Essay About the Role of Music in My Life

My music experience started when I was very young. I started singing in my church choir when I was 7 years old. We sang spiritual gospel songs such as “Take me to the king” and “My lighthouse”. It was a lot of fun getting together and singing with all the people in my church. We got to travel to other churches and sing for them too. As I got a little older and moved into middle school, I was going to an arts school in my town called New Hope Academy.

At this school we had talent shows every friday. Myself and a group of friends would get together throughout the week to practice singing covers. We would then perform at the talent show. Music has brought me together with some of my best friends. I was listening to a song on the bus and a girl sat next to me and started humming it, so I gave her a headphone and we listened together.

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Music has become a big part of my life.

I was in choir in high school and we got to travel around locally and sing for people. I was in school musicals and that was very fun because I made a lot of close friends. Music speaks to me and helps me when I'm sad, happy or even bored. Music is pretty different for everyone. As for me, music is a way to vent negative emotions and calm myself down. Music touches everyone no matter where you are or what your culture is there is some kind of music around you.

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I like music because of the beat, lyrics, feeling and the meaning behind it, but it became more than that as time went on. I began to realize that the love I have for music has been with me for a very long time. On those days practicing for church the next sunday I knew I loved music. When I was learning how to play the piano in 9th grade, I knew I loved music because even though it was hard, I stuck with it and I had so much fun doing it. Seeing me walking around singing or listening to music on my phone was a common thing.

You may be asking yourself why I love music so much. Well music puts people in a better mood. I also happen to be talented in singing and find it to be extremely fun. I think that harmony is beautiful and an amazing thing to see as well as hear people create it. Music helps me relate to other people and their situations by giving me an insight to how they may be living their lives and what they believe.

I have a great passion to always have music my life in any shape or form. Music has a voice and it speaks to people in many different ways, It teaches and saves lives. Studies have shown that music is able to reduce stress and calm people down. Music also adds to happy occasions. Music doesn't have to be with lyrics, it can be any kind such as piano, guitar, bass, a jazz band or whatever u like best.

Without music life would be missing an important voice. One that is always there when we need and will never go away, a voice that listens no matter what and is a guaranteed helping hand. To many people, including me, music is a basic necessity in life. I think life would be colorless without music. It has been shown in research that music has the power to heal. It is a stimulant for the mind and the soul.

There is a type of music for every emotion. Listening to music can enhance or suppress feelings. If I’m happy, music adds to my happiness. If I’m sad, music reduces the sadness. If I’m depressed, music gives me hope. If I’m angry, music calms me down.

For many people, music is an outlet for their emotions. Some write songs, some compose, some play songs on their instruments, some sing. Music can save you from boredom. And beautiful music has the power to make you feel euphoria, open up your imagination and connect with your soul. Because you never know what you may find if you never take a chance and look inside yourself.

Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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