different personally traits, seeing as Nicks team was the ‘outcast’ they had a bigger chance for a vast amount of personalities, Nick and Billy where seen as the old school personalities, they had great experience in sales but not when it came to mathematical equations or technology, this is very evident in the movie when they were given their first task of debugging and they were way off track with the rest of the team, Nick and Billy were also very people orientated, they knew how to properly communicate with people to get the sale. The rest of the tem were seen to be much more advanced on the technological side of things, they were great when it came to debugging the code and making the app, but lacked in the social skills of putting down a sales pitch to the local family owned pizza place. When Nick and Billy had arrived to help they had gotten the owner to branch there business internationally, this sales pitch had evidentially gotten the final score to their team which had successfully positioned themselves first in the game, they won and had all gotten a job at Google.

In conclusion the movie had a variety of both good and bad traits for the topics of management and leadership, professionalism and ethics and lastly, conflict management. On a side note the movie had also referred to other topics such as they had given us insight on the selection process when choosing someone to represent your company whether it’s for a job or just a n internship program, although they did not show the following points; the business receiving the application but it was spoken about before the interview, a shortlist nor background checks where done on scene but are vital in this process. The movie, The Internship had made much relevance to the SAG document 2018 guidelines like the industrial relations and contemporary business with relation to leaving a job and the ethical amount of time to give a notice upon leaving. The movie had also shown us some insight into management and leadership in terms of Mr. Chetty, he had great communication skills, and he knew the proper way of making the interns feel needed and acknowledged when they had won a task, gave the right rewards in a fair way and had always made them feel motivated whether they needed it or not. The entire purpose of having interns is to test whether or not they would be seen as acceptable to the work place in terms of the work skills and amount of work, this is known as skills development under human resources. Overall this movie had given us great insight on huge businesses and how important it is to lead, manage, deal with conflict, be professional at all times and to know the acts to ensure you are being ethical.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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