Environmental issueBeauty industries are engaged by producing

Environmental issue:

Beauty industries are engaged by producing several types of products for different purposes. They are trying to solve the human being's issue in terms of beauty because it has become the basic needs, which has an essential value. The aim of these industries is to represent a human being, give them a good look and beautiful.

Unfortunately, we cannot imagine that it is affecting our environment and our health badly. There are many products which have a direct impact on the environment, where often people missing some of the key connections between the conventional beauty industries on the planet.

Beauty companies do not realize how those chemicals that are used in certain products can be harmful to the people's health, animals and even on marine's lives. Most of the organization consume some dangerous ingredients in their items that can kill animals and plants. E.g. plastic microbeads, which produces microplastic. They are small and quite impossible to catch them in sewage treatment.

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it consists of tiny plastics which is used in our face wash, exfoliators. When we wash it goes to the river, lakes and stays for 50 years.in this way it causes to produce microplastic pollution and harmful to the marine's lives.

Most of the chemical is used in our makeup, lipstick etc. that hard to break down. Which turns to poison the planet. For the packaging, they use the tube, plastic bottles which we can see in our landfills.it takes many years to break down.

Good point is that now many countries have banned to use these harmful materials and provide alternatives to full fill the demands of consumers and to save the environment.

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Many industries are considering the importance of the environment by introducing 'organic' substances instead of chemicals because now everyone wants to use natural products for their beauty purpose. This natural label leads the companies to gain sustainability in the market.


In Australia, each state has its own guidelines for the industry. The law states that all businesses should follow the guidelines and keep their workplace hygienic.in the beauty industry where many people visit daily, and you are unprotected to different customers while providing services. Some of them penetrate the skin or that may draw blood. These treatments must be carried under the proper hygienic standard.

At first, all employee should keep their self-clean by following proper hand washing, neat and tidy uniform, nails should be shaped and clean and avoid wearing many accessories. Having a hygienic environment, it is necessary that everyone should follow the guidelines strictly. Before and after performing any service must wash their hands or use sanitizer. Instruments which are going to be used during treatment must be clean, disinfected or sterilized and place them in their specific place which should be clean and dry. If those services which may occur blood like a tattoo or piercing the re-useable materials should be sterilized before using on other clients to avoid cross-contamination.

It is important to keep your workplace clean enough. Everyday moping the floor, changing bin's line (should have a lid) couches. In this every staff member has responsibility and their duty to create the hygienic environment for their selfies also for the customers.

Work ethics required to work in the industry:

Work ethics is an invisible employee behavior, noticeable by its absence. This is something that is learned and chosen throughout one's life. It helps a lot in effective productivity as well as a great balance of responsibilities in your life on personal and professional. Today's workforce is demanding and competitive, a good technique is not enough but must be motivated with a positive cooperative attitude. In order to have a successful business must have an ethical principle.

Not only in beauty industry you need to have in every life of professionalism. Like other organizations it is important to be followed in beauty industry too. Being employee when you sign a contract you must follow all the principles of that company. For example: you must be punctual be on time and leave on time, must be reliable where organization can trust you, the way you behave with others and communicate makes impact a lot on your personality, honesty should honest towards your job, in beauty industry employee should dressed in a manner where customer get inspired to you, in workplace it is important to cop up with your team and listen them carefully and always create a loving environment among your co-workers and other staff.

These all factors where can make you successful in your life whether you have your own business or employee somewhere.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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