Gibb s and Kolb s Reflective model Essay

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Gibb s and Kolb s Reflective model

In this report I am going to evaluate the difference between Gibbs (1988) and Kolb (1984), drawing primarily on Gibbs’s reflective model.

The Kolb cycle 1984 was published before Gibbs 1988, David A. Kolb published his conception after an experimental test on a book “Experience as the Source of learning and development” while Gibbs published his theory by developing on the existing Kolb cycle (ehow[07/10/2014]).

Kolb’s theory is based on 4 cycles. It starts with doing something as an individual, a group of people or even a team in Kolb’s cycle you cannot learn while watching or reading you must do something to learn, then on the second stage you need to stop for a while review what happen and experience it and start asking question and communicate with other members of the group, abstract Conceptualization is the stage of understanding what happened and why it happened in this stage we need to know what we have done and what we know, the final stage we give time to plan if next time the experience happens what are we going to do and what action will be taken . To summarize Kolb is based on learning by doing things (simplypsychology [published 2010, updated 2013])

Figure 1: Kolb’s reflective cycle

The Gibbs cycle is based on six stages. It starts with describing what happened, then asking what do you feel and thinking about this experience, then the third stage is evaluation (was the experience good or bad?), next it analyses what can you make from this situation or event then last but not least drawing a conclusion-what could you done differently in this situation? Finally, you must draw up some action plans in case it happens again what will you do. (qmu [7/10/2014]).

Figure 2: Gibb’s cycle

My preferred reflexive model is Gibbs, whose cycle provides further detail to reflections and also suggests following steps. Now lets demonstrate this model in relation to my first day at BCU.


It was my first day in the university BCU “ Birmingham City University” on the induction day I get there on time to attend my first lecture. Although it was busy with lots of students and staff members it was a bit messy and it was a big university. Due to that, I was lost and I couldn’t find my lecture theatre, but luckily I asked the staff to show me where to go. I got there on time but it was badly organized and I was obliged to take the dark small stairs with lots of other student, some of them nearly fell down, as they couldn’t see the steps. When we got there it was a giant screen with lots of people waiting for the lecture to start. However, it wasn’t that interesting for the students who are originally from Birmingham. Then we were asked to leave on the back door, we where queuing for about 5 minutes to get out and go to the enrollment.

In the enrollment it was also a long queue and we were asked to show our boarding passes. I saw on the boarding pass that I would need to provide my passport and my original diplomas so I asked the same lady that gave me my boarding pass as I didn’t have any of these documents since they had been taken by the university to extend my visa. She said it would be fine and just have a seat. I sat on the chairs and started moving from chair to chair for nearly two hours to get to the enrolment desk where I heard the bad news that I wouldn’t be able to enroll, as I need to bring other documents. After waiting for 2 hours all I received was ‘sorry you will need to come back tomorrow’.


I felt really disappointed and stressed on that day. These issues were beyond my control and it didn’t show off my future university in a good light.


It was a good experience I meet new people exchanged ideas with them made new friends. However the bad point was I waited too long to enroll and in the end I didn’t achieve my aim.


Upon further analysis, it is fair to suggest that the cause of the problem lies in a misunderstanding between BCU in Millennium point and Perry Barr. The lack of communication between both campuses meant staff did not know I didn’t have either my passport or any original documents. Although members of staff were helpful, this problem could have been resolved elsewhere.

Conclusions and action plans:

In this situation I suggest that they will be more organized and more welcoming, Next time I will try to be there earlier to avoid waiting in the long queue.


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Figure 2: Accessed on (19/10/2014)

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