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Facebook should keep private information closed and use the

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (447 words)
Categories: Business, Facebook, Internet, Marketing, Media, Social Media, Technology
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Facebook should keep private information closed and use the data wisely, as the site keeps up dated confidential information about all individual customers and earn money by selling information. An example of early 2018, Facebook was given recognition of data scandal with another local company (Cambridge Analytica). Circumstances fined Facebook ?500,000. Hence BBC news shared information of its shared market that decreased and suffered a huge loss due to all the issues the value of the reputation dropped since it was damaged, therefore on such occasions privacy is to be secured and strictly worked on to secure data.

Facebook requires changes to the business such a as diversify to decrease market risks exposure while revealing possible primary sources of the revenue to keep organisations growing. Sources of research and development invest the capability of cybercrime that victimises through social media. The business continues in negotiation to open up markets with governments, this currently has minimal presence. The price of the site takes ahead and controls the strategy for paid marketing campaigns since it’s on Facebook getting expensive daily and small starters cannot afford such expenses.


Over all reflecting on the marketing effectiveness I see from a different perspective and considerably believe this field could be challenging towards this state of phase. However I do believe the challenges can be seen based on the audience that being targeted for the product. A social platform allows you to receive better attention that’s beneficial for your business than the achievement you could achieve without it, it holds a remarkable success and gives you a chance to recognize what third party thinks about your hard work through feedback. Throughout the marketing process audience is the main focus, the social platform held some extensive research which is devoted to help them be recognized by consumers. Also approaches to an advertisement which allows the branch to enhance the chances of it becoming successful through social interaction which is necessary however regular customers give a lot more positive chances of this happening. Marketing can be determining however it allows you to be creative and flexible. Through the invention of an advertisement you need to consider who the product will target better. After working on all these modules and specially working on this company “Facebook” I have come across through a lot of stuff that I have never been before. I was simply amazed in the beginning when I start research about Facebook Inc. like how it’s working on metrics, its revenue and its strategies towards it clientage. It was never easy to work on this project but after completing this I have learned a lot of stuff that going to help me in my professional carrier.

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