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The vocabulary has become the cypher to the world of ideas

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These are two concepts that, hand in hand, have created our world as we know it. First, I am going to discuss the way vocabulary has affected our knowledge. Knowledge, it’s the ability to conceive a thought. Then, the ability to develop upon the initial thought to create it into an idea. Yes, any one person has the ability to obtain a thought; however, can it be in agreement that all of our ideas are thought through a set of vocabulary? Our thoughts would be, essentially, a chaotic tangle of wavelengths, gone unexplained and unanalyzed, without vocabulary.

The vocabulary has become the cypher to the world of ideas

Our vocabulary has become the cypher to the world of ideas; it gives us the ability to not only convey, but build upon the thoughts of others, to broaden our initial bank of knowledge. With that concept in mind, we are now posed with a new question: would thoughts become anything more than just mere wavelengths without the key, that is vocabulary, to unlock its meaning? My consensus is yes.

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Yes, thoughts would continue to exist, but what good are unspoken thoughts. We, as humans, thrive upon the constant expression of thoughts. We have a constant need to express ourselves, the constant need to make that connection.

This connection is what develops us, mentally and emotionally. Our recognition of vocabulary has fundamentally set the boundaries to the level of connection we share with the people we are surrounded by. Our human development thrives simply upon the ability to communicate; furthermore, our communication thrives simply upon our understanding of vocabulary.

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It has become the building blocks in which our knowledge has been raised unto. Now, I am going to discuss the way our knowledge has affected our vocabulary. How does the inception of the idea of vocabulary come about without the knowledge?

How does one go through the collective process of ideas, enough to develop the complex inner workings of vocabulary? If we look at vocabulary as a person, it would be the most complex person to ever be encountered. This person, that is vocabulary, would have single-handedly delivered us language, communication, and writing among others. This person would have delivered us peace, understanding, compromise, and the ability to understand and accept the opinions of others. But, just like any person, the doctrine of vocabulary must first be created.

This is where the absolute need for knowledge falls into its place. Our ability to develop upon ideas derive from our ability to think, to reason, to be analytical with our surroundings in this world. The augmentation to our vocabulary, very simply, can be attributed to the expansion of our knowledge. It is through our knowledge, and our prior knowledge, that gives us capacity to grow with our vocabulary, and in turn, our language. Just the quiet thought that without knowledge at the core of our being, we would have no ability to articulate and relay what we think, or more importantly, feel.

The vocabulary we have does more than communicate our knowledge; it shapes what we can know

Mathematics, natural sciences, human sciences, history, the arts, and ethics, all directly support the statement: “The vocabulary we have does more than communicate our knowledge; it shapes what we can know” With the prior-mentioned approach that knowledge is indeed shaped by our vocabulary, but also that our vocabulary came to be because of our knowledge in mind, it would only be logical to state that all areas of knowledge are directly achieved through both vocabulary and knowledge.

A better statement would be: our understanding of the areas of knowledge depend on the ability to communicate and explain our findings. The ability to communicate and explain is directly related to our use of language. Our use of language is composed by vocabulary. Even areas of knowledge, such as mathematics and the arts, that do not directly contain vocabulary per-say, progress because of vocabulary. It can be agreed that all areas of knowledge are able to develop and blossom into complex and enlarged versions of the simple original due to vocabulary.

Any great accomplishment has been obtained through a collaborative work of knowledge, all of which are conveyed by the application of vocabulary. People build upon each other, not only the areas of knowledge, but all other aspects of life. For all of the above discussed, it would only be appropriate to make the statement: “The vocabulary we have does more than communicate our knowledge; it shapes what we can know”. The ability to know is very much dependent upon our vocabulary.

Without vocabulary, our knowledge would be limited

Not only this, without vocabulary, our knowledge would be limited to the single knowledge of one sole person. We would not be able to build upon the thoughts of others. After this being said, it is also important to keep in mind the need of knowledge in order to develop vocabulary. The initial progression of vocabulary must be started with the initial thought process of vocabulary development, and that must be because of prior knowledge. Their relationship, that of knowledge and vocabulary, is an endless circle with no end, nor beginning, they could not thrive without the other.

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