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Employment and New Blood

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (670 words)
Categories: Employment
Downloads: 33
Views: 296

“More emphasis should be placed on the external supply of employees for meeting future needs because these employees bring new blood into the organization. This results in more innovative and creative ideas. ” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your response. Although there is enough data available to validate arguments made from both sides. One can presume that depending on which side of the gate debaters find themselves, it is more likely that their point of view will be biased.

However it may be worthy to note that though external employees can indeed bring “new blood” to the organization, sometimes they can also bring bad blood, which can often contaminate the pool and create a hostile working environment. No one can inherently deny that from time to time a growing organization will definitely need to import an external supply of personnel. The health and profitability of the organization may warrant it. However passing up a legitimate opportunity to promote a deserving employee from within is my view totally unjustifiable and inexcusable.

And there are many factors which prove that it may ultimately be beneficial for an organization to hire internally. “Is it Better to Promote From Within or Hire Externally? With limited resources, the best option is to promote from within. Doing so will save a considerable amount of time and money spent on recruiting. Also, by giving preference to internal staff, you’ll demonstrate that there are growth opportunities within your company – a factor that will motivate some employees to be more productive. Find a gem within your staff and, with proper training and incentives, he or she will pay dividends for years to come! www. businessfinancestore. com/2012/06/26/is-it… Hiring from within is both time and cost effective.

By hiring externally, you’ll have to advertise openings to prospective applicants. Unless you have a very reliable network or rely completely on websites that allow free posting, you’ll incur some expenses in the process. Internal recruitment reduces the cost of training the new blood about the different strategies of working in the organization as the person who is already working with the organization will already have the knowledge about the work that will be given to him when he will be promoted.

No need to pay for job ads, take phone calls and emails from interested applicants and it will be easier to schedule interviews An argument can also be made that when it comes to profits, no financial gain can equate the benefits that an organization can reap from a boost in employee morale, especially if it is gained as a result of an internal promotion. It increases the incentives for your staff to do a good job. Employees will have more of a reason to stay with your company. Employees may begin to resent you if you habitually hire external employees.

And once word gets out that there aren’t many (or any) growth opportunities in your organization, this could also hurt your recruiting efforts. Hiring internally also builds loyalty among the employees: with the help of the internal recruitment the organization will be able to gain the loyalty of the employee who is working with the organization. As he/she will be aware that the organization knows about the worth of the person because of which he/she is being promoted and will also encourage other employees to prove their worth to the organization.

It ensures the stability from continuity of employment: Internal recruitment helps in creating the stability and the continuity of the employees of the organization, as they will be encouraged to work hard to gain the status that they look forward to which will help in attaining the stability of the employees. So, to conclude we can say that the internal recruitment is the best way to motivate people within the organization to work hard towards the organizational goals and will also reduce the cost and time that is being spent on the procedure to select the new blood from outside for working in the organization.

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