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Gilgamesh’s Search for Immortality

Gilgamesh’s Search for Immortality In the Epic of Gilgamesh a ruthless tyrant who thought he was a god turned reasonable man tries to look for the meaning of immortality after the death of his brother and friend Enkidu. Enkidu’s death made Gilgamesh scared that he might one day die to, so therefore he goes out on an epic journey to look for possibly keeping himself immortal so he doesn’t have to end up like his brother Enkidu. By finding Immortality Gilgamesh hopes to restore all that he had done wrong.

So therefore immortality signifies that Gilgamesh wants to restore what he has done wrong. Gilgamesh finally finds immortality, and when he obtains the flower of immortality he wants to give it to the elders of Uruk, which would in turn be some sort of rebirth for Uruk by bring back the young. Sharing what he had searched for such a long time that would be to his benefit was something that Gilgamesh would do before he met Enkidu.

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Enkidu became a huge part of Gilgamesh’s life since their epic fight. Enkidu left an impression on Gilgamesh, changing his views on many aspects of life.

Gilgamesh wanted to restore the youth to the elders for keeping the memory of not only himself but also his bother Enkidu alive. Gilgamesh tries to keep the people and the culture of Uruk alive, simply because he wants to keep the name of his brother alive, the most important influence on his life The Epic of Gilgamesh clearly portrays the moral feelings of the time.

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The epic expresses the value placed on family. Not only did Gilgamesh want to achieve immortality for himself, but he also wanted to achieve it with his friend and he eventually did.

Thousands of years after the death of Gilgamesh he and Enkidu continue to live through the story of their epic adventures which have been passed down, In essence as long as the story keeps being told Gilgamesh and Enkidu live. Showing why immortality was so important for Gilgamesh to find. The Death of Enkidu shakes Gilgamesh so much that his search for immortality at first is so that Gilgamesh makes sure he has a nice long life. But after the fact Gilgamesh starts to question himself. He starts to question if he really wants to be alive forever, there is o upside.

He does not get to see his brother and friend and plus there is the doubt that his kingdom might slowly crumble not leaving him with anything to live for. In his travels for immortality Gilgamesh encounters a lot, he kills animals and wears their skins, just like his brother. He travels the great mountain where he can get to the realm of the gods. He comes across a two scorpion men who are guarding entrance to the realm. He makes it past those gates and then ends up in the land of darkness which he defeats. Next he makes it to the garden where gods tell him where he can find immortality.

Gilgamesh eventually makes his way across the sea of death to Dilnum where the secret of immortality is. When Gilgamesh finally gets to Dilnum he is told the secret by Utnapishtim, the only mortal to be immoral due to being raised by the gods due to the floods of his land as a child. Utnapishtim takes Gilgamesh to the location of the flower of immorality. Gilgamesh had finally done what he thought he had to do to restore his brother’s name. Gilgamesh had gone through many adventures which helped him to gain wisdom to go along with his godly powers. He learns that the greatest type of immortality is the nonphysical.

The worth of a man’s life is many times said to be measured by the things he has done and the legacy that he has left behind. After realizing that he was not a god-man, Gilgamesh understood that the real glory is in the deeds you have done and the people you have affected in a good manor. So in conclusion the significance of finding immorality to Gilgamesh shows a lot about himself and the society that he lived in and ruled. Focusing on the time with the family and friends was very important, and that focus helped and still helps people feel immortal in remembering the memories of ones friends and loved ones.

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