Finding Truth. Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth.

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The talk I used was “Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth” given by President Uchtdorf at General Conference in October of 2014. He made many points in this talk about the search for truth and light, including; actively searching for the word of god, striving to believe, asking for truth in prayer, and living gospel principles.

When it comes to actively searching for the word of god, you must do it with actual intent and desire. You cannot expect answers to formulate out of thin air.

One of the ways that President Uchtdorf gives guidance is by explaining that you must persistently search through the scriptures as well as supplementary things such as conference talks, church lessons, and church articles. You also cannot expect to find truth when all you have are doubts. You need a sincere want for knowledge and revelation. President Uchtdorf also discusses how scientist would not know the answers to questions about the universe if they didn’t have the right tools.

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This parallels not being able to find doctrinal truth without using the scriptures, which are the tools God gave us.

Doubting is something that can really hinder your process of revelation. President Uchtdorf talks about how you must strive to believe. If you are only looking to criticize what you find, then you will not find answers. You must strive to believe. That includes trusting and sustaining church leaders such as our Sunday school teachers, bishops, and especially our prophet.

You may also ask our Heavenly Father for revelation of truth.

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He wants us to know what we need to know. He is like any father that wants their kid to succeed and progress in life. As long as we trust in him to give us the right answer, and trust the answer, truth will be revealed to us.

In Doctrine and Covenants, chapter nine it discusses that if you want to verify the truth of the gospel, you must first live it before you can question it. You cannot simply know truth without experience or testing the waters yourself. This is similar to how we can’t know that a vaccine works until we test or experiment with it. If you’re just looking at it without doing research, then all you’re doing is making assumptions, not finding truth.

Essentially, what I learned in this talk is that you need to be active in your search for truth. Question everything, but have a sincere intent to find answers and trust the answers that are given to you. You must pray for guidance and help, knowing that Heavenly Father will be there for us to lead the way.

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