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Being a hero doesn’t always mean fighting evil robots or killing monsters. It means making people’s life a better and safer place. It’s about putting a smile on a face, making them remember that moment that they will never feel anywhere else. There are three different types of heroes, the “Tragic Hero”, the “Epic Hero” and the “Romantic Hero”. But there is one type that most people can relate to. The “romantic hero”. A romantic hero is a normal person who is emotional and very human.

But they have something unique about them. They sometimes reject the people’s say and follow their own code of morality. Being a hero means being resilient, brave and always proving people that you can achieve big things. Dexter Fletcher’s 2015 comedy, Eddie the Eagle, shares a story about a common person named Eddie Edwards, who has a dream of being a Winter Olympian in the sport he loves: Ski jumping. Eddie Edwards was a romantic hero.

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Through his resilience, determination and bravery, he became a well-known Olympian and a hero in his nation’s eyes.

Ever since Eddie was a little boy, he always tried his best to become an Olympian but he didn’t know what sport to choose from. At the start of the film, Eddie tried several sports but failed in many of them. He was very resilient but after his last attempt, he broke a window that made his dad get really angry. He said that [he was] not an athlete.

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Determination helped Eddie face many challenges. He kept on trying to reach his dream. Later in his life, he got accepted to the British skiing team. He won many trophies and awards. He even got the chance to be in the local newspaper. But unfortunately, after he crashed into the other skiers, he was kicked out of the team by Dustin Target, the Head of the British Winter Olympics Selection Committee. He said that [he] will never be Olympic material. After his breakdown, he saw one of the posters on his wall that gave him motivation for ski jumping. He knew that he couldn’t train in Britain, so he went to Germany where he saw Matti Nykanen, the number one of all ski jumpers the best of the best.

Eddie Edwards tried his very best to achieve success. He was very brave when he attempted ski jumping. When Bronson Peary (later known as his coach) and Eddie were watching a guy crash on T.V, he said, He’s number 2 in the world and he knew what he was doing. You don’t stand a chance. Eddie still jumped even when he was warned several times. Bronson Peary said that the average jumper takes four years Eddie didn’t care about what other people thought. He had a goal, and he was going to achieve it even if it’s the last thing he’s going to do.

There are different heroes for different situations. Some start small and become the future. Some already are the future, but flawed themselves, unknowingly. Resilience, determination and bravery were the keys to unlocking Eddie’s full potential. The crowd [loved Eddie] in the Olympics which made him a hero in his nation’s eyes. A true Olympian is not just about a God-given skill set. It is about not giving up no matter what. That doing your best is the only option, even if it results in failure.

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