Examples About Different Aspects of Development Can Affect One Another

Below are some examples of how different elements of advancement can impact one another:

1. Sebastian is 6 years of ages and has actually simply moved from Italy and has very poor English. He’s transferred to a school where there are only kids in the class with great level of English. Sebastian may be scared, confused and anxious about moving to another country with a different language. There will be a language barrier between the other children, the teachers and Sebastian. He may be peaceful, suppressed and moody and it might impact him in playing and comprehending the teacher.

Other children may bully him, as he is different from them in language. Language barrier (through a foreign language as their first one) may stop other children from playing or talking with Sebastian. That can cause lower self esteem and make him feel as an outsider, which may affect his social and behavioural advancement.

2. Victor is 3,5 years of ages and he has a newborn bro in the household.

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Before that Victor had complete parent’s attention and he does not understand how to share sensations and toys. Victor’s mum invests more time with the newborn, so Victor doesn’t comprehend why he requires to share his mum’s attention with his new sibling. As outcome of that Victor feels pull down, upset and separated which can cause issues in his emotional, social and behavioural development. This can affect his interaction with other kids in the nursery. He will likewise find it hard to form friendships.

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The other children might try to prevent Victor due to the fact that he is unable to share. This might affect Victor’s psychological and social advancement, as he feels lonesome and ignored and even abandoned.

3. Michael is a 13 years of ages boy who attends secondary school, however he is less established in reading. When it concerns children having reading time at school, he might feel unpleasant and unable to form relationships due to shame and low self-confidence. This will then impact his language and social advancement. This can cause Michael to feel lonesome and mad with himself because he is not at the other kids’s level of knowing.

4. Brian is 17 years old boy and he has not developed his gross motor skills because of a disability. This can affect his physical, social and intellectual development. He suffers socially as he may not be able to join in activities or sports like other children for example football. He may lack confidence and may not have as many friends. His self-esteem may be low as well. But on the other hand he may spend more time learning and that will positively affect his intellectual development.

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Examples About Different Aspects of Development Can Affect One Another

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