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What Products or Services are being sold?

The Product launched in 2013 by Mr. kanhaiya kumar for his company was All-in -one Cloud Based School ERP Software. is an award-winning cloud based education technology company for schools. It has lots of innovative modules which aims in complete school automation and process management. It helps the parents to know about their children’s academic activities via SMS, E-mail and Voice calls. Also it includes:

  • Real time GPS tracking of School Bus
  • Automated Report cards and result analysis for examination
  • Admission enquiry Management
  • Online fee payment
  • Custom Website
  • Mobile application branded with School name
  • E-content platform
  • Alumni platform
  • Feedback Management System
  • Payroll and Leave Management

Some of its Smart Features are:

  • Instant Attendance ReportIt lets parent know about child’s daily and monthly attendance in minutes through SMS & Mobile App.

  • Homework Notifications

Daily Homework updates, helps Parent in closely monitoring the child’s academic performance.

  • Performance Updates

Parents get regular updates about child’s performance in all the tests & exams conducted by School.

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  • Announcements

It updates students and parents about the important circulars and notifications from the school instantly.

  • Exams & Extra Activities

Through students can access the study materials, projects, assignments and other educational contents anytime.

Mobile Application

Their smart, intuitive and easy to use mobile application lets parent connect with the school seamlessly.

Add-ons for School Admin

It includes Online Registration, Accounts, Role & Permission based Set up, GPS Tracking of Vehicles etc..-Bus Location TrackingStudent does not have to wait long at Bus stops, they just need to give a missed call and they will get to know the exact Bus Location.

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Technology Behind This Product is based on Cloud Based Technology.

Cloud Based is a term that refers to services, applications and resources that are made available to consumers through Internet from a cloud computing provider’s servers. It helps companies to enhance the functionality of the organisation. Also if any new service is to be added it can be added easily without having to commit potentially expensive infrastructure cost and it doesn’t add to the existing in-house support Cloud Based System allows its customer to securely access the application from any internet connected device. It has quick set up and support system available offline and online both.

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