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Early Learning: Good or Bad?

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (572 words)
Categories: Child Education, Childhood, Early Childhood Education, Learning, My Learning Style
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Views: 329

Early childhood learning is an important aspect of child development. Early childhood learning allows a child to understand various reasons for different experiences, and also allows the child to develop their minds. Different centers for early childhood learning will have different curriculums, depending on the regulations and the vision of the center (Bakken, Brown & Downing, 2017). This paper will develop a curriculum for a childcare center by evaluating the provincial frameworks, and will also develop the vision and mission of the center.

The vision of the center will be to provide a conducive environment where the children feel loved and are provided with the resources that can help them to develop their potential. The center will stimulate the learners; capability through experience by providing them with the necessary resources to enable them grow well physically, mentally, and socially (Makovichuk, Hewes, Lirette, & Thomas, 2014). This will be made possible through the curriculum developed by different experts.

The center recognizes the fact that each child may be gifted differently, and that is why the programs will be designed to ensure a safe environment, and learners can learn from different role models.

The mission of the early childhood and childcare center will be to provide affordable, accessible, and quality early childhood learning and care centers for the families in Alberta (Makovichuk, Hewes, Lirette, & Thomas, 2014). With the growing economic needs, the center will offer an opportunity for parents to provide an effective environment for child development while they engage in other economic activities. One important value in the center will be safety, as the center will ensure that all learners are safe in their encounters (Province of Alberta, 2019). The center will also promote accountability among everyone, as well as ensure there is the inclusion of all people within Alberta community. The center is dedicated to be an equal employer, as well as ensure there is trust among the stakeholders. The organization will also promote financial responsibility to ensure that sustainable fiscal practices are adopted.

One of the roles that the educators will carry out is maintaining a safe and convenient learning environment (Makovichuk, Hewes, Lirette, & Thomas, 2014). It will be the role of an educator to ensure that the environment is safe for learning (Bakken, Brown & Downing, 2017). Since early learning might involve some tangible objects such as toys, the educator will also ensure that the learner is safe from any harm. The educator will also play the role of planning and implementing lessons. The educator needs to know the regulations in Alberta, which helps to make sure that they can create lessons with the province regulations.

The educator will also ensure there is discipline among the learners by providing the age-appropriate discipline. This helps to shape them to become disciplined individuals. Additionally, it will be the role of the educator to observe and communicate, as well as identify the learners with special needs (Makovichuk, Hewes, Lirette, & Thomas, 2014). This helps to improve the children’s welfare and comprehension of different concepts.


To sum it up, various activities are involved in early childhood learning. Early childhood learning ensures that children develop mentally, physically, as well as socially. In developing a childcare and learning center, the management has to have a vision, a mission and different values that need to be followed. The analysis, therefore, evaluates and develops an early learning curriculum that could be used in Alberta Province.

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Early Learning: Good or Bad?. (2020, Sep 10). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/early-learning-good-or-bad-essay

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