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The Macroeconomic Flow in Social and Institutional Economics
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Introduction Over the past centuries, the United States has incorporated the world economy intensely. The international transactions share in the US national economy has tripled over the past years. This is because the United States depends on the external economic developments of the country. Unlike other high income earning countries such as Japan who have thrived in the global competition than the United States. Further, the United States allows Capitalism whereby private individuals have control over the trade and business…...
Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics
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Macroeconomics is defined as the branch of economics that studies large-scale economic phenomena, particularly inflation, unemployment, and economic growth. The prefix macro means large, indicates that it has something to do with the larger side of economics. The main problems in macroeconomics include unemployment causes, inflation, and the living standards changes. Many people think Macroeconomics and Microeconomics are separate, but they are really not. Macroeconomics phenomena inflation represents the results of millions of choices about the goods and services prices.…...
What Is Economic Recession and How Does it Happen
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The Great Recession of 2008 had a lot of people questioning what a recession was—and why it happened in the first place. History provides invaluable lessons to economists who study upturns and downturns, but it is also important for the average citizen to understand how consumer behavior may impact markets, especially those that end up in a significant decline. What Is a Recession? A recession is a slow down or contraction of the economy over a business cycle. The period…...
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Unemployment and Economic Issue of Cyprus
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There have some economic issue has occurred in Cyprus. By Stock Watch article, unemployment rate of Cyprus had decreases to 7.6% on fourth quarter of 2018 compare with 7.8% unemployment in third quarter. According to Labor Forces Survey was done by Statistical Service of Cyprus, total labor force was amount 440,765 people or 62.5% in 2018 compare with total labor force which about 428,291 people or 61.6% in 2017. Moreover, total number of employee person was 407,382 people or 57.8%…...
Achievements and Challenges in the Process of Economic Development of Bihar
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Bihar is the twelfth biggest and the third most populous state in India, right behind the states of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. It is widely considered to be the least developed states in terms of economy and sociology by most social scientists and economists. For instance, according to the 2011 Census, it was found that 89% of the state's population lived in rural areas and that it has the second-lowest urbanization rate in India. According to the Annual Report of…...
Overview of Macroeconomics Theories
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Throughout macroeconomics 202 I came across many different macroeconomic theories that I found intriguing an interesting on how our economy is running. Especially the climate in the political stigma with a lot of misinformation is important for me to know the actual facts. So, when I'm reading something that it has a substantial base of correct information. Majority of media outlets and other sources that report the news to want the most clicks but not the relative information that is…...
Reflection Paper on Macroeconomics
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When I first started this course a few weeks ago I had no idea what Macroeconomics was about, and I had no interest in learning the subject. When I first started reading the first chapter in the book, I thought to myself “Boy this was going to be a long semester”. However, as I read through each chapter and started to complete the assignments in Mind Tap along with responding to the questions and reading the responses on the discussion…...
Economy: Economic Decision Makers
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In Microeconomics, the customers are the decision makers but for Macroeconomic, market is the decision making. The act of deciding on matters of the economy. Economic decision making is routinely conducted by finance ministers, economic advisors, heads of major central banks and business leaders and can have profound effects on a major economy. Economic decision-making consist of decisions made by market people to reach their objectives and goals in making decision. This economic decision-making has four types, which is important…...
Economic Impact of Dance in Ireland
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In this article, I will attempt to outline the economic issue of the dance industry in Ireland. There has been a huge increase in demand for dance in recent years in Ireland. This has resulted in many aspiring dancers attempting to be successful in the industry, which is not easy. Unfortunately, in Ireland, we lack the funding and resources to provide adequate training and education for those who wish to work in the competitive industry of dance. As a dancer…...
The Economy of the Early Roman Empire
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The early Roman state was founded in 509 B.C after the romans drove out the Etruscan king. Rome was known to be the center of the world which lasted for several centuries and the thought of such a world power could decline was unheard of. Rome started out from a cluster of villages and into a great empire. It covered most of Europe, North Africa, and parts of asia. It was so powerful and seemingly unstoppable but as the aspects…...
Hard to Survive in Beautiful Vancouver
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As we all know what minimum wage is, it is actually the lowest wage a company is legally allowed to pay its employees. The lowest wage permitted by law is greatly needed to make a life easier. Nowadays, everything is gone up regularly which requires a change in the minimum wage as well. Hence, international students are one of the reasons, the minimum wage should be increased because of high cost of living, higher tuition fees and labor exploitation. Accordingly,…...
Scientific Glass, Inc
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Scientific Glass, Inc.: Inventory Management What are the problems facing SG in January 2010? In January 2010, although Scientific Glass, Inc.: (SG) is emphasizing on continued sales growth and high customer satisfaction, there are some issues in inventory control. Inventory balances were seriously increasing and more capital needed for growing company’s operations. Then, company’s debt rose above its target to total capital ratio of 40% and it can be risk of SG’s capability to expand into new international markets. SG…...
Local economy
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As the economy of the United States continues its downward spiral, companies will continue to think of strategies to cost down on costs to keep themselves in the black, however costly it may seem. How is cost involved in the cost-cutting strategy of US companies? It is true that companies will always look for competitive ways to do business. But what are the factors that companies will ultimately be willing to sacrifice to stay afloat? And how long will these…...
Foreign Direct Investment in China
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Prospect for China’s Future FDI Inflow Trends The different countries in the world have their own state of economy at any given time. This is the reason for the classification that a country has a developed economy while others are classified as developing and still a few belongs to underdeveloped category. It is a known fact that the development of economy of a certain country depend on the policies being implemented by the its government. A number of developed countries…...
Caribbean Economy
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Tourism in the Caribbean serves to made significant impacts to its economy, culture as well as to its ecosystems (Caribbean-guide. info, 2008). Caribbean has been known for its “hot” tourist destinations and attractions primarily because of its crystal clear beaches and century old infrastructures. This boosting tourism of the Caribbean region provides tremendous amount of income of its member countries as well as employment to its citizens. Furthermore, with a great number of tourist attraction, Caribbean countries starts to become…...
Waste minimisation in Singapore
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Since its independence in 1965, Singapore has achieved rapid industrialisation and economic growth. From having a small manufacturing base, producing simple products such as biscuits, soap, canned pineapples etc. today we have built diverse manufacturing industries including chemical industry, electronic industry, bio-medical industry, services industry etc. However, this progress has also brought along with significant waste challenges to us. From 1974 to 2008, our population increased about 2-fold. But our total annual waste disposal increased from 0. 5 million tonnes,…...
Walmart Core Competencies
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Introduction Wal-Mart is a company that has taken its core competencies, which are the capabilities the firm emphasizes and performs especially well while pursuing its vision (Ireland, Hoskisson, Hitt, 2008), and turned them into competitive advantages. Core competencies must satisfy four characteristics in order to be a competitive advantage. These advantages, according to our text, include: *valuable, *rare, *difficult to imitate,*nonsubstitutable. Culture- One core competency Wal-Mart has is its culture. Wal-Mart’s employees are hardworking, efficient, and process oriented. In the…...
Wal-Mart a Fortune 500 Company
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The Fortune 500 was established in 1955. Fortune 500 is a list of the 500 largest companies in the United States as compiled by FORTUNE Magazine. This list is compiled by using recent figures for revenue and includes both public and private companies with publicly available revenue data. (investopia. com) The Fortune 500 companies are ranked by the amount of revenue that they are bringing in on a yearly basis. While many feel that many of those businesses are operated…...
Understanding The Foreign Exchange Market
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With the world increasingly becoming a global village, more and more people are travelling and doing business in different parts of the world. Under such circumstances, it is crucial that you have a local currency of the country you are visiting to aid in your travel. Traditionally, travelers have been buying and selling currencies to aid in their travel and business through banks. These banks set particular rates and sell currencies to those in need. However, during the late 1970s,…...
Truearth Case Analysis and Solutions
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Introduction TruEarth is faced with a dilemma on whether or not to launch the new whole grain pizza product. This case has analyzed the marketing survey data and provided full alternative solutions. The calculated projected retail market of $21 to 30 million dollars will meet the business requirements to proceed with this project. The marketing plan is to focus on two key consumer groups: existing TruEarth customers and new health conscious group that may or may not be existing pizza…...
The Tale of the Lynx
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1. What were the most critical choices faced by James Milmo early in the founding of Lynx? Do you agree with his decisions? The most important issue was equity stake. Milmo insisted that Curtis should work for 2 years before being fully vested whereas Milmo himself would be fully vested immediately. Furthermore, Milmo considered Pascal as a critical piece of Lynx and argued that the three founders should be equal partners in Lynx and therefore should each receive a third…...
The responsibilities of an Executive Assistant
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The responsibilities of an Executive Assistant play an important role in the overall business operation of an organization. An Executive Assistant has an essential contribution in the company especially in terms of helping the President to make his or her job easier. In relation to this, an Executive Assistant also aid in making the President manage all his or her responsibilities by helping him or her in organizing appointments, preparing reports, handling confidential correspondence, and other related responsibilities. As such,…...
The Potentialities Of A Ppp Model Economics Essay
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Abstraction: Public-private partnership ( PPP ) is the most outstanding urban lodging policy that has emerged in the last decennary in India. This paper investigates the potencies of a PPP theoretical account for low-cost lodging to urban hapless in Ahmedabad metropolis to accomplish a balance between market forces and the demands of the low-income people. At the public presentation degree, the joint sector brings together the efficiency in production and proficient and selling expertness of the private sector with the…...
The Marketing Strategies Of Diamond Foam Business Essay
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Customer perceives Diamond Foam is high quality froth. Foam is high involvement merchandise and people see monetary value and quality before purchase it. Diamond Foam has wide mark market in Pakistan because any merchandise requires foam is their mark market and individual used that froth is their mark client. Customers in south part are furniture salesrooms and in north part are traders and they non sell their merchandises to end-users. Diamond Foam used merchandise development scheme with different merchandise in…...
The Global Currency
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It has been estimated that the dollar is used in almost three quarters of the world trade. And oil is one of the primary products that uses dollar as the currency. The so-called petrodollar or the necessity for dollar to import oil products connects to the importance of the US dollar. It is also the reason why most of the countries’ primary goal is to have a big trade surplus in order for them to buy more oil. We know…...
The Economics of the NCAA
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Pages • 8
The National Collegiate Athletic Association was formed in 1906 as non-profit organization with the purpose of protecting students and setting official guidelines for sports. Since the formation of the NCAA in 1906, there has always been controversy of whether sports should be associated with universities and colleges. There have been numerous arguments attacking the NCAA suggesting that student-athletes are merely moneymakers for the institutions, rather than students, by earning millions of dollars in revenue each year in this commercialized industry.…...
The current issues, developments or challenges that Malaysia is Facing
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2.1Elaborate the current issues, developments or challenges that Malaysia is ConfrontingAsiatic Financial CrisisThe fiscal crisis had an impact on the economic system of Malaysia. During this period, the value of the ringgit had declined. Previously, in April 1997, the ringgit was tantamount to 2.42 of the U.S. dollar, whereas subsequently the value of the ringgit against the dollar depreciated by about 50 per cent, hitting a high of RM 4.88 to the U.S. dollar on January 7, 1998. In the…...
Technology and Operations Management
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Project management is the process by which all operations in a company are evaluated during production to ensure quality and conformity with the standards and customers requirements leading to improved customer production. Companies may practice project management but in an ineffective way leading to losses or failures in the projects (D’Mello, 2008). In workplaces, it is necessary that project management be carried out in all projects undertaken to ensure success through identifying any defects in time to find a remedy…...
SWOT Analysis of BRICS Financial Cooperation
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SWOT Analysis of BRICS Financial CooperationBRICS [ 1 ] becomes a freshly lifting star aiming regional fiscal cooperation at the background of globalisation and fiscal integrating. From its annual acme to run intoing amidst Brisbane G20 acme, every measure of this group attracts attending from other G20 members. Similar to G20, BRICS attaches great importance to fiscal cooperation, for illustration, economic system ( 33 % of the discourse ) and finance ( about 20 % ) rule its dockets (…...
Is Sustainable development compatible with human welfare?
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Pages • 3
The problem solving relates to sustainable development. I would like to define sustainable development at the start. Our common future is to: "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."On this question, there are basically two answers yes and no. Professor of management Dinah M. Payne and professor of accounting Cecily A. Raiborn responded positively. They answer that: "environmental respodsibility and sustainable develipment are essential parts of modern…...
Supply chain coordination
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Pages • 2
Trade promotions offered by manufactures and distributors, for instance, quantity discounts, price reductions, rebates and coupons make buyers undertake forward buying. Forward buying is the purchase of items whose time of utilization is due mostly owing to price fluctuations occasioning attractive prices. Another form of price reduction results when manufacturers offer trade promotion schemes like trade special discounts, payment terms and price terms to their customers. Customers purchasing behavior does not reflect immediate needs but rather they buy commodities to…...
Strategic human resource management: Best fit approach
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Pages • 5
This essay strives to critically discuss the Best Fit approach to strategic human resource management (SHRM). To begin the essay key terms such as 'best fit' and 'strategic human resource management' will be defined. This will follow with provided examples of 'best fit' in SHRM. Pros and cons of the model will be identified in the essay in order to make effective analysis of all the aspects of the subject that will follow with critical evaluation. For successful essay key…...
Singapore: the relationship between housing prices, economic growth , influx of foreigners and affordability rate of housing
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Pages • 13
Introduction to HDB ( Housing Development Board )After the independency of Singapore, HDB was founded on 1 February 1960 during a lodging calamity, many people were so populating in slums, every bit good as crowded homesteader colonies which were highly unhygienic doing wellness jeopardies. Research shows that merely 9 per centum of Singaporeans had been populating in flats built by authorities back so.Ever since the job of the deficit of lodging was found HDB had been assigned to cover with…...
Shopping in Hong Kong
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Hong Kong People like shopping; they spend lots of money on buying things. According to the survey that made by the government, the value of total retail sales in June 2000, estimated at $15.3 billion. Every person approximately spends $2350 on shopping. Online Shopping Nowadays, the rapid development of the Internet advances the online trading. The customers do not need to walk on the streets, they just have to browse the website of that company, and the shop will provide…...
Service Tax Ppt
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Service Tax Finance Act,1994 (As amended by Finance Act 2009) Act 1994 Act,2009) The things to be considered for interpretation considered…. for Trade Notices Circulars / Court Orders Notification Rules Act Pinnacle Education 2 Introduction Particulars P ti l Finance Act,1994 , Chapter V (Finance Act) Chapter VA (Finance Act) Chapter VI (Finance Act) Implication I li ti Applicable Law for Service Tax pp Act for Service Tax provisions Advance Ruling on Service Tax •Education Cess on Service Tax •S…...
Service Marketing Mix – 7 P
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Pages • 2
Services Marketing Mix Marketing Mix is the set of controllable, tactical marketing tools that the firm blends to stimulate purchase. They represent the four key decision areas that marketers must manage so that they satisfy or exceed customer needs better than the competition. Product: The product is not just the physical aspect of what the company offers but must also be viewed in terms of the totality of what is offered. Firms need to look at the product or service…...
Retail Essay
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Pages • 1
Retail is the sale of goods, usually in small consumable quantities from a fixed location such a departmental store, a kiosk, or even a boutique. The retail business has grown in bits and bounds to even involve other services such as free delivery. It involves individual purchase or businesses. Over the years, the retail business has been a subject of middlemen. In most cases, they buy goods or products in large quantities from manufacturers or importers, but through wholesalers then…...
Public Relations to Facilitate Good Investment Climates
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Pages • 12
ZIMBABWE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT PRESENTS DIPLOMA IN GENERAL MANAGEMENT Public Relations “PROMOTING THE ART, SCIENCE AND PRACTICE OF GOOD, SOUND MANAGEMENT” COPYRIGHT RESERVED ZIMBABWE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT A hearty welcome to the Zimbabwe Institute of Management Public Relations Module. Introduction Why Study PR Public relations practices interwoven in all business and economic activities of any organisation. In the way we interact with colleagues, customers, suppliers and opinion leaders. Successful deals are as a result of good public relations. In business…...
Profit motive
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Pages • 2
These are goods that cannot be provided by the private sector but are very essential to the development of a country’s economy. They are usually very expensive undertakings with fewer returns or take a long time for the investors to recoup their money back. This makes them to be less attractive to the private sector investors who are mainly driven by the profit motive and would thus be unwilling to invest their resources in such projects. The government has the…...
Process Management
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Process management is the ensemble of activities of planning and monitoring the performance of a process. Especially in the sense of business process, often confused with reengineering Sometimes, process management includes reengineering or reengineering includes process management. Process Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, techniques and systems to define, visualize, measure, control, report and improve processes with the goal to meet customer requirements profitably. Some people said that it is different from program management in that program management…...
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What Is Economic Recession and How Does it Happen
...In 1998, however, the Japanese economy hit the Zero Lower Bound following the collapse of their stock and real estate markets. The Japanese economy become ensnared in a liquidity trap. The Bank of Japan, Japan’s equivalent of the Fed, attempted to ...
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