Freedom Is Freedom Of Speech

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An innocent man is told he was guilty and the only way he could prove his innocence was to open a door, one in which there was a hungry tiger, ready to devour him, and one there was a beautiful lady in which he is immediately married to. Now imagine if this happened in society today, how would one feel to be in this situation? No one would ever want to be in this situation, especially if they are innocent. Is this trial the right way for a leader to effectively run a society? What does a leader do to be effective? When a leader puts the people before themselves to bequeath the same amount of freedom for everyone, it keeps everything just.

A leader who puts the people's needs before their own is important to society as it will allow everyone to be treated fairly and equally. One great leader was President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He would always confer everyone the same amount of freedom, like when he states, “The first freedom is freedom of speech and expression--everywhere in the world”(Roosevelt, 80).

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He is saying no matter where you live you get the freedom of speech. He is allowing all of society to be given freedom of speech instead of just some people. He also states, “--everywhere in the world”(Roosevelt, 80), each time he states one of his four freedoms. He is allowing all society to know, no matter who they are or where they are, they get the same regulation.

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He is treating everyone equivalently which represents a great leader as he cares for all, not just one. This allows all of society to feel as if they are just as important as everyone else to keep everyone untroubled. Some leaders are not effective. One leader runs an unjust trial against anyone he thinks is guilty of a crime. In “The Lady, or The Tiger,” it states, “When a subject was accused of a crime of sufficient importance to interest the king, public notice was given that on appointed day the fate of the accused person would be decided in the kings arena...”(Stockton, 5-6) and “He could open either door he pleased...If he opened one, there came out a hungry tiger...If the accused person opened the other door, there came forth from it a lady...he was immediately married to…”(Stockton, 5-6). The leader here is terrible. He is using an unjust system that does not in any way accurately show if the individual is guilty or not because it is just out of pure luck depending on which door you open.

This is a terrible way to run a trial as the individual is guilty could be rewarded for his guilt and the individual of innocence could be punished. Some people might agree with his form of government and might say it is fair because they are choosing their fate. But is it? Is it fair for an innocent man to be killed without reasoning? Or a guilty man to be rewarded with a lady he is immediately married to? What if one were in this situation, without having done anything wrong? One could immediately have their life taken for being a rightful citizen. This is not the proper way to run a society. The way the leader is running the society is very ineffective as it is mainly for his amusement and does not put others first, especially the innocent. He is only benefitting himself and the watchers, while leaving the people, for the most part, to be unbenefitting. This will not keep everyone happy and treated indistinguishably. Unlike the leader in, “The Lady, or The Tiger,” Franklin D. Roosevelt was a highly effective leader. He always put the people before himself, and when he had a choice to help himself or the people, he would help the people. In his speech, he stated, “I have called for personal sacrifice…”(Roosevelt, 80) This quote from his speech is saying he is calling for sacrifice on his end for the greater good of the people. This is why he was exceedingly effective. He always did the greater good for the people and kept everyone at an equivalent level. This keeps all the people untroubled, so no war will break out.

This is why Roosevelt was such a great leader. He always put the people before himself and kept everyone on the same level of importance. Franklin Roosevelt did the opposite as the leader in, “The Lady, or The Tiger,” which is the proper way to run the government. An effective leader is one who runs things equal and fair. Without leaders giving everyone the same treatment, it is not just. Treating people differently is an ineffective way to run society because many people will be highly unhappy and unsatisfied with the way of running society. This will eventually call anger to break out and riots, to fight for equality between all. When a leader puts the people before themselves, it keeps everything fair, and everyone happy. When a leader only puts their needs first it is not keeping the people happy, but when they do the people are untroubled. So, should leaders put others or themselves first?

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