Christ Figure in Fahrenheit 451

If any character in the novel represents a Christ figure it has to be Montag. Even though he does not share all the same traits as Christ that does not mean that he is not a Christ figure. Traits of Christ that are applicable to Montag is that he’s around his 30’s, self-sacrificing, good with children, came to redeem an unworthy world, in agony, in a way is unmarried, and is in a type of wilderness with an encounter with the devil.

Just like Christ, Montag was sacrificing himself and his life to redeem his society of its unworthiness. For example even though many were opposed to him, thought he was crazy, and wanted him under control, he knew what was right for the people by sacrificing his own life to try to get more books printed for them. He is good with children such as Clarisse (even though she’s not typically a child but an adolescent) by not treating her as if she’s an inferior but like as a friend; which is not how most adult figures in this novel would treat her.

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Montag himself is in pure agony, even though he may not be physically but mentally.

His soul is in torment with so much unanswered to him and he feels the only way to redeem it is through books which holds such vast amounts of information. Even though he is supposedly ‘married’ to Mildred they do not even have love and compassion for one another, just only making them seem like housemates sharing a home.

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One can assume that his own town can be seen as a wilderness and that the mechanical hound could be seen as the devil. The mechanical hound could be seen as the devil for it shows no sign of positivity but negativity. For example all the hound is programed to do is kill and torture people like Montag, or in this instance Christ. There are some ways Montag could be in opposition of representing a Christ figure such as killing Captain Beatty, but he being a Christ figure does not mean you have to represent Christ in every aspect. It could be seen as more favorable that Montag does represent a Christ figure depending on the viewpoint one choses to look at through.

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Christ Figure in Fahrenheit 451

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