Essay on Georgia Should Enforce Smoking Bans

During the earlier years in America when smoking was popular, it was normal to see entertainers, business people, parents, politicians, and even doctors were smoking as well. However, now that we are in the 21st century people are now educated on the dangers of smoking. Unfortunately, even with all the warning signs of smoking, people still ignore the dangers that come with smoking, and are still doing it. Because of the choices smokers have made, it affects the people and our environment.

That is why the state of Georgia should enforce smoking bans. These are the reasons for smoking bans: Secondhand tobacco smoke is detrimental and directly affects all human and the environment, secondhand tobacco smoke negatively affects non-smokers, and smoking bans are encouraged and supported by people or organizations.

One reason why I believe that Georgia should enforce smoking ban, is because secondhand tobacco smoke detrimentally and directly effects to all human because it may cause many serious health problems and causes to death.

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Another proof why to enforce smoking ban is that secondhand tobacco smoke not only affects smokers but it also negatively effects non-smokers and threatens the public health as well. Because of secondhand smoking it has caused lung cancer to many individuals who do not smoke. It has been reported by the Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, that secondhand smoking is the third leading cause of preventable death in the U.S.

Lastly, besides the dangers of tobacco smoke, smoking bans should be enforced by the law, because people and organizations have supported and encourage this policy.

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A popular fighter for nonsmokers named David Lehman, regional director of the American Cancer Society said, "secondhand smoke kills 53,000 people a year."He also stated, "for every eight smokers that cigarettes take, they take one non-smoker." People who are nonsmokers who have to deal with that the smell of cigarettes says that tobacco is distasteful to them, and they have a right to go out to public places, and enjoy themselves without having to deal with smokers.

As stated before, secondhand smoke is dangerous to our environment and to the people who live in it, that is why I agree that Georgia should enforce a ban on smoking because secondhand smoke is detrimental and directly affects all human, secondhand tobacco smoke negatively affects no-smokers, and Smoking bans are encouraged and supported by people and organizations.

All people have the right to freely express themselves, and if that includes one smoke it is understanding, but what is not understood by many is why not non-smoking cannot be another way of one expressing themselves as well. With a little respect and understanding everyone can have their share fair when it comes to where it should be non-smoking areas and areas that are smoking areas. If only the law would step up and help enforce this policy, things would be a little better.

Updated: Apr 05, 2023
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