Facts About The Mayan Ball Game

Losing any match is always met with the deepest accusations possible. The love of the match especially in the Mayan ball game was a driving factor to such allegations. The blame always goes to a certain person who is always incriminated for the loss that has already happened. It could be the coach, the players of the team, or any other official whom the fans mostly believe should be sacrificed to the gods as illustrated by Montaigne in Of the Cannibals.

Any match should have its rules which must be followed. It is not always easy to lose a match because every team wants to win and be regarded as the winner.

Montaigne believes that there are factors that can force a nation to be considered as a favorite in any game. In this regard, any team which has excellent playing skills coupled with a good management team will always be regarded as good potential winners. This brings a humane combination that promotes unity in a team and further fosters the winning spirit in that team.

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It becomes very hurting as Montaigne puts it to see any person break this spirit which is not easily created. Eating fish and flesh is possible driving factor that can easily kill this spirit as seen here in Of the Cannibals. This indicates that the Mayan ball game could be managed by people with selfish interests who totally have no love of the game.

Any team losing a match in the Mayan ball game meant that consequent blames were supposed to be leveled on that team.

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It means that those people who are considered to have contributed to such a loss are considered vanquished and have no justification of being kept alive. Montaigne believes that such a personality should receive the highest level of incrimination possible. Fans of the Mayan ball game could come in large numbers and feed on him or her in multitudes. It means that when given an opportunity to officiate any match, following the rules of the game becomes very important to avoid such claims.

Favoritism in any match becomes a very serious offense to commit. It is not always logical to point loss to a certain person after the occurrence of a certain match. The Mayan ball game was a true solemn experience whereby the winners were treated with respect and the losers were treated harshly to an extent of the leader of the losing team being killed.

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Facts About The Mayan Ball Game

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