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Extent of International Cooperation in “Global Commons” Area
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With the advent of globalization, strong economic linkages had been formed among states and groups of developed and developing states. Here the term “development” was readily associated with economic development, which, in conventional terms, refers to the utilization and exploitation of natural resources (Pinto 2007). Utilization and exploitation here is morally neutral. Both developed and developing nations during the early half of the 20th century adamantly exploited the environment for economic development, that is, for the building of profit-driven manufacturing…...
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Use and Symbolism of Chinese chopsticks
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In ancient times, the Chinese were far ahead of the rest of the world. They are credited with many important inventions like, paper and paper money, the umbrella, eye glasses, fireworks, woodblock printing, the magnetic compass, and some foods like noodles, rice, tea, and even ice cream. They invented chopsticks in the 11th century BC to eat their food with instead of having to use their hands. Some believe that they even invented the fork but they used the chopsticks…...
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Global Cooperation Definition
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Have you heard about global cooperation? Do you know global cooperation is helpful? Nowadays, global cooperation is getting more and more important, they help developing countries a lot. Global cooperation is helpful for poor families, technology trade and tourisms. First, global cooperation gives more job opportunities to the people in developing countries. As we know, some Asian countries have very good human resources, so global cooperation can give the people in developing countries many jobs by working with developed countries.…...
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The making of a Global Alliance: Nissan and Renault
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The term tactical alliance has become widely used to explain a contract between two or more companies joining together to cooperate in a particular service activity, so that each advantages from the strengths of the other and gains competitive benefit. The businesses are normally not in direct competitors, however have similar service or products that are directed towards the very same target audience.1 The development of strategic alliances is extensively seen asa action to globalization and increasing unpredictability and complexity…...
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Global Cooperation
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There is a Chinese proverb that says, “One chopstick is easily broken, but ten pillars chopsticks firmly hold dough.” This reveals a simple rule that unity is much stronger than individuals, and if you do not want to be beaten, you should unite and cooperate against enemies together. This proverb can also be used internationally. Global cooperation is important to maintain economy, and improve safety, peace and the environment. Different countries’ economies are linked together, and influence one another in…...
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