Following the Footsteps of John Wooden's Leadership Philosophy

A great man once said “A leader’s most powerful ally is his or her own example.” This man is John Wooden. John Wooden is one of the most successful leaders of all time in the sporting world. He led many young men into becoming great players in the sport of basketball. John Wooden is one my heroes. He truly did things the right way and did not expect things in return. My leadership philosophy directly follows his way of leadership.

As quoted before I am strong believer in leading by example.

If your team, employees see you do the right thing they are more likely to do the same. Leading by example is very tough to do. Leaders face very difficult decisions every day. Doing the right thing when nobody is looking is a great way to learn how to lead by example. Another way you lead by example is how you treat people. Coach Wooden always treated people equally and fairly.

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I want to treat my team the same way so they respect me and respect others in the organization. Another aspect of my leadership philosophy is always develop yourself.

Wooden also said “Apply yourself every day to just becoming a little bit better.” Constantly improving your skills or leadership attributes will show your employees that you care about improvement. This will in turn encourage them to develop themselves as well. I believe to be a quality leader you need to be the most dynamic you can be and constantly trying to improve everyday with felicitate that.

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The last attribute of my leadership philosophy is treat others the way you would want to be treated. I truly believe in the “golden rule.” The only way to lead people is to inspire them by treating them right. You can give the best motivational speech and be a charismatic leader, but if you do not treat people right they will not follow you. Always invest your employees’ lives and be not only their leader, but a friend.

In summary, leadership is not something that everyone is equipped for. I believe that I can be a great leader by utilizing the philosophy I have outlined above. I hope to help people reach their dreams through my leadership.

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