Fight Club Essay Topics

Meaning of life

A man once said… “ A man once said to the universe: Sir do I exist However, replied the universe the fact has not created in me a sense of obligation”. The great Philosopher Stephen Crane explained his work in existentialism by writing this quote. Existentialism is the philosophy and cultural movement that holds the… View Article

Justification of Human Violence Through Fight Club

Throughout the history of the Human Race, violence and destruction is a reoccurring theme. In modern society we view ourselves as socially and economically evolved people when comparing ourselves to our ancestors, who were barbaric and uncivilized in comparison. However, our society has not evolved very far from this. There remains an instinct and desire… View Article

Fight Club- Rebellion in Society

In the novel Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk uses the Fight Club, Project Mayhem, and its members to illustrate their need to rebel against the aspects of society they deem flawed. One of the main characters, Tyler Durden, acts as the protagonist and the antagonist in many different ways. Tyler, along with the narrator of the… View Article