Exploring Space Technologies: From Satellites to Space Pollution

Space technologies is a topic that is developing and continuing to evolve today. When we say space, we accept that it is infinitely more than we could possibly imagine. Is there life in space ? How do the technological tools sent to space communicate? How does the space tools in man come back ? What is the concept of time ? there are many questions such as our minds and answers are given in a simple way with technology that develops over the years.

Now, let's get a little deeper on technology. We usually split spacecraft into two; Unmanned spacecraft and manned space vehicles. Not only that, of course, according to the trajectory they enter 3 separate those who orbit around the Earth those orbiting around the moon or going down to the moon those who orbit the planet or those who orbit the sun We usually split spacecraft into two.
Of course, unmanned vehicles do not need to be returned, but since human vehicles have to be returned, they are designed differently in terms of structure and in terms of continuity of life.

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There are now thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth. The outer parts of the satellites are covered with silver or gold Baraka. It is also necessary to have reflective properties in order not to be affected by sunlight. It is also used in gold communication antennas, which are good conductors. We usually split spacecraft into two; If the satellite is measuring, that is, astronomical, it is examining the stars, planets, the sun or the Deep Space.

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The measurements are transmitted to the Earth by radio signals and satellite information is transmitted to certain stations on the ground at certain times.

Communication satellites transmit signals from a certain region of the earth to the other side. Reflective satellites, such satellites are called. We usually split spacecraft into two; other satellites are orbiting in parallel, which are called Polar orbiting satellites. Ocean currents,taking pictures of the earth,military movements in regions,used to determine mineral and Petroleum Resources. When looked at the sky there are satellites that are considered stars because they are fixed, of course we can fall into this illusion. The name of these satellites is Equatorial satellites, and these satellites are used as communication devices.As for the first human spacecraft, it is the Vostok-1 satellite that the Soviet Union launched on April 12, 1961. Thus, they managed to make a full return to a satellite in the Soviet Union. The name of the first man to ascend into space is Yuri Gagarin.

The Soviets then managed to land the satellites they sent into space. The stroke thing is as follows:; We usually split spacecraft into two; Once the satellite has entered the atmosphere, it is perfect for them to parachute and land at the lower levels of the atmosphere. We told him that technology is advancing day by day. Global warming and melting of glaciers are frightening events of the present and future. Recently launched from a satellite air base in the state of California in the United States. Well, what does this satellite do? The American space agency NASA has launched a laser to measure the distribution of glaciers that are in danger of melting across the world to settle in the orbit of the Earth. We usually split spacecraft into two; NASA's ‘Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite-2’ satellite, briefly called ‘ICESat-2’, can measure how the masses of Ice are affected by global warming thanks to its lasers and sensors.

The satellite, which will be placed in an orbit of about 500 km above the Earth, will allow for information about the ice that has never existed before. This is an important issue, of course, because billions of tons of Ice are melting faster every year. This causes the sea and ocean levels to rise.Melting ice in Antarctica and Greenland only increases the sea level on Earth by more than 1 millimeter each year. We usually split spacecraft into two; With the information the ICESat-2 satellite will collect, scientists will be able to measure melting speed more clearly and compare it to other natural developments on earth. In this way, the biggest factors in melting glaciers will be known and measures can be taken easily.

There's a name that connotes to this, Elon Musk. In June 2002, Elon Musk founded SpaceX the Space Technology Company, where he was CEO. Finally, Falcon Heavy, the world's most powerful rocket developed by SpaceX was successfully launched. The rocket carried Musk's Tesla sports car into space with a lifeless model disguised as an astronaut. Musk dropped a note to the car saying, ' it was done by humans in the world.' We usually split spacecraft into two; Falcon is on his way to heavy Mars, and two rockets separated from the capsule have returned to Earth. Rockets have returned to drone landing platforms written ‘of course I still love you’ and ‘just read the instructions’ prepared for them.

Scientists believe that with new ideas, this situation, the spacecraft will develop more and that they will have much more information about techno-communication and situations that will be taken precautions.Finally, the proof that everything is not beautiful is that there is space pollution. We usually split spacecraft into two; Space pollution is a problem that has occurred in the last 40 years. All of my human-made objects, which revolve around the Earth in various orbits and are no longer functional, are called space pollution. These include depleted satellites, as well as the upper stages of the Rockets left in space, and the remnants of explosions in orbit. For now, space pollution has no direct impact on people's daily lives.

For this reason, there has been a problem that is often overlooked or forgotten. Even most people are unaware of the existence of such a problem. However, if the measures are not taken, space pollution will be a very serious problem in the next 25-30 years. We usually split spacecraft into two; How many satellites are in space dump? However, as a result of meteor impact, magnetic storms and collisions, these satellites are thought to be scattered in small pieces. According to the space Committee's decision in 1968, each state is responsible for overseeing and restoring the vehicles it sends to space. However, it is not possible to implement this decision outside the space shuttle with the current technology.

Updated: Jan 29, 2024
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