English in my life Essay

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English in my life

In my language, English has only a small part. First of all, I speak tagalog all the time and my dominant language is tagalog. For example at home, we rarely speak English. Most of the time my family and I speak in tagalog and taglish. So, I’m really adjusting during my social interactions, most of my friends speak in English. However, I know how to speak in English but the problem is I lack practice that leads me to being inconsistent in speaking in English. Now in school, this is the place where I most often speak and practice English. The school is very helpful and encouraging for me to always speak in English at all times. In short, the school makes me realize how important English is.

My English usage is very minimal. Truly, that means I’m really not that fluent in speaking in English. That’s why sometimes I tend to stutter, mispronounce and say sentences incorrectly. For me, that’s so shallow and embarrassing so instead I choose to speak in tagalog. But for me I will also consider my mistakes to be my motivation to improve my English. Addition to this is that I may be hesitant to speak in English but at least I’m trying to practice it. Therefore, I will continue practicing it so I will gain more confidence to speak more fluently in English.

As we all know, English is helpful, useful and important to our future. Firstly, we are in an English-speaking country. So in order to communicate and interact with other people effectively, we should have to learn how to speak in English. Personally, it is important for me to enhance my English language for it will help me to future endeavors and in order to socialize I have to fully understand the languages that engaged in so I easily understand ones feelings. In short, I will never stop learning, improving and practicing my English language for this will help me in my profession in the near future.

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