Extraordinary Enhancement

Paper 1

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, CAD/CAM Increasingly Effective in the Civil Aircraft Sector:

Executive summary

We see that there has been an extraordinary enhancement towards the use of innovation from minor manual structuring including pencils to current enhancement of programming programs like CATIA. It includes an intuitive working framework where the outcome is promptly shown as the sources of info are given. It has numerous choices and has given such simple entry to the client that it empowers minute segment, assemblage, grow, small scale of a similar model at no expense.

The originators taking a shot at the product in reality view this element as their work dirt which encourages them renew, dismiss, revamp, enhance, and conclude their work.

To include, CNC machine instruments are additionally utilized in assembling as they guarantee greatest accuracy. When utilizing a framework, for example, CATIA, the time between the primary line on the realistic showcase and the main line with the polished part is a lot shorter

Throughout the years, with experience it was demonstrated that with the utilization of these frameworks, even most complex structures are made conceivable to be planned in the best quality, minimum expense and with higher dependability.

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Air ship structure techniques have changed significantly in the previous couple of years. Not very far in the past, the segments were structured utilizing pencils, curvilinear layouts and drawing tablets; in any case, realistic presentations with consoles and light pens have been generally utilized for this work since the mid 1980s.

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Productive Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Various elements of the framework can be actuated from the showcase screen. These capacities incorporate, for instance, the capacity to store plan information and handle different changes in the information, including long haul and complex estimations. Programming is critical in such manner. It incorporates every one of the information preparing and figuring programs utilized in PC frameworks.

Objectives /Advantages

Limitless material and potential

Perfect, true to scale model as output

Absolute freedom for experimentation


A model is CATIA (Computer Aided 3D Interactive Application), a productive three-dimensional structure programming framework. The structure work should be possible intuitively, implying that the architect works the console before the screen and the consequence of the count is shown on the screen as a couple of moments of the diagram. The creator would then be able to pivot the picture every which way and zoom in or out on the picture. He can likewise break down his EDP display into halfway models or create bigger models from incomplete models and can impact the mind boggling invasion of model structures. Configuration parts can be part from three dimensional pictures and afterward showed in two measurements. Rather, two-dimensional pictures can be changed over into three-dimensional models. Creators - they additionally originate from the generation division - are much similar to stone carvers when working with realistic shows, for example, CATIA. He framed the essential model structure, step by step molding, or molding it into the last shape. The mind boggling programming that was utilized when he was taking a shot at the screen was really his "dirt", which empowered him to recharge, dismiss, remake, enhance, and settle his shape. The majority of this should be possible quicker, in any case, when a model of an air ship workpiece shows up on the showcase. Truth be told, there is no restriction to the conceivable changes to the demonstrating; the creator delivers an ideal, consistent with scale picture on the presentation and every one of the information it needs. Moreover, the stone carver was constrained by the sheer physical capability of his material while styling; be that as it may, the planner he showed gave all conceivable opportunity in the structure work. At each stage, he can present different changes and can even make consequent corrections. The likelihood of electronic information handling likewise upset assembling. The manual machines and processing machines beforehand being used have been supplanted by program-controlled NC programmed processing machines and claim to fame machines. The CNC machine apparatuses utilized by the Varel focal preparing plant at MBB Transport Aircraft Group guarantee a high level of assembling exactness. Actually, manual strategies for work are basically unimaginable, particularly when producing complex parts made by Varel. Programming of CNC machine apparatuses for a wide range of complex aviation segments made by Varel is unpredictable. Up to this point, it was as yet dependent on EDP information for plan illustrations (paper) and related parts. The utilization of CATIA now permits, for instance, an immediate relationship among's plan and assembling. At the point when an originator utilizes CATIA on his showcase, the majority of the structure information is put away in the EDP framework in the meantime.


The CATIA numerical segment CATIA-NC utilizes these information to consequently decide the control program information for a CNC processing machine. When utilizing a framework, for example, CATIA, the time between the primary line on the realistic showcase and the principal line with the polished part is a lot shorter. The information transmission to the processing machine is guaranteed by covering the product framework structured and made. MBB Transportation Aircraft Group has examined approaches to additionally enhance the productivity of PC supported structure and assembling frameworks. Experience has demonstrated that with these frameworks, even the most intricate structures make it conceivable to plan the most noteworthy quality prerequisites rapidly and dependably.


Flexible application of CAD/CAM systems and its optimization influences better production results and more efficient production system, thus better competitiveness of SMEs (which points to a successful optimization process

Type of production (batch number, number of items, type of product, etc.) conditions modernization and flexible application of CAD/CAM systems (eg. Measurements conducted show an example of a SME with a small number of products and models, which directly causes particularly weak effects of a CAD system - so we have an example of better efficiency depending on the number of workers)

Paper 2

Flexible Application of CAD/CAM Systems and Optimization of the Production Process as Factors of Strengthening the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of Apparel Industry in Developing Countries

Executive Summary

General application of CAD/CAM systems, the tendencies of the industrial clothes production in the developing countries is now moving in the direction of re-industrialization, the creation of labor intensive industries, fragmentation and specialization of production, creation and development of micro, small and medium enterprises. Based on the study conducted, the use of CAD is necessary and ensures positive results.

Flexible application of CAD/CAM systems and its optimization influences better production results Quality and successful optimization and modernization are not enough and the only factor of quality and successful business and stronger competitiveness of SMEs


For an inventive business or modernization to be important, i.e. for the developments to be helpful and successful, they ought to be adjusted at the earliest opportunity, acquainted with the arrangement of generation and their potential ought to be utilized, which is conceivable just with the vital extensive and comprehensive cooperation of science, instruction and economy.


The modernization i.e. presentation and compelling utilization of top notch advancements can be viewed as the result of the improvement of logical research limit, yet with the arrangement of other fundamental preconditions for learning capitalization, or for transforming them into financial esteem, which is in the attire business today principally connected with productivity or use of a PC i.e. PC frameworks in the generation procedure.

Adaptable utilization of CAD/CAM frameworks is in certainty a trial of productivity of CAD/CAM frameworks in different phases of creation and, on that premise, the choice on their utilization is come to, while the streamlining of generation requires investigations and the programming of limit use as the limit use rate relies upon the hardware.


Drawing on the constructive outcomes of CAD/CAM frameworks, CIM ideas and automated generation line, we can state that the modernization of the attire business today is progressively moving towards full computerization i.e. robotization and mechanical autonomy fabricating.

Contrasting techniques

In contrast to substantial business techniques and ideas of extensive and affluent organizations, markets and nations, whose center is: workforce decreases and the change from work serious to capital-escalated industry, and general use of CAD/CAM frameworks, the inclinations of the modern garments generation in the creating nations is currently moving toward reindustrialization, the making of work concentrated ventures, fracture and specialization of creation, creation and improvement of smaller scale, little and medium undertakings, yet additionally the stage use of CAD-CAM framework.

In spite of the way that diverse understandings of the impacts of CAD/CAM framework application were available during the 90s, where the dispositions shift from the full suggestion of the CAD/CAM framework.


The propensity to see impacts of the utilization of PC applications, i.e. computerization, in the generation procedure of attire just through budgetary returns, and in addition a sudden change from work serious to capital-concentrated creation, has prompted the circumstance where we have an expansive number of the jobless, and the clothing business is somewhat on the sidelines of advancement and improvement, or impact on government financial aspects.


SMEs in the developing countries operate according to their own and unique concepts, which are partly or completely different from current strategies (which confirms the hypothesis No 3 - the inadequacy of current strategies of SMEs for SMEs in the developing countries is the consequence of the failure to consider specifics of SMEs and the developing countries)

Quality and successful optimization and modernization are not enough and the only factor of quality and successful business and stronger competitiveness of SMEs (quality and professional workforce, company size, number of series and models, organizational innovation and other factors have a very considerable impact on the modernization and competitiveness of SMEs)

CAD/CAM system application shows positive effects in SMEs of the apparel industry

CAD systems have the best results in the grading stage and for the parameter of fabric savings, while CAM systems have their best performance in the stage of sewing (%) and for the time parameter, thus the optimization is recommended in these areas of production


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Updated: May 19, 2021
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