Film “Dangerous Minds” Essay

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Film “Dangerous Minds”

After watching the film “Dangerous Minds,” I was in awe that it had given me an ‘extra’ motivation to thrive hard in finishing the course and eventually to become a well-respected educator in the near future.

Lou Anne Johnson, who plays the main character in the story, turned out to be a beacon of light to her students when she became a full-time teacher to a group of hard-to-handle adolescents. Through her compassionate and caring attitude, Ms. Johnson was able to create an inviting atmosphere which is conducive to her student’s learning. She gave hope in an almost hopeless situation.

She used non-traditional methods in order to captivate their attention and put them into the right studying attitude. Lou Anne utilized a reward system in order to challenge her students; she made use of chocolate bars and free theme park tickets to catch her high school student’s interest in learning which even caused them to learn how to use their library.

She also presented their lessons in a manner her students can easily relate to. Ms. Johnson devised innovative lesson plans in order to maintain her class’s concentration on their topics. Although the administration was not in favor of this, she still insisted on continuing the new kind of approach in teaching. She proved that her students’ welfare is more important to her than the circulating policies of the school.

The film demonstrated that everyone can teach, but not all can become a teacher. For a teacher not only teaches, but also inspires, leads and listens to the most intimate concern of her students. True enough, Lou Anne also tackled some of her pupil’s problems, wherein she made a home visit to his student (Raul) to inform his parents of how bright their son was in school. To his parent’s surprise, praises and upliftments were given by Ms. Johnson which changed his perspective in studying and even made him one of the achiever in their class.

Without a doubt, the movie is a must watch. Not only to Education students but also to those who want to see the beauty in teaching. For being a teacher is definitely a noble profession. Kudos to all educators! Stand up and be proud!

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