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Egypt Economical Growth in 2018

Categories Economics, Egypt, Employment, Psychology, Society, Unemployment, Volunteering

Essay, Pages 5 (1112 words)



Essay, Pages 5 (1112 words)

2.2 Economical growth

According to ( Egypt Today staff ,2018). They mentioned that in the coming three years

Egypt is going to get rid of the illiteracy. The ministry set a four principles that if they are achieved well we are going to live in a zero illiteracy. First one if each student is responsible to teach up to 8 uneducated people and this decision came from (The Universities Supreme Council). Second one is to enhance training courses in order for the participants to show up their skills.

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Third principle is to let the youth exceed their limitations and share their own thoughts in order to develop their own critical thinking skills that will help them later. Fourth principle is providing incentives for the youth participants to encourage them to learn faster. These principles will help in getting rid of the illiteracy in Egypt and obviously when we get rid of it, there will be a growth in the labor market that will end up with the increasing of economical growth.

hopefully this plan will work within three years. Even if we did not reach the goal in three years, but any achievement will reflect in developing our country and by 2030 we will reach to our goal.The four principles support my topic as they concentrate more with the role of the youth, as they are the ones who can make a difference in our country. The priority is for this generation who can develop more. Here is a statistical model representation of education KPIs (Egypt Today staff,2018).

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2.3 Advantages for undergraduates to work as a part-timer?

As Granovetter, Mark(2018) mentioned that applying for jobs while you are studying won’t ever waste your time. Students apply for a certain part-time jobs maybe because they are in need for some money, to gain experiences, to help their parents with home expenses or in order to get to know new people. There are lots of advantages for working as undergrad for example :- 1- you get to know the real world after graduation,2- getting into any job while you are in college can open up many doors after you get graduated. It will help you increase your pocket money.You get to learn how to manage your money and not to waste it in useless things. The atmosphere will put you in a completion to work more and at the same time to study. (Granovetter, Mark 2018,part 1).

3. Psychology of helping

The helping behavior is a concept in social psychology which believes that a person voluntarily gives assistance to others, without regard as to wether a reward is expected in return or not. Cost reward theory suggests that the helping behavior is driven by the need to relieve oneself from the emotional arousal brought by situations in which help is needed; however, the norm of reciprocity theory states that a person helps because he expects to be helped in return. Furthermore, it also states that a person who has been helped previously, would feel indebted to help back those who helped them . Also the altruism theory is the ability of a person to place oneself in another’s shoes to understand what the other is feeling. This theory combines the idea of both when one feels empathetic towards another, he feels the need to help and relieve them of their suffering.

4. Samaritan effect

Here comes the the bystander effect (Darley & Latane, 1968) – the tendency of individuals to experience diffusion of responsibility in a situation that requires their intervention. Which means in the presences of others, individuals are less likely to help a woman who is calling out for help.

5. Win-Win situation

A strategy which allows all parties benefit one way or another.It is a situation or plan that has potential to be beneficial to all involved. Where win-win approaches can be found it easier to find agreement with others to achieve objectives. This effected the labour market.

6. Technology can help you find a job.

(Shamsuddin, Amanuddin,et al,2013 )defined the meaning of the word unemployed. unemployed is the state of being unemployed or the rate of unemployed people in the labour market.(Baharudin, 2003). Technology decreased the rate of unemployment. We are in the days that the digital economy has already took over the world. Many applications have proved this to us for example :- Uber, airbnb and many other applications. These two proved that the digital economy will conquer the world, Every year a new technology appears and it dazzles us. (How can technology reduce youth unemployment?,2015). The new generation is able to develop more in their country because they are aware of the new digital tools and they know every aspect in using it in a proper way. Technology provides new features as they understand the ability of youth empowerment and employment. Getting used to digital tools helps in solving, Everyday’s productivity problems and become more adjustable in learning situations and dealing with it. We are reaching a period where digital tools can be a station to solve some of the challenges we face in our society, including these two unemployment and employability.(How can technology reduce youth unemployment?,2015). Reaching out youth through the use of technology is a key in improving our culture . Technology has helped youth out to reach their workplace without getting tired of searching. Nowadays every problem came up with a solution that helps these young adults to follow their path by themselves.Using motivational techniques

The win-win situation strategy is applied in the designed application , As the application will have the volunteering feature and in order to encourage the students to volunteer, they will gain points every time they volunteer. They can exchange them at anytime they want from many sponsors for example : Uber, Mcdonald’s, Alef bookstore, Starbucks and Samir and Ali.

7. Psychology of volunteerism

one characteristic that sets humans apart from other animals on this planet is our willingness to help others, even if you need to sacrifice your own well being. Thousands of people around the world volunteer their time and energy for causes they hold dear to them. one study by psychologist dr Mark Synder examined the psychology behind volunteerism and why people help others they may never meet. He found the following four motivations for volunteering. ” Helping others, Helping ourselves”.

1– Community concern volunteering to help a particular community, such as a neighborhood for ethic group.

2– Esteem enhancement volunteering to feel better about yourself.

3- Understanding volunteering to gain a better understanding of other people, cultures or places.

4– personal development volunteering to challenge yourself, meet new people and make new friends, or further your career.

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