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Food Log Analysis

Categories: FoodHealth

5 day food analysis During the 5 day span I met the calorie requirement of 2850 in daily food intake due to my high activity level. I pretty much had a balanced diet in terms of having each food group represented in my daily intake. I plan on to keeping my muscle mass, so I pretty much had a diet plan before. But going through the calorie tracker in the website made me realize that I was eating too much junk food than intended.

It really didn’t have any adverse on my physique due to my early mentioned level of activity but by cutting down on my junk food intake for the week I was recording this log I was able to enjoy good wholesome food, without spending a lot of money in college cafeteria. Not only was I able to do this I was able to feel the effect of having healthy food in my daily workouts. I was more energized to do work and felt the energy throughout the day.

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I did not need coffee or any other types of energy drink to keep me going through the day.

I also was able to watch and track how much of what I was eating during this time period. I usually overeat on the food groups such as meat and fruits while skipping vegetable and grains that are needed for a balanced body. Now I made sure that everything was in proportion and also introduced new foods my daily routine. I plan on to implementing the above mentioned findings on to my diet from now on so that I could avoid the mistakes that I used to commit before.

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