School prefects generally enforce rules Essay

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School prefects generally enforce rules

1. Prefects have been part of the British school system for decades, but many Americans had not heard of the concept until the advent of the Harry Potter books. School prefects are somewhat similar to the American hall monitor; students who are basically an extension of the school administration and are utilized to enforce school regulations. Prefects are usually chosen because of their maturity, leadership qualities and good behavior, so being chosen as a prefect

Prefects are student leaders typically chosen by their teachers or peers based on academic or moral merit. Generally found in private education institutions in Great Britain, the school prefect plays a role similar to that of a hall monitor or student body government representative. Being a prefect requires leadership, responsibility and dedication to the management and efficiency of school policy in regard to his fellow students. Prefects are assigned area-specific duties on a daily basis to make sure school standards are continuously maintained.

1. Monitor Designated Areas

* Prefects usually monitor one or more specific areas of the school, such as the hallways, library, common areas, lunchroom, bathrooms and assembly rooms. It is each prefect’s job to know when and where he is on duty at all times. But prefects are never off duty altogether, and may still administer discipline in an area they are not not assigned. In general, monitoring an area entails ensuring the students are maintaining good behavior, that there is no yelling, running, loitering or other disorderly behavior, and that the area is kept clean and free of trash. Prefects also must make sure any queue lines are orderly and that movement in and out of the area is carried out in an effective and efficient manner.

2.Uphold School Rules and Regulations

* Prefects are, above all, leaders and role models for their fellow students. As such, it is important that they embody, follow and uphold all school rules and regulations, including dress and behavior codes. They should treat other students with dignity and respect, attempting to solve all disciplinary matters without physical action or intimidation. Prefects should remind their fellow students of the rules without arguing or debating the topic, and should discipline everyone in the same manner, leaving out personal or emotional payback. *

3.Report Incidents

* When a prefect cannot handle a difficult situation himself, he must report the incident according to school policy. Reportable incidents include intimidation or abuse of fellow students, damage to personal or school property, breaking school rules and situations of severe personal disrespect. Methods of reporting incidents include notifying a senior prefect, a teacher or other administrator, or by filling out a form which leaves the situation to be dealt with by an appropriate staff member. Students will them be reprimanded or punished according to school policy for the specific matter. it has its irritations, is considered an honor.

4.Lead by Example

* One of the most important duties of a head boy is to lead by example. Each day at school, he must act in keeping with school rules and regulations, keeping in mind that other students will look to him for behavioral clues. This includes showing up to class on time, participating in school events, maintaining good grades and showing school spirit at sporting events.

5.Represent the School

Head boys are often required to be ambassadors for their school at events around the county or even the country. At these events, which may include festivals and conferences, the head boy may speak on behalf of the student body, volunteer or man a school booth. At school parents’ evenings

6.Organize Prefect Duties

* The head boy is responsible for organizing school prefects, who are leaders from each grade level. He must plan and assign duties, head meetings, explain the rules and regulations and is often the first line for prefect conflicts. The head boy ensures that prefects are taking care of their supervisory responsibilities and may speak with teachers to discuss any issues.

7.Participate on Committees

* During the course of a school year, the head boy is responsible for serving on various committees to plan school events. He may head up committees for dances, school carnivals, newspaper activities, clubs or other organized events. He may also handle fund-raising events.

8.Read Daily Bulletins

* Depending on the school, the head boy may read daily announcements, whether it be over a loudspeaker system or in person at assembly.

9.Resource for Students * The head boy is often the person younger students go to when they are having problems with bullies or when they run into other trouble at school. Depending on the school, the head boy has a varying level of authority in such situations, but is always able to give advice and may organize a mediation session when necessary.

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