Education in Egypt Essay

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Education in Egypt

Education is an important factor to a new and improved Egypt. But unfortunately the education we have here in Egypt leads to high literacy rate. This was proven through out the research. Also that high literacy rate is due to the deterioration of the educational system and governmental schools.

The research was based on a questionnaire made and distributed among students and parents randomly. The questionnaire was divided in to 5 questions. First knowing their career either students or parents, second was either preferring public or private schools, for third question the number of students in the class now and what do they prefer the most, forth was ways for improving, and last question is either the literacy rate is effected from the way of education we have and why. The Research had 62 samples, they were all either students or parents, they were random samples, and all students where school students.

The results obtained from the questionnaire showed 61% were students and 37% were parents. As for the second question there was a huge gap, there was 95% who choose private and only 5% choose public and reasons were defined. For the third question there was completely different results, concerning question (3 a) there was 27.42% answered 15 to 20 students, 38.71% claimed being in classes of 25 to 30 students, 29% answered 35 to 40 students and only 4.84% answered 40+. However question (3 b) had most of the samples answering similarly, having only 2 answers 71.3% wanted 15 to 20 students in class and 28.7% accepted 25 to 30 students as for the rest 0%. For the forth question the participants had different opinions in answering it as it is an open-ended question. Last question had 77.4% answered yes, 14.5% for No and 8.1% had neutral as their answer, for the rest of the question was also open-ended.

Concerning question two why they choose either public or private, for people who choose private schools was because they have better education, teachers are well qualified, more taking care of students, the schools are neater hygienic wise, having the same social standard colleagues, the private schools having better working environments, also for not just concerning on academic levels but also behaviors and manners. However for the few others who answered public was because it is cheaper, near the house and because the parent work there so it is easier. Going back to the literature review, yes searches did get out that most people or parents send their children private schools as for all the reason stated by the participants.

Regarding the forth question there was so many suggestions, some of them are that changing the curriculum, teachers having higher salaries so they have motivation on working better, changing the way of teaching, making public and private schools going on the same curriculum, reduce the number of students in classes so that students and teachers could concentrate, non academic courses so that students loves the school and know its important, having a better working environment for students in classes, adding some critical thinking so students do not get out of school having the technique of memorizing only, improving the hygienic state of the classrooms and WC. Referring to what (Moussa) said in the literature review was same as some of the participants’ results about having overcrowded classes and the concentration in class.

Also as the educational institute claimed about paying more attention to the curriculum and to continuously work on improving it was also one of the participants answers which shows that there is similarities between what the searches said and the questionnaires answers. Although based on (Helmy) “the country’s curriculum and assessment systems emphasize the memorization of facts, which works against innovative thinking and knowledge creation” is common to one of the answers about the critical thinking and not memorizing

Finally question five people who answered with a yes was because they think government should provide in public school the same curriculum and importance of the subjects so students would want to go, also they do not give a concentration for those people who are in areas which there are no schools so they do not even care for learning, so these are some of the reasons that leads to high literacy rate however who had a no answer was because they think that it is because people does not want to learn not because we have a bad education but because they think working will get them money faster than studying first then working, and neutral did though education some times is a main problem for literacy because it is not as good as it should be but sometimes it is not the barrier because if a person wants to learn they will find their way to learn.

In conclusion hypothesis was supported, as for most of the participants had the same answers as where out in the literature review as showing education is responsible in increasing or decreasing high literacy rate, also the quality of education in Egypt should be changed as for it is found out by margin that most of the people think the same about education in Egypt. Education is a very important aspect in everyone’s lives. It’s the education that makes us knowledgeable, respectable, civilized people so we have to take a very good care of it.

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