Food is more than an nutritious substance that people or animals eat

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Food is more than an nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink. Its an art form a way to express and communicate, its a universal language and a way of life.

Without cooking food, we as human would not be the same, are brains would not be so developable and we probably wouldnt have had such strong social bonds. Without cooking food Homo sapiens would be long and buried with the rest of Hominina.

Ill be exploring how cooking food has helped develop our brains, how food helped us evolve into the species we know and love today, why we cook food, the advantages of doing so and the uses for cooking food and much more.

Have you ever wondered what makes us human? Why do we cook our dinner or how do we have such complex languages and such advance brains, and what really separates us from animals, well in this short essay Im going to do my best in exploring are past and digging up the information I so desperately crave.

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If you are interested keep reading,

this antient cook book on how humanity became what it is today.

Something to think about; Cooked food and human evolution

As we already know humans are the only species on plant earth who cook their own food, scientist also believe that the cooking of food has evolved great changes in the human body.

What is the relationship among cooking and cerebrums?

Perceiving how and why our psyches got so gigantic has been an important enigma considering the way that such a cerebrum is metabolically expensive.

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Honestly, the cerebrum needs more essentialness for its size than some other organ. Disregarding the way that it might show up being progressively sharp is for each situation better, having a noteworthy personality applies a high toll. Genealogical individuals may have compensated for this essentialness cost by planning sustenance.

Many energizing inquiries stay open;

What amount of these progressions were because of eating cooked sustenance explicitly, versus the expanded utilization of other handling procedures, for example, beating or cutting nourishments? Did the selection of cookingby and large a public procedure in peoplerequire changes in our social conduct, given that different primates occasionally share sustenance? Are there different approaches to grow a major mind? Responding to these inquiries will keep on revealing new insight into human wellbeing, human brain science and the starting points of our species.

What were the benefits of cooking food?

Cooking food has many positive advantages to humans as a species more than just being tasty, it also has the advantage of being highly nutritious, according to Harvards Richard Wrangham, he says, that above all else, cooking allowed us to transform from primitive ape to complex Human because we cooked our food it helped feed are growing brains and in the process opened up a lot more free time while apes spend around 10 hours of their day light hours eating, humans spend about 67 minutes eating, this means that we had more free time and were able to developed such things as a languages that was more that grunts and clicking noises, We also had more time for other activates such as art and forming social bonds.

The advantages of cooking plants;

While our ancestors also enjoyed eating plants and meat when they could, we

cooked the plants this cause the hard cell wall to break down it also inactivated plant toxins in the process and in turn made it easier to chew meaning we spent less energy eaten, This also helped with the shape of our skulls making humans as we know them today have less bulky jaws and more stream line ones because are food was soft we no longer needed huge jaw muscles to help break down hard-hitting layers of protective Epidermis and tough plant tissues, meaning we could start focusing on larger brain captivates, this means are brains could grow larger and change are facial structures. Which meant we could talk more and make more complex sounds, although you might think that meat is the most substantial subsists its cook starch that feed our brains increasing metabolic demands. Such ascarbohydrate, and source of preformed glucose witch greatly increased energy availability to human tissues with high glucose demands, such as the

brain and red blood cells.

Why you can stop believing that meat caused evolution

Meat although important in the diet of our antient ancestors was no was not the sole reason are brains grow into what they are today, Neurons run on glucose, they don't run on protein and fat found in animal meat, a neuronis the basic working unit of thebrain. Neurons use twice as much energy as a normal cell, neurons run exclusively on glucose with can be found in most of the starchy food such ascarrots, parsnips, corn, peas andpotatoes. These are many examples of what our ancestors would have gathered and eaten these vegetables are extremity high in starch and glucose where are a necessity for are developing brains, glucose for our 80 - 100 billion neurons, more than any other primate; by comparison,the average gorilla contains around 30-33 billion and give or take chimpanzees only contain around 22 -28 billion neurons . While the average human brain has about100 billion neurons, thats glucose in amounts that could not possibly be supplied by any abundance of meat eating.Only by eating rich cooked food that contains a lot of glucose and starch. Even though eating meat is extremely important for other things for the brain eating highly rich food such a spud was extremely beneficial for brain development. In conclusion meat although important had other uses for humans such as building body fat but was not that helpful for brain development

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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