English Language Learners Placement Assessment

ELL Placement Assessment Students that are considered to be ELL students have specific tests and procedures that must be followed by schools and teachers in order to properly assess each student proficiency level in English language. After interviewing the ELL coordinator for our school, assessing the ELL student gives both the home and school environment the information needed to develop a plan to to educate each ELL student in the 21st Century. In this essay, it will examine what test are used and who conducts the test,the methods and procedures used for ongoing classroom assessment of the students,how oral language is assessed,how standardized testing and how and when the exit testing is completed for the school district.

All new students are given a home language survey to be completed by parents. This survey will become a part of the student permanent school records. If students speak language other than English those students are given the CELDT(California English Language Development Test).

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The CELDT test is given annually by either the coordinator or a certified teacher that has complete the online course training to administer this specific test.

This test is administered to the student on a one on one basis. The overall goal of the test is for students to score at least a three in each of the four domain areas of speaking,listening,reading and writing. The results scores of the test then identifies the student's level of English proficiency. There are different levels of proficiency pre-emergent,emergent, basic, immediate,advance and longtime English learners.

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The parents will then receive notification of the results to be sign and returned to school. From then the school has 30 days to place the student in the most appropriate classroom setting that will increase his or her proficiency in English Language. Next, the methods and procedures used to monitor ongoing assessment in the classroom. Every ELL student has a ELD portfolio. Within this portfolio folders are samples of students work and a checklist for teachers to make marks in the four domain areas of speaking,listening,writing and reading. (Meisels,Samuel,J.2014) These marks are indicators of where students have made progress or areas that still need developing. In the classrooms student are further assessed by taking the Literacy Performance Assessment.

The test is given quarterly and aligns with the Common Core and English-Language Art Content Standards for each grade levels. The teacher can also use other informal or formal assessments to help student reach a higher level of proficiency in each domain. In our school student are placed Shelter classroom. This class delivers instruction in English but have allotted time for ELD instruction that last for one hour daily. This program is designed to help students engage in more meaning instruction,that will target student background knowledge and encourage speaking and listening.. The teacher may also use these block of time to assess the student oral language based on the ability for the student to answer higher level thinking questions or engage in classroom discussions. ELL students are often quiet or shy and will often steer away from conversations.. The teacher can ELL students by providing visuals, using students background knowledge to encourage active speaking and listening of concepts introduce in classroom. The should be multiply opportunities throughout lesson for students to pair share ideas with other students. (Nye,Katherine&Reasner,Renae,2009)

Thirdly, the ELL coordinator explain standardized testing is given to students and how the exit testing completed is handle within the school and district. The ELL students are given the same test like all students in the district,unless they are special education students. Then modifications and accommodations are made to help students. Such modifications can be reading of directions or questions. Los Angeles Unified have recognize that learning English can be a difficult task for some students. So all students are given a block of four to six years to become proficiency in English-Language. When students have reached the ELD levels of 4 or 5, they have the opportunity to exit the ELL classification. The criteria to exit the ELL placement is basis on several factors. The students is at the ELD level 4 or 5 with proficiency scores of three or four in each domain area, their CST or CMA scores or basic or above, English proficiency on CELDT, teachers evaluation based on grade and with the parents approval.

Once the reclassification is completed all older ELD folders are removed and the final ELD folder is place in the cums and passed on to the next teacher. If by some chance the has meet the other requirements and not the grades. The Language Appraisal Team analyze other student data that demonstrates grade-level proficiency.(LAUSD,2012). Students that have been reclassified are now called the Reclassified English Fluent Proficient. Meaning they no longer require specialized language and academic support. However, the students are still monitored for at least two years as required by the state and federal guidelines.

In conclusion, after interviewing the ELL coordinator and learning more about ELL placement and the instruction being provide to the students. The exiting and monitoring format that the district implements is a accurate and excellent procedures. The key element that stands out is that just because the student has made growth in the English-Language the school continues to monitor students in all academic subjects by analyzing data from test and assessments conduct by each teacher. The encouragement and support that they give to the students and families on helping their child to be a more productive citizen in today's society.


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English Language Learners Placement Assessment
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