Economy Essay Topics

Commanding Heights

• Episode 1: The Battle of Ideas begs a comparison between socialism and capitalism. • It traces the world’s economic history from the early 1900’s to the events following 9/11. • Asks the question which is a better and more foolproof economic system government control or free markets? • It delves into how the First… View Article

Power of the Few

The three articles to be tackled by this essay discuss the presence of a power elite, a term coined by author C. Wright Mills.  The articles talk about how the power elite emerged and existed, who comprises it, and evidence to prove why these people are, in fact, the few who hold power in America…. View Article

Responding to Social, Economic and Political Systems

Social, economic and political systems greatly vary across nations, with the minor and major differences dependent on the very foundations of the social, economic and political structures of these nations. For instance, a third-world country with a predominantly Muslim population has various social, economic and political systems to a first-world nation largely composed of Christians,… View Article

Impact of US Dollar on Canadian Economy

The Canadian Economy is strong. According to the 2001 Canada Yearbook, factors contributing to the country’s economic health are: natural resources; manufacturing and construction industries; financial and service sectors; the ability to span distances using communications and transportation technologies; dynamic trade relationships with other nations; and the ability to compete in a global marketplace (2004)…. View Article

The US Economy

The US economy is the world’s largest. Its GDP was approximated at $ 13. 8 trillion in the year 2007. It has a very high level of GDP per capita approximated at $46,000 in 2007. The economy has kept a stable overall GDP growth rate. This has been accompanied by low unemployment, high capital investment… View Article

US Economy

This report presents an overview of the US economy. The economy has been undergoing a lot of turmoil at the current writing, with a generally volatile market and experts disagreeing about technicalities of GDP level depression and/or recession. There have been many big changes in US monetary policy and leadership in the past few years,… View Article

United States Economy since November 2004 to November 2007

The distinction of the United States as the only remaining super power in the world may not only apply in their military force but in their economic might as well. But historically, according Bernard Baumohl, it was only during the early 1970s that the U. S economy was open to international market following the collapse… View Article

The U.S. Economy – How it is operating

The U. S. Economy is the largest and most powerful economy in the world with a Gross Domestic Product close to $14 Trillion at the third quarter of 2007. In a three year period starting in 2004, the U. S. economy exhibited great resiliency by weathering critical events. The aftermath of the September 11 terrorist… View Article

The National Association for Business Economics

 It is an association that brings together various people that pursue a career in business economics. It is an important association that arms the members with the latest data and ideas to enable them make informed decisions and choices in their firms. Students are welcome to join this association through the student chapter. It aids… View Article

Welsh Economy

A number of factors determine the regional economic development such as: 1. Unemployment: High rates of unemployment lead to different problems among youth. Human resources of a country are the most valuable asset contributing to its growth. More people working imply superior living conditions, more spending power of people, happiness and good health. If the… View Article

Emission Reduction

In every economic activity, both positive and negative implications compound such activities. The positive implications include employment increase, supply of goods and market, supply of public goods, environmental control above others. However, every economic activity is as well a compound of negative implications. These are called negative externalities. They include pollution, environmental degrading, increase in… View Article

The Effect Of China As A Power House On U.S. Economy

Analysts have described the rise of China as a poor, stagnant country to an economic powerhouse as the greatest economic growth of this modern time. Studies show that, from 1979 when the first economic reform was made to 2006, China’s economy has increased by over 11 folds. Its gross domestic products grew at an annual… View Article

Large Corporations

Large corporations such as Wal-Mart or Home Depot often come under criticism for putting mom-and-pop shops out of business. While this may be a valid criticism, the consumers neglect to realize that they play the biggest part in shutting these businesses down. Consumers across the country are always looking for the best deals or the… View Article

Effects of Pollution on World Economy

Today, the increase in the world population and the fact that improved lives leads to life in the cities could only mean more pollution and a concern for every one. The daily requirements of the humans have created an unrelenting world where human enterprise would not be ignored. The direct or indirect involvement such has… View Article

Economic Issues: Is the war in Iraq good for the economy

As most of the issues concerning nowadays deals more on the economic impacts of the actions of the government, there have been a lot of debates arguing if whether it would be beneficial to the US the ongoing war in Iraq. In an economic view point, it is clear that funding war really requires a… View Article

Economic Impacts

The Attack on the World Trade Centre in Manhattan had happened on September 11, 2001. The attack had led to the destruction of numerous buildings and lost of lives. This had greatly affected not only the citizens of the United States. The incident had also affected the economy of the country. According to the report… View Article

United States Economy on the rebound

Forbes. com reported that the United States economy recovered from an economic slump by 3. 4 percent in this year’s second quarter. It is reportedly a highly-favored performance in more than a year. The major force believed to be the largest attributing factor to this economic resurgence is the reinforcement of business spending. (AVERSA, 2007)… View Article

Unemployment and Development Authority

Unemployment Rate in Philippines decreased to 6.80 percent in the third quarter of 2012 from 7 percent in the second quarter of 2012. Unemployment Rate in Philippines is reported by the National Statistics Office (NSO). Historically, from 1994 until 2012, Philippines Unemployment Rate averaged 9.14 Percent reaching an all time high of 13.90 Percent in… View Article

Gallardo’s Goes To Mexico Business Analytics

Situation: “Growing but not winning”- The US market for Gallardo’s sauces, salsas and seasoning had saturated. Having seen immense potential for its product, it entered the Mexico market in 2001. They have grown 20% every year, and their share has grown from 12% to 15%. They have positioned their products on the basis of the… View Article

Economic Growth in South Africa

1. Strategic Priority 1: Economic Growth and Job Creation. 2. Strategic Priority 2: Massive programme to build economic and social infrastructure. 3. Strategic Priority 3: Rural Development 4. Strategic Priority 4: Education 5. Strategic Priority 5: Health Question Number 2 * Priority 1- Factors beyond the control of policy-makers and stakeholders in South Africa have… View Article

Outsourcing or Exporting America

With the new economic slump, many people are trying to find ways to rebuild the economy and find the cause of the downward spiral that has recently plagued our country. In the quack of high unemployment, and many families losing their homes, many of the economists and researchers are looking to the outsourcing of jobs… View Article

South Korean Economy

There are goods that cannot be entrusted to the profit-chasing private markets because these markets would fail to provide the goods in the desired quantities. Private markets are incapable of satisfactorily providing services such as education and health care. These crucial goods are classified as merit goods (Auld 1975) because “benefits accrue to others over… View Article

The Benefits of Plastic

Plastic has benefited our society in a number of ways. In fact, plastic has helped aeronautics technology take giant steps forward over the past 50 years, including advancements in satellites, shuttles, aircraft, and missiles. As a result, civilian air travel has improved, as well as military air power and space exploration. In addition, the building… View Article

Kenneth Nierman

Kenneth A. Nierman (born 1954)(1)(2) is Founder and President of the Center for Bankruptcy Planning, and Principal of Adversity Financial Planners. His work to pioneer Financial Planning for Bankruptcy, is unparalleled. Mr. Nierman has been honored for his innovative work in advancing educational and entertaining economic concepts. One of his first economic papers was a… View Article

Common Sense Economics Paper

With the recent developments in the economy there could have not been a better time to pick up this book and read it. I work for a financial institution which had received a good amount of TARP funds. This was followed by media on the company’s allocation of resources for what appears to be a… View Article

Unemployment and Labor in the Republic of Moldova

There are a lot of problems created by the unemployment as poverty, migration, human traffic, and crime and shadow economy. Of course, unemployment is a permanent phenomenon in any economy, because frictional and structural unemployment exists every time and doesn’t make unemployment rate to be equal to zero, and in this essay I’d like to… View Article

The Global Economy

The world economy is mostly described by globalization. Globalization is the growth and development of economies all over the world. This is integration and interactions of world’s greatest economies and the development of the emerging market economies. Globalization is not new, since it has existed for thousands of years in terms of the oldest long… View Article

Effect of Internal Controls on Financial Performance

Over the past decade, Africa and other developing regions have been in the midst of tremendous changes. Market liberalization and governmental decentralization policies have interfaced with globalization and urbanization trends to dramatically transform social, political, economic and cultural lives. In this context of rapid change, SME operations can no longer remain behind serving only to… View Article

Oil and Non-Oil Economy of the UAE

The general dichotomization of the economy of the United Arab Emirates is into the oil and non-oil sectors. While the aggregate output remains dependent on oil production, the United Arab Emirates is focusing on the development of its non-oil sector as part of its diversification plan. However, its ability to develop fully its non-oil sector… View Article

Unemployment in America

Here is good news for you: according to the New York Times, the unemployment rate in America dropped to 7.7% which is the lowest rate in four years. But is this rate low enough? The answer is no. The labor market is far from recovery. There are around 11 million people who still need jobs…. View Article