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Great Minds - Demi Lovato

Categories: Mind

Greetings! That indeed would be an excellent question! My definition of a great mind would be an earthling who has good morals and an intention to make a positive difference in the world. It is an earthling who is determined to bring change to the outlooks of society on particular focuses. But these are not the only qualities that create a great mind, so much can contribute to form such a powerful mind and a great mind can be brilliant in many distinctive ways too.

The earthling I‘ve selected to believe has a great mind would be Demi Lovato because she portraits all the qualities I mentioned earlier and more.

Demi was born in New Mexico on the 20th of August, 1992, and grew up in Dallas, United States of America. She is the middle child of three children and was home schooled since high school. From an early age, Demi won several talent contests and performed at huge venues. Her starting point in the acting industry started with a regular role on the show “Barney and Friends” and since then she has had other spots as guest appearances.

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But she soon found herself working with Disney, which in 2008 she was cast as a lead role in “Camp Rock”. Due to mostly the movie, that was when she finally made it big time. For then on, she’s recorded several albums as well as songs with ‘The Jonas Brothers’ and starred on a hit television show with her position as the lead.

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Demi Lovato is a proud spokesperson for various organisations including PACER, Join the Surge Campaign!, and Disney’s Friends for Change. The organisations she is a part of are due to that each of them having connected to her life at some point or another.

PACER is a major organisation because it is about being against the act of bullying, which provides her the opportunity to be able to help other teenagers during adolescences to become individuals that have strong confidence in their skin, their size, who they are and everything about themselves. Other organisations like ‘Join the Surge Campaign!’ is about letting teenagers take action in their communities. Demi and other Disney stars helped record a single called ‘Send it on’ to raise charity funds. Demi has also been a part of many different campaigns and support quite a lot of organisations like, Kids Wish Network, Love Our Children USA, ST. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and City of Hope.

To be the person Demi Lovato is today, she has had to overcome many types of situations and problems affecting her life and because of these, it has shaped her for who she is now. From a young age Demi has suffered from bullying at school because according to her classmates she was fat and ugly. The bullying from the age of 8, led to her starving herself and throwing up if she did eat anything at all. But that wasn’t where her misery stopped, as she began self-harming herself by cutting at the age of 11, to relief the pain she’d been put through. Her mother had been worried that she’d lost so much weight but thought that it might have been because of puberty.

The reason for her home schooling had been because the bullying at school had become so much that she’d requested the idea to her mother. Everything she’d dealt with during her early teens never actually went away as in 2010, Demi had to drop out of the Jonas Brother’s Concert Tour in order to enter treatment facility to treat Physical and Emotional Issues. This was due to reports that she had punched a back-up dancer. In 2011, it was said that she had finished her treatment at a rehab facility and returned home. Later on in an interview, Demi had spoken up about her battles with bulimia, anoxia and self- harming in rehab. She was also diagnosed with a bipolar disorder during her treatment. With all the wisdom of her life, she is now speaking out about her experience because she believes that talking about your problems can make a big difference and that she’d like to at least help people and save people the pain she’d been through already.

My reasoning as to why I’d chose Demi Lovato to speak about today is simply because she is a courageous mind willing to help others and to make a difference in lives of mainly teenagers by speaking out about problems that she has dealt with in her own experiences. Also being honest to what she speaks about and just being an inspiring role model to many teens. And with that I’ll like to leave you with a quote spoken by Demi Lovato. “There’s no point to living life unless you make history and the best way to make history is to help others.” Thank You.

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