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Himalayan Tourism in Nepal
Words • 5369
Pages • 22
The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation issues permits for the bigger mountains while the Nepal Mountaineering Association issues permits for the smaller trekking peaks between 5,587 m and 6,654 m. Mountaineering Trekking Rock Climbing Rafting / Kayaking / Canoeing Jungle safari Hunting Bird Watching Paragliding / Ultralight / Cable Car Mountain Flights Mountain Biking Bungee Jumping / Canyoning Boating / Fishing / Angling Horse Riding / Pony Trek Golf Pilgrimage City Tours Nightlife / Clubbing Dining Shopping Events…...
Beauty Of HimalayasBird WatchingNepalTourismTrekking
Ralph Ellison’s “On Bird, Bird-Watching, and Jazz”
Words • 355
Pages • 2
Analysis on Ralph Ellison’s “On Bird, Bird-Watching, and Jazz” Ellison’s purpose in this essay is to prove that “Parker was a most inventive melodist-a true songster” which is evident in paragraph one. He uses the fascination of nicknames to symbolize the achievements of “Bird” and the impact the nickname had on others. He adds in a joke near the end of paragraph two, “why, during a period when most jazzmen were labeled “cats”, someone hung the bird on Charlie.” to…...
BirdBird Watching
The Perfect School
Words • 372
Pages • 2
The perfect school would have to be appealing to the students and offer a pleasant environment. It would certainly be a place where students would feel comfortable to learn. It would be located in the countryside, away from the city centre without car fumes, traffic and noise. The students would be close to nature and they would learn to love and protect trees, flowers and animals. The children would often go for a walk in countryside and visit farms and…...
Bird WatchingClassroomCountrysideSchoolTeacher
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For Environmental Balance, Pick Up a Rifle
Words • 815
Pages • 4
In the article “For Environmental Balance, Pick up a Rifle” by Nicholas Kristof, the author informs the reader about the importance of hunting, arguing that hunting needs to be brought back in the United States to control the deer population. He talks about the negative impact deer have caused in death of people by car accidents and with the destruction of the ecosystem with their overpopulation. The majority of deer have had a profoundly unnatural effect in certain parts of…...
Bird WatchingEcologyEnvironmentHunting
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