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Extended Reality in Jamaica

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Extended Reality has many ways that it can support economic growth in Jamaica. All over the world countries have started to implement extended reality. Extended Reality allows us to create and provide a personalized learning experience.

Many public schools in Arkansas have launched an initiative that will integrate VR headsets and equipment into classrooms across the state. The Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson stated during an interview that this initiative sets out to “empower Arkansas students to sharpen their computer science skills and to explore STEM careers,”.

And Arkansas isn’t alone. In New York, Buffalo Public Schools have also made an investment in bringing VR to students in classrooms, deploying the technology at several public schools in the area. The schools are using the technology to bring coursework and field trips to life for many of its students in economically disadvantaged areas.

This technology would be monumental to the development and advancement of education to Jamaica’s youth. Many of our more impoverished youths could experience a higher level of education and could also have the more costly experiences that they would not usually be able to take part in subsidized by extended reality.

Also if I’m many students are more personalized curriculum could be greatly beneficial to children with learning disorders or mental deficiencies.

Extended Reality could also be the solution to several issues facing college students today. Instead of going to classes everyday student could attend virtual classes which would allow the same level of teaching with less cost and effort needed on the students behalf.

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This would not only decrease the expenses for the student it would also have a positive impact on the environment. Without having to take public and private transportation less environmentally damaging fuel emission would be realised.

Extended reality is also widely used for training for many government facilities. Before this type of technology was mainly used for combat training by the military and Air Force units but in today’s world this type of training can be and has been used to train workers in all fields.

XR (Extended Reality) enables employees to have more practice time in low-risk, virtual environments. Applications span everything from training customer service representatives to handle difficult call to surgeons practicing and mastering surgical procedures. Many more advanced medical techniques could be shared,learned and practiced this way. Provided a well needed boost to Jamaica’s health Care system.

One example of this would be the FLAIM Trainer, which allows firefighters to closely simulate risky scenarios with little risk and less expense. This happens through a combination of VR elements to simulate a fire, along with real-world equipment such as hoses and even haptic gloves (a huge feature for the interaction design), which simulated kickback from extreme water pressure. This process would not only increase the effectiveness of train for Jamaica’s firefighters but it would also decades the number of casualties caused by lack of experience.

XR now also plays a crucial role in the tourism industry. Many hotels across the world have started using virtual tours as a way of enticing customers to visit their resorts / hotels. One such establishment is the Old Ranch Inn, this hotel is located in Palm springs and provides a full 360 degree tour of the facilities and surrounding property. Since introducing vr tour on their website the inn has seen a significant increase in their website views and bookings. Many other resorts such as Amari hotels and resorts, Sandals, Atlantis Dubi, Holiday Inn, etc have also incorporated ex options in their advertising. Jamaica has several very large and beautiful resorts and hotels on the island but none of them have yet to incorporate vr tour as a way to increase their revenue and customer base.

In conclusion there are many ways in which extended reality could provide huge economic growth for Jamaica. From education to tourism it’s application would not only change but revolutionize learning, training and how we see the world in general. At present ex has not been Incorporated in Jamaica or has not been fully utilized. Once this technology has been Incorporated in our society I believe it will signify the beginning of a new and more advanced era in our country.

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