First Communion Toast

Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is a real pleasure to have you all here to share and celebrate in this very important occasion of her life, the FHC of our darling Anishka D’ Souza. I feel privileged to be the uncle of such a lively and smart child Anishka. Anishka has waited a long time for this day. Today is one day Anishka will cherish and remember for the rest of her life. It is a day when we all celebrate Anishka’s commitment to our Catholic Faith in the presence of those who care most about her.

So let us congratulate Anishka on this very special day, when she has received our Lord for the first time in communion and let us wish her all happiness in her Catholic life from this day forward. Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and raise your glasses to join us in toasting to Anishka.

Dear Anishka, from the bottom of the hearts of all who are present here and those who could not make it and those who are not here to make it, especially your late abba Oswald, Aunty Rosemarie, Uncle Arun who are joining this graceful occasion and sending their blessings upon you from heaven: For Your First Holy Communion, dear Anishka

May God grant you always,
A sunbeam to warm you
A moonbeam to charm you
A sheltering angel so nothing can harm you
Laughter to cheer you
Faithful friends to surround you
loving parents to protect you
And when you pray, Heavens listen to you.

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We love you, Anishka! God bless you mightily.

A whole new world unfolds before you from this day on. Let the faith in your heart, always be your guide. Congratulations on the most sacred of new beginnings

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First Communion Toast

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