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Local Environmental Problems Utah Air Quality
Words • 771
Pages • 4
Air quality is particularly poor during winter inversions due to Utah’s geographic landscape. As of 2018, the American Lung Association ranked the Salt Lake City-Orem area 18th in the country for high ozone days out of 227 metropolitan areas. One of the environmental impacts of air pollution is acid rain which will have repercussions on agriculture, in turn affecting the human population with different types of diseases. Other problems include ozone depletion and eutrophication. Currently, the Division of Air Quality…...
EcologyEcology And EnvironmentEnvironment
Forest Restoration and Rehabilitation in the Philippines
Words • 521
Pages • 3
The Philippines as an agricultural country means that it is rich in terms of production. It has various resources that are bound to fulfill not only our basic necessities but also our luxuries. This may be the reason why many nations including Spain, America, and Japan had colonized the Philippines. As time goes by, modernization has slowly been taking place in the field of economics. Demands have constantly increased since then. So in order to satisfy the economy, factories have…...
DeforestationEcology And EnvironmentEnvironmental CrisisHow To Save TreesPhilippines
Tune into Soundscape Ecology
Words • 1045
Pages • 5
The sound level meter, a tool used to measure intensity of sound, shows two different curves that address the two sources of sounds in the environment. The black curve is a territory with high background noise level that typically consisted of traffic sounds by nearby cars, trucks, and trains (Brumm, 2004). The grey curve represents a territory with low levels of background noise and the main source there was songs and calls of a multitude of distant birds (Brumm, 2004).…...
EcologyEcology And EnvironmentEnvironment
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Lessening Humans Impact on the Environment
Words • 517
Pages • 3
“I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.” The Lorax, Dr. Suess. Even a children’s author has recognized the fact that humans harm the environment, and if nothing changes our world will be just like the one in the book. Of course, it is impractical and impossible for us to completely stop harming the environment. Even if we were able to change our lifestyle enough to stop creating pollution, there would still be waste energy and chemicals…...
Ecology And EnvironmentEnvironment
Environmental Ethics Problems
Words • 1380
Pages • 6
Environmental ethics can be described as a field that examines the relationship between the ethics of humans and the natural environment (Cochrane). A wide variety of topics were discussed, including the values of nature, obligations for future generations, animal treatment, animal farming, ecology, and more. Many different perspectives were taken and discussed, which taught me that there are ma questions that arise when responding to ethically challenging questions. The opinions that were debated were grounded in works by Norcross and…...
Ecology And EnvironmentEnvironmental EthicsEnvironmental Issues
Moral Responsibility Towards Environment 
Words • 825
Pages • 4
As rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” The definition given by the stanford encyclopedia of philosophy is : “Environment ethics is the discipline in philosophy that studies the moral relationship of human beings to,and also the value and moral status of,the environment and its non-human contents.” What I understood from this was that concept of environment ethics says that all the living creatures on the earth have the…...
Ecology And EnvironmentEnvironmentEnvironmental Ethics
Biodiversity and Conservation of Marine Ecosystems
Words • 1539
Pages • 7
Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies (CEMACS) was established in August 1991 as a place for undertake research and postgraduate teaching in Marine Science and Coastal Ecosystem. The main objective of CEMACS is to enhance the capability of conducting integrated and innovative studies and experiments to solve problems related to marine and coastal ecosystems. CEMACS is located at Teluk Aling the northwest coast of Penang Island. Presently, research and teaching conducted at the centre is focused on biodiversity and conservation…...
EcologyEcology And EnvironmentEcosystemSaving Marine Life
Human Impacts of Ecosystems
Words • 756
Pages • 4
Introduction Pollution is anything that makes the earth dirty and unhealthy. Such things may include air, water and land, these are all affected by pollution. Humans have contributed to pollution and still are every single day whether that’s by dropping a piece of rubbish or buying a single use cup there are many ways humans contribute to pollution. In a few years’ time our damage humans have done to the earth by polluting will be un fixable, many people are…...
EcologyEcology And EnvironmentEcosystem
Ecosystems of The Darling River
Words • 739
Pages • 3
Water has always been an extremely important part of my life and I have had many experiences with it from a young age, mainly because of how I started swimming lessons before joining school. Many of my most wonderful memories are of me either jumping into a pool or swimming at a beach on a blistering hot day. Back then, I had never really thought of water as a luxury because of how easy it was to access and use.…...
EcologyEcology And EnvironmentEcosystem
Metal Contamination Affects the Natural Functions of Water Ecosystems
Words • 1191
Pages • 5
The metal contamination has become a global problem by affecting the natural functions of water bodies. Sediment, as the largest storage and resources of heavy metal, plays a rather important role in metal transformations. Under the influence of human activities, large amounts of uncontrolled heavy metal inputs from urban and industrial sources entered the mainstream and tributaries and accumulated in the sediments. They can be suspended and returned to the overlying water under many circumstances creating secondary metal ion pollution…...
EcologyEcology And EnvironmentEcosystem
Ecosystem of Piedmont Region of Georgia
Words • 1468
Pages • 6
The ecosystem I chose to talk about is the Piedmont region of Georgia, which sits just below the northern mountains and the coastal plains, this region may be the second-largest geographical region, but it is the most populated area in Georgia (Jackson & Stakes, 2004). Surprisingly, Georgia also happens to be the 24th largest state in the United States and is home to five major ecosystems: The Piedmont plains, Appalachian Mountains, Coastal plains, and Okefenokee. The Piedmont region, however, only…...
EcologyEcology And EnvironmentEcosystem
Experimental Ecology and Protection and Safeguarding of Ecosystems
Words • 1652
Pages • 7
Natural environments provide many important ecosystem services, however, the use of these services often leads to environmental degradation (Watson et al., 2014). Early detection of signs of damage and degradation is critical in developing effective science-based management plans and policymaking, especially before irreversible changes have occurred (Wang et al., 2018). The protection and safeguarding of these environments through effective early detection will ensure the sustainability of ecosystem services that these areas provide (Watson et al., 2014). Experimental ecology has previously…...
EcologyEcology And EnvironmentEcosystem
Ecosystem Services and Green Infrastructure in Cities
Words • 1795
Pages • 8
Urban Climate Change Understanding the risks and impacts of anthropogenic climate change remains one of the most societally important and pressing challenges (National Academies, 2018). Whilst heat-waves (periods of prolonged high temperatures) and heat stress have played a role on population dynamics for centuries (Carleton et al., 2017), several recent studies have shown that climate change will further expose an increasing number of people to extreme heat (Hondula, Balling, Vanos & Georgescu, 2015). With current process of climate change, Europe…...
Ecology And EnvironmentEcosystemEnvironmental Issues
Why Is Biodiversity Important?
Words • 493
Pages • 2
Life on earth encompasses a wide variety of species and ecosystems, each of which have their own unique characteristics and defining characteristics. This uniqueness and individuality within systems brings about biodiversity. Biodiversity refers to the variety of life on Earth at all its levels, from genes to ecosystems (What is Biodiversity?). Biodiversity gives rise to complex ecosystems, as well as the organisms that interact within the ecosystem. The diverse nature of environments around us allows ecosystems to reach their greatest…...
EcologyEcology And EnvironmentEcosystemImportance Of Biodiversity
Patterns of Biodiversity
Words • 315
Pages • 2
Biodiversity is described as 'the variability among living creatures from all sources including, bury alia, natural, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological structures of which they are part; this includes diversity within species, among species and of organic frameworks.' Biodiversity is fundamentally everywhere, all-inclusive on Earth's surface and in each drop of its conduits. Instances of Biodiversity Spatial Patterns: Hotspots, Biomes,1 Biogeographic Realms, Ecosystems, and Ecoregions. North-quiet territories normally have usable data on spatial scatterings of various taxa, and a couple of social events,…...
BiosphereEcologyEcology And EnvironmentEcosystemImportance Of Biodiversity
The Naze cliffs
Words • 1815
Pages • 8
All along the exposed side of the Naze cliffs, and to a smaller extent on the managed areas, erosion is constantly taking place. These are as such: Slumping The Naze cliffs are made up in layers. The base off the cliffs is a thick layer of very soft but impermeable London clay. Sitting on top of this are two permeable layers. The first is the Red Crag. This is made of reddish coloured sand and shells, which are the remains…...
EarthEcology And EnvironmentGeologyWater
The Holderness Coast
Words • 2888
Pages • 12
Introduction The Holderness coast refers to a section of the East Coast from Flamborough Head to Spurn Point. The total distance of this coastline is 50 kilometres from the North to the South. The rocks in this area consist mainly of softer rocks, such as Chalk, Boulder Clay, Gravel and Sand. This one of the reasons why the coastline is eroding at a very fast rate. The other reason is because of the powerful effect of the artic 'long fetch'…...
Ecology And EnvironmentEnvironmentEnvironmental IssuesExperimentNatural resourcesNature
The sandy coasts of Glenelg
Words • 1024
Pages • 5
Introduction Coasts range from the rocky shores and sandy beaches to extensive calm water mud flats, seagrass and mangrove habitats. Coastal and marine environments are a valuable community resource and are of great biological and economic value to the area. Coastal areas are very complex eco-systems which rely on a number of different processes and systems. Humans are constantly disrupting these processes by developing and taking part in recreation in coastal areas. Alterations can have harmful results and disturb the…...
BeachEcology And EnvironmentEcosystemManagementNatural resourcesNature
Review of Methods of Timber Preservation
Words • 2284
Pages • 10
Introduction The biological beginning of the wood makes more susceptible for the foreign being onslaught and impairment due to them. Wood can be protected from the onslaught of decay Fungis, harmful insects or Marine bore bits by using selected chemicals as wood preservatives. The grade of protection obtained depends on the sort of preservative used an on accomplishing proper incursion and keeping of chemicals ( US Department of Agriculture, 1974 ) . The aim of wood saving is to present…...
ChemistryDiffusionEcology And EnvironmentEnvironmentMaterialsWater
Implications of R.A. 6969
Words • 345
Pages • 2
Population growth and the increased demands for manufactured goods for local and export markets has led to intensified industrialization efforts by various Philippine governments. Industrialization resulted in generation of industrial wastes, including hazardous wastes, that require management to prevent or minimize risks to the environment and public health. The Philippine economy has grown over the years leading to even higher production of hazardous wastes that unfortunately have not been managed properly and safely. In response for growing problem of disposal…...
CompanyEcology And EnvironmentElectronic Waste ManagementGovernmentHealthManufacturing
The Pros and Cons of Travel
Words • 331
Pages • 2
It is said that travelling to extreme environments is no longer impossible for not only scientists but also tourists. This essay will examine both its advantages and disadvantages and also point out the benefits outweigh the inconveniences. Let's first analyse some positive influences towards scientific experts and travellers which have been generated by this type of travel. Firstly, we could not deny that this brings an opportunity for scientists to discover the wildlife and nature. In addition for scientists, by…...
Challenges Of Modern LifeEcology And EnvironmentHikingScientistTourismTraveling
About Hydrothermal Vent
Words • 239
Pages • 1
Introduction Hydrothermal vents are fissure-like structures in the shallow or deep sea, they seep the Geo-thermally heated water to the sea floor. The vents form nearby active volcanoes, sea-mount and in continental plate boundaries (Stone et al, 2019). Two type of vents are present in ocean they are, black and white smokers, the black smokers are common one and which contain the sulfur and iron with vent water. White smokers are those which liberate white colour smoke due to the…...
EcologyEcology And EnvironmentEcosystemOctopusVolcanoesWonderful World Of Nature
Travel Destination: Palawan Island
Words • 517
Pages • 3
The Last Frontier An island of pristine waters and virgin forests, Palawan is both a tropical paradise and a wildlife sanctuary. Its ecological wealth is both a natural wonder and a surreal retreat from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan streets. This exotic paradise is an excellent getaway of white sand beaches, underground caves, and coral reefs that caters to all individuals, whether awaiting a quite weekend of relaxation or looking forward to an adventurous dive through the deep waters…...
Ecology And EnvironmentMaldivesMy Adventurous TripTraveling
Crutch Mentality
Words • 613
Pages • 3
If the responsibility of environmentalism in the 3rd world countries is going to be left with the 1st world countries, it is only going to cause a crutch mentality and a great dependence on the 1st world countries whenever it comes to dealing with environmental issues that the 3rd world countries might face. In the future when the third world country becomes a more developed country and decide that there is no longer need for the 1st world countries to…...
EcologyEcology And Environment
Gas or Grouse
Words • 1121
Pages • 5
The objective of this case study is to investigate the various systemic, corporate and ethical issues behind Questar Corporation’s drilling operations on the Pinedale Mesa. Besides that, this case study is conducted to determine the value of wildlife species and its balance against the economic interests of Questar Corporation. Furthermore, it is also to determine whether Questar is morally obligated to cease its operations on the mesa and whether the environmentalists have behaved ethically in this issue. Case Summary The…...
Ecology And EnvironmentEconomicsEthicsNatural Gas
Daphnia Ecotoxicology Lab Report
Words • 995
Pages • 4
Introduction Ecosystems have a way of maintaining themselves under ordinary conditions but when a new factor is added that will most likely threaten the environment action needs to be put forth. Our environment is affected by many pollutants on a daily bases forming a threat to natural stability. For example some of the most polluted parts of the environment are bodies of water like that explained in our lab. Once pollution occurs animals can be affected in many ways even…...
Ecology And EnvironmentEcosystemEnvironmentEnvironment PollutionLifeWater
Greenwashing Case
Words • 958
Pages • 4
Introduction An appreciation for environmental protection has matured steadily in recent decades. With increasing concerns over the environment comes an increasing popularity of greenwashing. Consequently, companies whose actions do not match their environmentally-friendly promotions may mislead consumers in terms of the environmental benefits of a product or service. This essay explores possible reasons of the visible boom in greenwashing and claims that Nike, a sportswear and equipment supplier, deserves the accusation of greenwashing. Reasons for Greenwashing Clearly, the widespread popularity…...
Eco Friendly ProductsEcology And EnvironmentEconomyImportance Of Environmental ProtectionProblem SolvingSustainability
Nitrogen Ammonification
Words • 303
Pages • 2
Ammonification is a very important stage in the nitrogen cycle, a natural cycle which makes the Earth's supply of nitrogen available to organisms which need it, such as plants. Ammonification occurs in the soil, in an aerobic environment which gives the bacteria and other microorganisms oxygen to work with. The process of ammonification is the result of the breakdown of organic matter such as dead animals and plants or waste materials like excrement. Once ammonification has been accomplished, the next…...
Creation MythEarthEcology And Environment
Effect of Recycling on Ecology And Environment
Words • 494
Pages • 2
The best place to start going Green is to practice the 3R’s (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle) at home. 3R’s is most effective when practiced at the one place where we spend the most time be it at home or in the office or school. Reuse Plastic bags are not bio-degradable. Reuse until cannot be used any longer - Glass bottles can be washed and used for drinking water or storing other liquids. (Ensure the previous liquids stored are not hazardous…...
Ecology And EnvironmentEssay biotechnologyManufacturingRecycling
Carbon Emissions
Words • 3208
Pages • 13
Introduction: The issue of carbon emissions is an important one not only from an environmental perspective but also an economic one. While reducing carbon emissions is an important one for the health of human beings as well as that of the environment, the larger question is what type of policy strategy is best for both reducing such emissions which might have an impact on efforts to mitigate the effects of pollution on climate change. While ther are options to consider…...
AtmosphereBiosphereCarbon FootprintClimateEcologyEcology And Environment
Ecology and Environment
Words • 1160
Pages • 5
1. Describe your local and surrounding ecologies and environments. Before we can describe the local and surrounding ecologies and environments, we have to know the meaning of ecology and environment. The relation among organisms and the environment that they are in is called ecology. During an organism’s lifetime, anything that affects it in any way is called an environment. Local and surrounding ecologies and environments in the local area that I reside in are trees, shrubs and vines, wildflowers and…...
Ecology And EnvironmentEnvironment
Green Roof in Toronto
Words • 1909
Pages • 8
World population which is 6. 7 billion now is expected to reach 9 billion in another 40 years time. In the mean time it is also expected with the standard of living improving every where the increase in population will cause the demand for energy to grow by a factor of two. Hence the search for new sources of fuel to meet these needs is already on. The area that needs our attention is improving the efficiency of energy usage.…...
ConstructionEcology And EnvironmentGreen BuildingNatureTechnologyWater
Manage physical resource
Words • 1441
Pages • 6
Outcome 1 Explain the importance of using sustainable resources: Sustainability means more than merely lasting or surviving; it means designing and delivering health care that uses resources in ways that don’t prejudice future health and wellbeing.The importance of using sustainable resources is to protect our natural resources. Using sustainable resources and materials is good for the environment and it is cost efficiently. Explain the potential impact of resource use on the environment: The Health and Social Care sectors are under…...
Climate ChangeEcology And EnvironmentSustainability
Chapter 54
Words • 733
Pages • 3
Chapter 54: Community Ecology Concept 54.1 Community interactions are classified by whether they help, harm, or have no effect on the species involved. 1.What is a community? List six organisms that would be found in your schoolyard community. 2.This section will look at interspecific interactions. Be clear on the meaning of the prefix! To begin, distinguish between intraspecific competition and interspecific competition. Give an example of each. Type of Competition Explanation Example Intraspecific competition Interspecific competition 3.What is G. F.…...
EcologyEcology And EnvironmentNature
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Why Is Biodiversity Important?
...Without a suitable habitat, animals cannot flourish or even survive in the environment. As this jeopardizes the biodiversity of the ecosystem, it therefore endangers the lives of the species within the rainforest. If animals are unable to carry out t...

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