Education in Osorio Elementary School

Education is beyond serving the academic or educational needs of the learners. In this modern educational era, it also includes other noble advocacies towards the welfare and development in multiple aspects of life. These aspects include health and nutritional status of the learners. Good health and nutrition are crucial and beneficial towards the cognitive, mental and intellectual growth, development and advancement of the learners. Healthy and well-nourished learners are more likely to perform better and function well in academics and educational endeavor.

However, it is inevitable that several school-age children and learners nowadays are made highly vulnerable to health and nutritional problems. There are several learners who are identified to be wasted and severely wasted in status.

This status only denotes a serious problem and drawback against the physical and cognitive development of children. Children with poor health and nutrition are more prone to serious academic problems like absenteeism, poor academic performance, sluggish intellectual skills, drop out rate and other educational problems.

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Malnourished children are also more likely to be poorly engaged and motivated towards their schooling and studies. Thus, in response to these nutritional and health-related problems of learners, the researcher realizes the value and benefits of implementing a nutritional intervention or innovation. In this study, this intervention is specifically in the form of home-based gardening. Home-based gardening as a nutritional intervention highlights the propagation and production of herbs, vegetables, plants and crops that are considered best sources of nutritional contents.

In this project, the main beneficiaries are the identified wasted and 3 severely wasted pupils of Osorio Elementary School.

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The parents of these pupil beneficiaries will be trained to grow and propagate vegetables and other nutritious herbs at home and will be taught about different recipes or dishes to be served out of these harvested herbs and vegetables from the home-based garden. Thus, in view of these, this study will foster the implementation and conduct of home-based gardening as a nutritional intervention for the identified wasted and severely wasted pupils of Osorio Elementary School.

The researcher also aims to compare and analyze the nutritional status of the beneficiaries before and after the implementation of home-based gardening as a nutritional intervention. It is also in the need to analyze the extent to which home-based gardening serves as a nutritional intervention for wasted and severely wasted pupils, that this study is hereby proposed.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021
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