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Two Major Religions: Christianity and Islam
Words • 449
Pages • 2
"These two major religions are a few of the most popular religions in the world. When Jesus was arrested by the Jewish he claimed to be the Messiah and the Son of God. For this the Death sentence was given. Jesus was killed by Crucifixion which means he was mounted to a cross and left to die. When he died his body was placed in a tomb and three days later the disciples found the tomb empty and was very…...
ChristianityIslamJames BaxterMy Religion Islam
Wild Bees by James K. Baxter
Words • 956
Pages • 4
The poem Wild Bees by James K. Baxter is a descriptive poem about a place in the southern hemisphere in January when it is summer. Specifically when the speaker and his friends steal honey from by burning a beehive. Baxter presents a speaker who appears to be engaged in observing the bees, and is fascinated by the natural instincts of the bees especially their preparations for winter. The speaker also compares himself to the Romans in Carthage and the Greeks…...
James BaxterPoetry
“Farmhand” by James Baxter
Words • 761
Pages • 3
This poem was written by James Baxter who was born and lived in New Zealand. He was brought up in a farm in a quiet and bleak south east corner of New Zealand. The poem is about a farmhand who is portrayed to be a very ambivalent character. He is unhappy and rather diffident in certain situations and extremely confident and gloriously happy in others. Some "old wounds" a past experience or probably "the secret night" which has witnessed some…...
James Baxter
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The daffodils or the inward eye
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Pages • 3
Loneliness is a blissful thing in the 'The Daffodils or the inward eye' however it is horrific in the 'Miracle of saint David's day'. In the 'miracle o. s. day' it uses short sentences but in 'Daffodils' it uses long sentences, there is a brief quote to show my point, "They stretched in a never-ending line along the margin of a bay. " This quote clearly shows how long the sight is, the thousands of daffodils, this is called an…...
EyeJames BaxterLiteraturePoetry
“Farmhand” by James K. Baxter
Words • 407
Pages • 2
Question: Comment on the way the relationship between individuals and the natural world is presented in Farmhand. The relationship between individuals and the natural world is presented quite extravagantly in the poem Farmhand composed by James K. Baxter. Using various speech and sound devices Baxter has made the point how a natural environment can be vital to a person and be a relief to solitude and isolation. The natural world creates a place of comfort and security for the farmhand…...
James Baxter
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