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Genetically Modified Food Speech

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Speech, Pages 6 (1293 words)



Speech, Pages 6 (1293 words)

Attention Product: How remarkable would it be if your family pet glowed in the dark? Or your family had a zebra-dog? How about a family pet that could get the entire area in one lick? Now how about owning this dairy cow? Looks typical but its not. All these animals have been genetically customized and their genes have been changed. The cow is injected with a growth hormonal agent rBGH to increase it’s milk production, only problem, that hormone has actually been found to cause different types of cancers in addition to a variety of other health threats.

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This hormonal agent has actually been banned in Canada and Europe however sadly in American this hormonal agent connected to 3-4x greater cancer rates was approved by the FDA in 1993 after the consumer evaluated it for 90 days on 30 rats. Today, we are seeing the long-term impacts of consuming this powerful milk. Prior to the genetically modified food explosion just 1:11 individuals had cancer, today 1:2 guys and 1:3 woman will establish cancer and nearly half of you can expect it in your life time.

Today 2/3rds of all foods in your regional grocery shop are GM and in 2013 it will have raised to 90%.

The issue here is that GM foods are rarely tested prior to consumed, they have a number of associated health problems and they are not labeled so you cant choice to not consume them or not. Reliability Material: I have actually always had an interest in GM organisms but a couple of years ago my professor at IU intreguied me with the results of GM foods.

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Today, I have actually done numerous hours of research study on the subject and wrote lots of papers about it. Thesis Statement: Today I wish to notify about GM foods Preview: Today I want to inform you about GM foods, what they are and why we should promote labeling of GM foods in our grocery.

Transition: To start, permit me to inform you about GM foods. BODY I. GM foods are everywhere but what are they? Are they good, bad, or fine? Should I consume them or should I not? A. Genetically Modified (GM) foods are food products that have had their DNA changed or changed totally through genetic modification creating entirely various variations. 1. GM products consist of medicines and vaccines, foods and food components, feeds and fibers. B. GM foods first appeared on the marked in 1990 C. In between 1997-1999 GM food ingredients unexpectedly appeared in 2/3rds of all U. S. processed foods 1.

If you consumed soy sauce with Chinese, popcorn at movie or occasional candy bar you’ve undoubtfully consumed this new food. a. Nearly every American has eaten GM foods but only 26% believe they have. b. No labeling and no regulation 2. “Potentially, GM could breed new animal and plant diseases, news sources of caner and novel epidemics in human health”, Dr. Wald, Prof of Biology at Harvard University. Transistion: Now that we know what GM foods are, lets discuss the health concerns associated with them. II. There are extensive health hazards that have been shown to be caused by modified foods. A.

Study done in 1999 showed GM foods have decreased levels of vital nutrients- esp. those that protect us from heart disease and cancer. B. Modified proteins exist in GM foods, new proteins never before eaten by humanity. 1. Foreign GM ingredients produce allergies a. 25% of Americans have mild adverse RXNs to foods and at lease 4% have life threatening allergies to food. b. Soy allergies have doubled since GM soy introduced. “c. No labeling of GMO in foods and people experience allergies they were unaware of-Anaphylatic shock 2. In last decade, percent of children in U. S. affected by serious food allergies has significantly increased.

a. Today 6-8% children under 3 yrs old affected. C. As we ingest transgenic human/animal products there is no real the impact of human evolution. 1. Research mice show increase in birth defects and shorter life spans when feed GM soy. a. Mothers feed GM soy- nearly all babies died (10% died in control) b. Males developed changed testicle color. c. Infertility when feed GM corn. 2. Other animal studies indicate serious health risk associated with GM foods; fertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, insulin regression, changes in major organs and gastroninteitinal region. a.

There are more than casual associations between GM foods and adverse health affects b. Confirmed in animal studies-consitancy and association between GM foods and disease 3. Number of autoimmune diseases are enhanced by foreign DNA fragments not fully digested in stomach and intestines a. DNA fragments are abundant in bloodstream. b. Potentially mix with normal DNA. Transition: Considering these factors about GM foods, let me explain why I think it is so very important that these GM crops be labeled. III. In other countries, GM crops are almost always labeled but in the U. S. no GM foods are labeled.

A. Unlabeled GM foods can cause serious health problems for those with allergens to it. 1. Most people by a tomato and aren’t worried about their soy allergy but with GM foods and ingredients, soy genes can easily be placed or accidently cross pollunant 2. Many unlabeled GMO’s in our food are causing people to experience allergies they were unaware of- a. It’s possible that they can go into anaphylactic shock. b. DEATH. B. There are no regulated health safety tests. 1. FDA only requests that firms conduct their own test of new GM products a. FDA makes no reviews of those tests. b.

No long term effects of eating GM foods. 2. Louis Pribly, an FDA microbiologist explains, “Companies tailor tests to get the results they need. ” C. Why labeling and what you can do. 1. Choose hormone-free beef and rBGH-free Dairy products a. Foods that carry “USDA-certified organic” label contain no artifical hormones. 2. Lack of labeling of GM foods violates the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, “Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires added substances to be labeled. ” a. Without labels, our public health agencies are powerless to trace problems of any kind back to their original source b. Crisis? c.

Why do you think labeling hasn’t occurred yet? Because, the manufacters of GM crops would lose buisness. Would you buy GM foods if you had a choice? Probably not. CONCLUSION Summary Statement:In conclusion, I hope that everyone gained some knowledge towards the effects of genetically modified foods and why it needs to be taken more seriously when involving peoples health. Concluding Statement:“Its like playing Russian roulette (referring to the lack of testing done on GM foods) with public health, We have became involuntarily guinea pigs in vast genetic experiences,” Louis Pribyl, FDA microbiologist.

Be a Voice, Sign a petition for GMO’s labeled in our foods, get the knowledge & protect your future generations. Sign The World Science open letter to all governments calling for GMO’s to be properly labeled in our foods. Who wants to become sick from food they eat? We have the right as Americans to know what is put in our food. Don’t We?

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