Educational Differences Between Turkey and the U.S.

Education plays an important role for the people. It is one of the main parts of their life. That they consider the education significant is because they want to have a high level of life. Having a good education provides people a position where they feel happy, comfortable as well as rich. Unfortunately, some students do not have a good education owing to the problems in terms of discrimination, hunger and contagion. Having an education may change according to cultures, even inside a particular country.

When it is compared and contrasted between my country and the U. S. there are not only several differences, but also some uniformity in the class. The first educational contrast between these two countries is the behavior of students in the class. In my country, from elementary to high school students always stand up when a teacher comes to the class. It is a kind of greeting style. It also shows our respect toward our teacher.

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We do the same action again after the teacher leaves the class. As I see that American students do not behave like that. This does not mean that those students do not respect their teacher. It is only related to their culture.

The reason of our standing up at the beginning as well as at end of the class is because we have learned that from our elders. For example, if a teacher goes into the class and a student does not stand up, it is absolutely shameful in my country.

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It also causes a distraction in the class, and the teacher thinks badly about the student. Conversely, it is more different here than in my country is. In America, students do not stand up when a teacher arrives in the class. The second educational contrast between Turkey and the U. S. is about school clothes.

In my country, we always wear some special clothes when we go to school because these school uniforms are compulsory. Even if we go to high school, we need to put these particular clothes on. On the other hand, I realized that the students in the U. S. do not have to wear special clothes rather they are free to put on whatever they want. All of these contrasts are valid for public schools. Private schools have their own rules about what to wear; therefore, there are some differences about clothes between the students in these two countries when they go to school.

Furthermore, the students in Turkey cannot wear something strange on them in terms of sweater, different color jackets, ties as well as jeans. It is banned throughout the public schools in Turkey. If you wear these kinds of different clothes, you are probably sent to the discipline commission. Otherwise, this is totally different in America that students wear whatever they want when they go to their school. Although, there are several educational differences between my country and the U. S. , there are also some educational similarities between these two countries.

It is about using technology in the class. When the educational approach is compared with these countries, technological usage can be said to be one of the critical similarities. Both countries employ new methods in the class in order to increase the effectiveness of students. For example, teachers use a television or a recorder to teach their topics in an effective way. They also use a reflector to present their subjects. They believe that the students will understand the topics easily when the teachers use the means of technology.

It is more residual in mind according to the teachers in Turkey and the U. S. They also proclaim that the more visuals they see in the class, the more they learn. The U. S. and Turkey provide these actions in the class. Moreover, these two countries have been preparing to start a new technology in the class which is a smart blackboard. When the teacher uses the blackboard, what they write will be saved to an electronic system. As a consequence, the students will be able to check and repeat it later on.

It will make it easier for the students’ lives because it will provide students to enhance their learning ability. In conclusion, the U. S. and Turkey have both differences and similarities in the education system. It is an obvious fact that the differences are associated with the culture. It affects how students are to behave in the class. However, the similarities are relating how students can learn more. Two diverse governments develop new techniques to make their education system effective. The use of technology is beneficial for students according to the U. S. and Turkey.

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